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Chapter- 3

Kyle's POV

After 10 rounds of the school ground for being late in gym class, Kyle now was running late again for lunch

All he has done from this morning was running from one end of the hallway to the other trying to get on time for his classes

Even though he didn't quite make it to any of his classes on time which got him into very much trouble on the first day of senior year, it didn't have much effect on him compared to how scared he was of being late for lunch

Right now Kyle was running at the speed of light, shoving people out of his way just to make be on time
He was tired and hungry after all the running he's been doing from the morning but the fear didn't let him stop running
Kyle wasn't scared to miss lunch, he can always bunk school and go to the nearest coffee shop where there was actual food, much better than the food at so-called in the cafeteria. All he was bothered about not was being late was because of his best friend Jenna McCartney.

Jenna who is going to kill him if he was late for lunch

Kyle didn't and would never commit to anyone that he was sacred of
Jenna: a girl
Boys should not be scared of a girl, right?
But he was, yeah

Kyle and Jenna knew each other since they were in diapers, both of there parents were very close friends and business partners, so they used to meet a lot through business meetings and charity balls, eventually, they developed this bond with each other, both of them already started having a sleepover, tea party and beach days, they loved having each other around from kindergarten till now

But it was always a sister-brotherly bond, Jenna is a single child with full time working parents never always had someone to talk to as a kid but Kyle would always take care of her like a best friend and a brother likewise Jenna would always tease him like a sister

Even though Kyle used to have a small crush on Jenna when they first started hanging out as a kid but it was gone as soon as he saw he saw Jenna beating the shit of a boy in kindergarten because he was trying to talk to her, but it was many years ago right now he only see Jenna as the best friends and a sister

Kyle never told anyone that and doesn't like to talk about it either


After 2 mins of more running, Kyle finally made it to outside of the cafeteria door, totally out of breath he felt like his lungs were going to expand in any minute, looking at his watch, he realizes that he is 15 mins late

"oh lord, save my ass from the devil"

Sinking his thought in Kyle straightened his back took a few more breaths to calm him down from his extreme heavy breathing

Opening the wooden doors of the cafeteria Kyle hoped that his ears would meet the sound of loud chattering, laughs but he very shocked to meet the total silence in a freaking cafeteria? Which usually is like a fish market but right now...

'who died?'
'am I going to die? For being 20 mins late for Lunch?"

Without assuming any more question in his head Kyle looked around the very surprisingly silent cafeteria to find the glimpse of his group of friends eating by the window

He made his way to them without drawing any attention to him, as he walking towards them the silence around started to die down
He sat beside Jenna thinking its probably for him
Everyone at the table we're looking silently ahead of them, Kyle followed their sight

Why are they all looking at Ken? And why is he sitting alone? Why is the whole freaking cafeteria looking at Ken?

He got irritated for not knowing anything and turned his face toward Jenna who was very busy looking at Ken while drinking her apple juice with the straw which was making sounds like it was almost about to finish

"So, who died?" Ken finally asked "and why is Ken not sitting with us" he added

"we asked Ken to simply and very politely without any sex comments introduce himself to the lollipop head" Jenna started

"what? Who? Lollipop head-"
Kyle tried to finish his question but was interrupted by Jenna continuing her words

"-well guess what! he made the sex comment and kinda forced her to have sex with him as the result the lollipop head lost it and threatened Ken to make his life miserable if he tied it again, kinda surprising of her but that's what Ken deserved, I mean last week at Chelsea's summer part he was staring at my chest all the bloody time I was so angry, OK he is our friend but there are limits dude" Jenna was sending daggers from her eye to Ken who was standing up and coming back toward there table

'....ok..... "
Kyle listed to Jenna rant and again asked his question
"UM, who is the lollipop head?"

Everyone at the table including Ken who was now sitting in front of Kyle with his head between her hands

"you don't know the lollipop head? She is the new student, she is in our English class" Cody sitting to the right of Jenna said while biting his sandwich

"well, he would know that if he attended the freaking class, which he didn't and I don't why? Also, why are you late for lunch again? " Jenna looked at ken with a tell-me-right-here-right-now look

"Ummm my car broke down while I was coming here so I had to go back to the house and have mom drive me here, I was very late English so I skipped it and went straight for biology and now I have detention after school for skipping English " Kyle sighed with frustration taking fries from Jenna's plate

"never mind but why are you this new girl Lollipop head?" Kyle added with a question

"because she has pink hair," Ken said taking his face out of his hand and leaning against them


"and brown eyes, real eyelashes and also very plumply lips and a long neck Hmm, her collar bones were popping out of her black graphic shirt and don't get me started on those tattoos oh looks so good on her delicate skin, so sexy " Ken added while looking at the ceiling as if he was imagining it on his mind

Everybody on the table stopped eating and looked at him with a WTF look

"ok" Kyle answered with concerned looking eyes towards Ken

"Anyway," everyone diverted there attention from Ken to the voice "I heard she is here because she did drugs back in her previous school and was almost got caught by the police so the school had to suspend her to safeguard there reputation" Jacob sitting beside Ken diverted everyone's attention from Ken toward him

"no dude she got the annual scholarship, she said that in our English class, right Jenna?" Cody turned his head towards head for the confirmation to which Jenna nodded her head as a yes

"about that, rumor has it that she seduce the principal when he was at some club- that she would give him a lap dance if he would give her the scholarship" Jacob added more to his assumption while eating his pasta

"I don't know what I am more disturb of that our principal getting a lap dance from the lollipop head or Jacob acting like that bitch who lives for gossip" Brian sitting in front Cody commented

"yeah me to" Kyle agreed with a laugh

"hmm lucky the principal, lap dance from the lollipop head" Ken added his comment still leaning on his hand and admiring the ceiling

"shut up Ken, we had enough of you, like you had made her FRIST day of school miserable with your comment, you know it was technically harassment!" Jenna letting her anger out on Ken who couldn't care less

"oh chill out Jen, she liked it anyways she just couldn't handle the heat, she just needs time she will come back around, and even if she takes drugs or gave a lap dance she is still hotter than you but the pink hair is the issue " Everyone rolled them eyes at Ken

'He is LITTLERLAY out of his mind'

"Hey, but what is her actual name?" Kyle asked with curiosity

"Addison, Addison grace," Jacob said and started digging in his pasta

'Addison grace quite a name, but Anywho'

Hope you like the chapter,
Tell me what you think about kyle Edwards

(I wrote this chapter while listening to Friends Will Be Friends by Queen-my fave queen song, on repeat, just want to put that out there)


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