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Chapter - 2

Addison's POV

The bell rang about five minutes ago the rest of the French class went quite well for Addison, the teacher didn't ask her anything for the rest of the class because she was too busy chatting with the students about the future

It was lunchtime now and for the last five minutes Addison is struggling to get her locker open
After the 10th try, she finally got it open and took everything she needs for the next class with an extra notebook in case she gets late and doesn't have the time to deal with her juncky locker
She also took out her I-pod and headphone to reduce human interaction

'Lord please don't make me eat my lunch in the bathroom' she couldn't help but pray for it to not to happen.
Addison has seen a lot of movies plus read a lot of books where the new kid had to eat in the bathroom because everyone was being very "welcoming" to them, so they decide to eat in the bathroom

'eww! No! please lord give me the strength'
Before anymore thought of her eating in the bathroom she plugged her earphone in her i-pod to clam her

Music always helped Addison to clam her nerve, that is why she always has her very special white i-pod with her everywhere she goes, it just distracts her from reality in a way deep breathing or meditation could never do

'The Chain' by Fleetwood Mac started playing already made her feel a little calm, she started walking toward the lunchroom with a little confidence her trying not to look around her and only focus on the beat for the song

She carried her lunch tray to the empty table near the window side of the lunchroom where the sunlight falls
on the table

She started eating her lunch kept her bag to her right side while looking at her i-pod for good music

'OMG it's been so long since I have played Queen' Addison completely forget where she was sitting and was only keeping the focus on her i-pod trying to find a song she hadn't listened too for a long time hoping it would distract her and it was working quite well

But until from her pherphical view, she saw a hand was knocking on the White painted wooden table. Addison looked up to see a blonde hair boy leaning on her table with his left hand looking at her with an arched brow look which say indirectly says that he was very annoyed

But why?

Even with those thoughts in Addison's mind, she couldn't care less, all she was doing was listening to her music and minding her own business

Addison looked at him in the eyes trying not to show any fear and took the strawberry from her tray biting half of it with talking her earphone out of her ear in the process
her ears met with sounds of loud chattering around her which she forgot about while listening to her music

"I have been standing here for almost five minutes calling for you, are you deaf or what?" The blonde spoke, still leaning on his arm close to her which Addison found very annoying

'man can he keep himself a little NOT close to me' Addison thought took over

"No, I am not deaf it's just maybe because I don't want to talk to you and was ignoring you but you couldn't take the hint, " Addison said in a monotonic voice looking at him while taking another bite from her strawberry that made the blonde's eyes went to her lips instantly

'OK?... Is he a perv?'Addison thought with a still face while trying not to show her disgusting feeling towards him

She continued by saying "So now I am unfortunately listening to you so do you have a good reason to disturb me from my moment of peace"

Yes, Addison was a little annoyed because she was finally getting her peace- which she didn't get for weeks until this dude decided came to perish it

"well" The blond took the empty seat in front of Addison- which made Addison close her eyes and cringe hard! but she was still trying not to react "I am Ken by the way and you are Addison I know, you are in French class, I thought maybe I should introduce myself to the new student and as you can see we are very welcoming here especially to someone sexy as you" Ken added looking at Addison up and down -mostly her chest when he said the last part

Addison looked at the blonde named Ken as if he was joking. Addison was being stared at -not in a welcoming way since morning like she was having two heads and this guy right here says that they are very "welcoming"!
Moreover eyeing her chest like a freak

What place is this??! Addison thought took over

"you know since you are new here and don't know the stuff done in the previous lecture, sure it will be hard for you to catch up on the class right? So I thought maybe I could help you, you know to teach you and stuff"
Ken took a pause and looked at Addison up and down again to get a full look
Normally girl would blush or you know raise there eyebrows etc but this-whatever this is, it's not affecting her
Ken leans closer to her "how about this, you can come to my place today so can tutor you with stuff, I am very good at French...things" Ken continued while taking one strawberry and picking at the leaves of the fruit
"but the only thing you will be learning will be a lesson, a very hard, sweaty and rough lesson which at the end leave you exhausted but you won't be able to stop yourself from wanting more" Ken was now so close when he ended his sentence and leaned back to take a bite of the strawberries with a smirk on his face thinking his plan of making the new girl having sex with him worked with his talk

While on the other hand Addison was disturb and annoyed by him
A- he came here uninvited!
B- ruined her moment of peace!
C- started eyeing her chest like a pervert!
D- telling her to have sex with him on FRIST day school!
E- Took her freaking strawberries without asking!!

"Or how about your place?" ken added

'oh he is a Pervert"

Addison couldn't help it now she was angry at this i-can-hit-on-any-girl-i-want dude
He was getting out the line, as Joey from Friends would explain "the line is a dot to him"

"so are you free this evening?" Ken asked again with his eyes meeting Addison's while taking another bite of the strawberries

My freaking strawberries!!!

"what you do say, princess? You will have the best start of your senior year" he winked at the end

He winked!!!!

(game over)

A loud thud was heard and it was nothing other than Addison crashing her hand to the wooden table and standing up from her position, lean closer to Ken

She didn't felt the pain because the anger inside her was coming out now and covering it all

"Listens here you prev! thinking that coming here with your STDs will make me sleep with you then you are fucking wrong!. Listen, It's my first day in this hell hole and it's not going as I expected It would and It makes me want to punch someone in the face, and then for you to waste my moment of peace by coming here and staring at my chest like a hawk makes me want to get up and punch you right where the sun doesn't shine but I am not going to cause it's my first day and I don't want to get my hand dirty and creat a freaking scene, but next time it will take me less then 5 seconds to beat your ass if talk to me like that ever again and I am very serious"

Addison looked him dead in the eyes while letting her temper out that she was holding from in since the morning, enough for him to lean back in the chair

She was not scared

Addison was a little pissed with his attitude but more with the people around them who were dead silent and looking at them like they were putting on a show for them

She was done

Addison was done with everything, people looking at there encounter,
People looking how he talked to her like she was a whore or a play doll but no one LITTLERLAY no one did anything

Because why?

Because they were busy making a video on their phones just to capture this "hilarious" moment on time for everyone to look back at it and laugh

Addison lost her appetite
She didn't want to go back to listening to music, she didn't want to sit in between people who were too busy staring at her pink hair and making fun of it when she turned her back to them

So she packed her i-pod back into her backpack with her earphones, zipped it up ready to leave the crowded room that was once filled with chatters and laughter and now covered in silence

But before she moved her feet she looked Ken again

"And I don't share my lunch"

With that, she left the room not caring about the whispers or the mocking.
She just wants to be alone and in peace for once

She almost had tears in, blinking her eyes at a rapid speed to stop them

Walking down the hallways thinking about what happened inside

I didn't control it

She thought

She could not control it

'Bathroom it is then'


Did anyone get the F.R.I.N.D.S. reference I used? That's is my fav episode
Hope you liked it
Pls tell me what you think I will appreciate it a lot


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