Speak & Listen 2

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Adrian continues to display comorbidities of mental disorders as a mysterious killer, who scalps and texts, haunts him and his loved ones. He soon realizes that he is becoming a danger to himself and the letters were an unrealistic fantasy, so has been his life.

Mystery / Thriller
Ricky Ncukana
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Speak & Listen 2


The novel has been inspired by some of the greatest writers such as Stephanie Meyer and Gayle Forman. But most importantly, if any regards are given, I would like to thank my amazing mother who has always supported my dream to write. To every fan that bothers and spares their time following and applauding my work.

About the novel

“Speak & Listen 2” diverges away from the protagonist as it focuses more on other’s concerns, ideas, livelihoods and struggles. Adrian, who had been misdiagnosed with Generalized Anxiety by an illegitimate private psychologist, continues to display comorbidities of multiple mental disorders as The Ghoul, a mysterious, unintentional killer haunts Adrian, his family and friends which compromises relationships, unveiling more secrets and projecting the fear of the unknown. Little did he know, he was a danger to himself.

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