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chapter three

everyone tried to get her attention but she didnt listen or look up. but when they all looked away from her mia disappeared without a trace just like the others. okay something is seriously weird about this amusement park says oliva i know and we need to find out before anyone else disppeares when we look away says victoria. i mean who knows what happening to them right now says farah.

can we not focus on that right now says oliva shes right we first need to find out whats going on with this abandoned amusement park okay first says farah. meanwhile when they're looking for their missing friends hannah shows up out of nowhere with a piece of tape around her mouth. on my gosh hannah says oliva. what wrong says farah. but hannah cant speak so she motions to where she came from.

follow hannah everyone says victoria. victoria she can problay lead us to the others says ashley. they all folow hannah to weird shack way far in the woods past all the games. hannah where are we going? says ashley but hannah cant speak without hannah not speaking who knows what they are heading into and if its dangerous or not. i am not sure if this a good idea to follow hannah into the shack says ashley.

what makes you question that says says amie. the fact that she cant speak to anyone sets off a red flag to me says ashley. hannah is our friend and there is no other reasoon for us to not trust her says victoria. shes right says oliva we shoould trust hanah after all she is one of us says farah if you say so says ashley.

when all of the sudden they heard a loud noise behind the fun house. what was that says ashley. i dont know but whatever it is i am not standing aroundor going after it to find out says amie. i told you this was a bad idea says ahsley. its just a noise says farah. i am sure its nothing says amie. can we just keep going says ashley. what? are you scared says amie. me scared no way i never get scared says ashley. then lets keep going and follow hannah says oliva. whatever you say says ashley

i see footprints says ashley your probaly just paranoid and seeing things says dont know that maybe i can be wrong or right and somone could be following us says ahsley. when ashley looks to the back of them they see a strange shadow in the distance. you guys i see something behind us says ashley. i am its your imagination says amie.

now what would you step being so on edge and paranoid says oliva. i think i am just going to head back i dont feel comfortable going any further than this says ashley. okay fine go ahead heres a whistle says victoria. why do i need a whistle says ashely. just in case you get in danger or someone shows up says oliva. ashley heads back to the amusement park when all of the sudden she hears that strange again.

she starts to run as fast as she can but the faster she runs the more shes wasting her enegty to out that strange shadow is behind her. she gets out of her whistle but by the time she takes it out shes gone. leaving behind her whistle as a clue along with her footprints to show everyone which direction she went.

have you guys seen ashley at all says victoria last time i saw her she was on her way back says oliva. well i am guessing she didnt make it back says victoria. what do you mean? i found her whistle and some footprints says victoria. are you even sure that those footprints are hers says farah. maybe or maybe not they could be someone elses says victoria.

what do you mean? says farah what am i saying i dont think we are the only ones here says victoria. so i am guessing someone followed us here says victoria. but i didnt see any other car following us says oliva. yeah neither did i says farah well maybe whoever this is didnt follow us in a car says amie. or they folloed us on foot says victoria.

odd i thought we were the only ones here says ashley yeah did i but i guess we arent says victoria. well what do we do says farah we should stay and find out whoever this is and why they are here and followed us here says victoria. really are you sure about that i mean what if something happens says oliva. if it does then one of us should have a phone on time with a camera to take a picture of whoever this is and why they are taking our friends says oliva.

just seems a little dangerous to do that dont you think says ashley you think whatever were doing is dangerous says victoria. grow up says amie shes right you do need to grow up says farah. you know just because i am a little worried about that were doing is dangerous doesnt mean i am little kid says ashley. ashley storms off away from them mumbling to herself, how dare they call me baby just because i follow my instints when something that were doing is dangerous. but when ashley went to go back to them she was gone as well.

did you guys see where ashley went says farah no why says victoria. she left her phone behind ill go find her says farah. once farah left to go find ashley theres nothing that would lead her to ashley. did you find her says victoria. did you find her says victoria no i didnt says farah. wait so ashley is missing as well says victoria. yeah she is says farah okay so following is obiouly is going on most of our friends are missing someone was following us here and we dont know who says victoria.

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