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Nate Sells, a seventeen year old junior from Alex High School, allegedly known as Mr Charles Greene’s biological son and the twin brother of the late Niall Johnson, created a stir at Clever Cats High in Belvyn as he approached and invaded the premises with a semi-automatic shotgun. There were no fatalites during the shootings. The shooter fired eight shots on the first round while the cameras captured a footage of the shooter as she passes by Brittany Stewart with no apparent motive to shot her. He was later on talked down by one of the school guards, Edward Cowell, and adviced him to disarm.” The news bulletin reported.

“I knew it was him!” Gabriel paced around the living room.

“SSSH! David is upstairs!” I hissed.

“I think it’s time we tell your father about this, Adrian.”

“What? No? And make him worry even more?”

“Aren’t we all disquieted, Adrian? Your father has more connectedness with the external world than we do. Perhaps he can assist on finding out who the intellectual behind of all of this is.” Alejandro whispered.

“Since you have started an entire cult of liars…” David walked into the living room, unexpected. “I found myself some leads that could help.”

I sighed. “Dad. I told them to keep you out because you don’t have to go through all of this.”

“I live my life working; making sure that you’re fed and protected. It’s my job to go through it!” He roared. “…anyway, I haven’t found any lead but I’ve collected some of the usual objectives this killer has. And they don’t make sense. Women with blond hair, brunette hair, black hair…religious people…non-religious people. The only commonality is…youth? I don’t know…possibly because they want to…boast? Send a message?”

“Some of the dead victims, have cross necklaces and crucifixes.” Alejandro added as he showed pictures of the victims online.

“We have at least more than 3 worship places in this town. None of the leading pastors are dead or harmed.” David mapped out the pictures of the victims.

“Maybe he’s purifying his victims?”

Everyone looked at me.

I cleared my throat. “I mean…people who usually go for religious massacres are people who are usually against or with the religion. He hasn’t attacked any church or worship place which means that…he’s probably with. This is probably his sick definition of purification. Maybe seeing between real and fake religious people? Punishing bad doers?”

“Dad wasn’t so religious.” Gabriel spoke. “He had nothing against church or religion. If this is him, why would he do this?” Gabriel grunted.

“That’s because I don’t think it’s him.” David interjected. “I sent my PI to track his every move…he’s out of country in South Africa for a five-month business course.”

“And do you notice something about the female victims?” Alejandro compiled all the exhibits. “They’re all…beautiful.”

“Uhm…okay Alejandro. What’s that got to do with this?” Gabriel got upset.

“Beautiful and underdressed. Women, in most aspects of religion, are expected to at least hide their arms in public. These women, wearing cross necklaces, are not only ‘underdressed’ according to the killer, but also disrespectful to the religion.” Alejandro added

“And why beautiful?” I asked.

“Jealousy, maybe? Maybe the killer got too much rejection and…started hating towards women. I mean, the men killed do underweigh the women.” Gabriel elaborated.

“You know what? Yeah, I would agree. This guy doesn’t seem to have rooted hatred. It just seems like a hobby to him. And when he noticed that no one was paying attention to the disappearances…” David ruminated.

“...he decided to make it look like a political statement.” Gabriel completed.

I groaned. “Dad, just allow me to talk to that Nate guy…”

“And say what, Adrian? You think boys like Nate sit down for a cup of tea to talk about life?” David fumed.

“I do think that this would be much simpler if we spoke to him. We’d in all probability get more answers compared to the inescapable perplexity we’re in now.” I looked at him.

“He is right, Mr Spector. Perhaps there is some information we can retrieve. For all we know, the braniac behind this could be simply…Nate Sells.” Alejandro added.

“I’ll go. I think it should be impactful to know that I’m his brother. Maybe he could open up to me, you know…” Gabriel thought.

“Sure…but Adrian isn’t going anywhere! That’s my final word.” David collected his paperworks and disappeared. “We’re leaving in fifteen.”

“Are you certain about this, Gabriel?” Alejandro said so with worry in his eyes.

“I am.”

“Nate Sells.” Gabriel echoed.

Gabriel sat down as the cuffed Nate gave him an admiring look.

“You look exactly like our brother.” Nate smiled.

“Did you know…that you’re a twin?”

“Yes. Your father apparently gave me up for adoption.” He shrugged. “Although I’m still not sure why I was given a name that sounds almost the same as my twin.”

“Why? Why go to a high school to terrorize kids?”

“Why did you think that covering up your brother’s murder was something you can get away with?”

“He was a terrible human being, Nate.”

“Who also did not deserve to die! If only I had seen him, I wouldn’t have hesitated to blow up his skull.

“What the…you were targeting one person, but terrorized an entire school?! Are you fucking crazy? And who?” He yelled.

“Adrian Spector, of course! After that, it would be every accomplice involved in my brother’s murder.”

Gabriel sighed, now looking hopeless. “Did dad put you up to this?”

“Why would he?” Nate’s eyebrow furrowed.

“A person told me that my brother is coming for me. It could only be dad. It sounded…fatherly.”

“Well no! I wasn’t sent by anyone.”

“Which means you’re not The Ghoul.” Gabriel absentmindedly whispered.

“What? Okay, I’m a terrible person, I get that, but I was terrified. Hurt too. I didn’t know Niall, but I didn’t think it was fair for his killers to be walking amongst us appealing as innocent when they’re not. They held you captive too, Gabriel. I’m not The Ghoul but you should be mad.”

“But I’m not. And trust me, if you knew our brother as much as I do, you would wish he were dead too.”

He sighed. “You really disappoint me, Gabriel. I know you have that darkness in you too. That family is holding you back.”

“What are you talking about?”

“I mean…you must be angry after all the things the Spectors did to you. Took you in only to use you as their cover puppet. You stayed even when your very own “son” not only shot your brother who could have been the greatest gift if given the chance to redemption, but also pointed a gun at your forehead and you went back to him and licked his ass.”

“You don’t know anything, Nate. You’re broken and hurt over only an idea you had of your brother! If you can’t help me with The Ghoul, then I’m leaving.”

“You never asked…”

Gabriel’s eyebrows tensed. “What? You thought I’m here for a fucking friendly visit when people out there are dying?!”

Nate’s eyes rolled as he shrugged. “Mhh. How would I know?”

Gabriel neared towards Nate’s face. “Nate, do you know who The Ghoul is?”

“No.” Nate smiled.

Gabriel hissed as his fists formed. “Useless!”
”Wow…” Nate played with his nails mockingly. “You really need to let people finish. I don’t know who the killer is, but I know who knows.”

”Adrian. Adrian Spector knows who the killer is. He knows the full name of the killer. It was given to him.”

Gabriel’s eyes widened. He pondered whether or not he was betrayed or played. But he stopped that thought as soon as he saw that the angst was gratifying his brother, who was holding a grin.

However, Gabriel believed him. Only because he had no reason to lie. He had learned that Nate Sell had no ulterior motive other than to kill Adrian Spector. But he did wonder. He wondered what Adrian Spector was hiding and the suspense irked him. He also wondered who he, Adrian, was acquainted with amongst his friends. But then he noticed that almost every friend he had hated him for whatever reason.

He had an option, Gabriel that is.

He had the chance to investigate further about whether or not Adrian Spector knew who the killer was…or conclude that indeed if not accompliced with The Ghoul…he was The Ghoul.

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