Speak & Listen 2

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I now had the truth in my hands. I could decide to run with the thrill that came with the danger of being in the presence of Abel, or Channing Myers, or I could do what’s right. I could turn the gun to Abel and end this insanity. I could walk out of that house and receive the help I need and, for once, live in a peaceful reality where my mind isn’t a toy for grown men to play with.

I so wish I wouldn’t end the story of my life with this cliche, but I couldn’t imagine how everything could have been without the start of those letters. How, as Abel said, I had intended to speak to be heard. How, when I was finally heard, I was tormented. I deserved a sane reality, where I existed as a hero free of guilt.

But, it sounded insane to say that as much as the man who was evidently a psychopathic killer deserved to die, I couldn’t bring myself to the reality that I felt existent and important ever since Abel came into the picture. Sure, I had admitted to myself countless times how, not even to the slightest bit, I did not find myself sexually nor romantically attracted to him, but I couldn’t fight the thrill that came with him. The excitement of danger. Really, this made me wonder how fun reality would be. It’s sort of like the imagery I’ve always had of heaven. How, in heaven, we are promised abundant life and fruits of eternal health and possibly, not even a glass of whiskey is allowed.

Is reality even worth it? What if in reality, all I had was myself? What if this fantastical state of mind was actually the better place to be? What if I was totally fine and the world isn’t? I could only imagine Abel and I in an asylum, kept away from each other, as I spent the rest of my days ruminating of the ‘what could have beens’ and the ‘what ifs’?

That was not the life I wanted to live. I wanted a soulmate. I wanted a companion who was patient and understanding of my ways. Abel was EXACTLY that. In fact, I only complained about his perfection…complained about what I exactly wanted. Doesn’t that make me unappreciative?

In a dangerous amount of speed, Alejandro’s Porsche Carrera and Gabriel’s Mercedes truck raced to Nahoo. Gabriel, in his car, was with William and Elijah while Alejandro in his car was accompanied by Mason.

“How do you know where he lives?” William asked.

“Really. No one knows where he lives.” Elijah’s eyes rolled.

“I followed him.” Gabriel answered. “The dude is a 23-year-old man who travels by a bicycle. That’s weird.”

“Well I think he’s done far much weirder things.” William sighed.

While Gabriel was driving, a police wagon, followed by many others, passed by even faster speed. About ten or more wagons consecutively passed Gabriel and Alejandro’s cars.

“Shit!” Gabriel halted the car, making a screeching sound.

William fumed. “What are you doing?”

“We’re going to get arrested. I’m a murderer remember? And you two might be arrested too!”

“We are not going to be fucking arrested!” Elijah smacked his head.

“No! We’re turning back!” Gabriel hyperventilating.

He actually turned the car around, making Alejandro’s car, which was ahead, to slow down.

“Gabriel, turn the fuck around. Adrian is in danger!” William yelled.

“The cops are on their way to save him. He’ll be okay! But we can’t go to fucking jail!” Gabriel was now having a full-blown anxiety attack.

When he began escalating his speed, he was stopped by a horizontal line of police wagons that completely quarantined the road. Most of the policemen were leaning outside their cars, holding their firearms against the car.

Gabriel’s car screeched again as all of their eyes in the car widened.

“Oh my fuck!” Gabriel whispered with a quivering voice.

Sheriff Brown stepped forth with a speakerphone. It was now sundown and all beam lights were on Gabriel’s car. The sirens were now silent and only the wagons ahead still sounded.

“Elijah…Gabriel…and William. Step out of the car with your hands in the air!”

“Listen…I got a gun. Gabriel, you do too, right? Let’s shoot these fools!” William roared.

William took out a pistol from his back, joined by Gabriel.

“Guys, wait!” Elijah yelled.

In a blink of an eye, Gabriel and William JUMPED out of the car and began shooting. It was a stupid move to think about, judging from the fact that behind the beam lights, they could see absolutely nothing other than the blue lights.

Gunshots exploded from every direction. Elijah, for the first time, felt helpless. He felt alone, which is something he avoided by being friends with Adrian’s clique although he found no commonalities with the crew whatsoever. He personally thought these were his only friends…and all he could do is watch them try and shoot an army of policemen with pistols.

He now feared for his life when he saw William’s and Gabriel’s bodies fall on the cold tar floor as blood sprayed from everywhere from their bodies.

“Nooo! Gabriel! Will!” Elijah yelled painfully.

“Hold your fire!” Sheriff Brown commanded and stepped forward again, as if the gun explosion didn’t faze or startle him. “Elijah…step out of the car.”

“Okay, okay!” Elijah bewailed as he instantly stepped out of the car with surrendering hands.

“Why did they turn back!?” Alejandro yelled anxiously.

“We can’t turn back, Alejandro. Adrian is in danger! We need to keep moving!” Mason replied anxiously as well.

“Try calling one of them.”

Mason looked through his phone for William’s number. He grew anxious by the second. “C’mon. Fuck!”


“I almost got it!”


The car slowed and when Mason tilted his head up, they were also quarantined by a line of police wagons. Detective James held a speakerphone and stepped forth. “Mason Gates…Alejandro Tao…I’mma need you to switch off your vehicle and step out.”

“We’re going to jail. Shit! We’re going to jail!” Mason pulled his hair.

“We don’t have to.” Alejandro smiled warmly at him.

Mason gave him a look. “How?”

“Do you trust me?”

“I do now.” Mason teared.

Alejandro took out his gun. Mason’s eyes widened.

“Are you insane!?” Mason yelled. “You can’t fight a bunch of policemen with a pistol! You’ll die!”

“That’s kind of the point.” Alejandro pointed the revolver at Mason’s head in swift speed before shooting him dead. The blood splattered everywhere, including the window next to him. Alejandro then smiled as he put the gun’s mouth against his head.

“Good luck, mother and Adrian. I love both of you equally. Goodbye!”

“No!” Detective James yelled from outside the car.

The gun went off again, exploding Alejandro’s head into a revolting stain.

Detective James rushed to the car, only to find a split and splatter of crimson blood all over the car’s interior.

“Detective James…come through.”

Detective James released a pained sighed before walking back to his wagon. The wagon’s telecom came from Detective Lucy, who was already where they found Channing Myers’ house could be.

“Lucy. What have you found?”

Lucy walked around the house with a telecom in her hand. The other cops searched with torches and guns. The floor was drenched in blood. “Well, we found Jason, one of Adrian’s friends, dead. He was seemingly shot in the head. The suspect, including Adrian could not be found. He took most of his belongings before he left. Did you manage to catch his friends?”

Detective James sighed. “Not really. They shot themselves before we could arrest him.”

“What!?” She exclaimed.

“Yeah. Sheriff Brown just reported that two of Adrian’s friends, Gabriel and William, also died trying to shoot the cops. They only caught Elijah.”

“That means we’re not done yet, James. He still has him. And I think I know where he’s heading to next.”

“Where are we?” I giggled with a smile as we were now far away from town.

“Nestlebay. This is where my parents grew up. My actual parents.” He put his free arm around my shoulder.

He took a turn and the road turned to gravel.

“Abel…I still think we could have let him go.” I played with my fingers.

“Who? Jason?” He looked at me.

I looked back at him. “Who else? We don’t have to carry so much guilt just to prove we don’t care about our mistakes. I want to love you, Abel. And not a man I will remember for being a murderer.”

Abel kept quiet. I could tell the topic was upsetting him, but that was one of the things I hated about him. How he just…kept quiet when something bothered him. I would have preferred he told me to shut up instead.

“But that doesn’t matter, right?” I caressed his face. “I chose you. We can start all over, better this time, and never have to worry about our pasts again.”

“That is all I’ve ever wanted for the both of us.” He smiled, but not so enthusiastically.

After a long drive, we finally arrived to a house that more or less looked like a fair barn. It was deserted and I failed miserably to track the way back in my mind. It was perfect. It was far away from where the rest of the world was. It was quiet and tranquil too.

“This is it…for now.” He grinned.

I looked at him anxiously. I didn’t answer and instead, I stepped out of the car. He stepped out as well and threw my car keys at me. And, without another word, he walked forth. The area was so dark, I relied on the stars and the moon.

“Okay, let me run up ahead and try to get the lights on.”


I swear, the place, just like his ‘psychopathic laboratory’ had a supernatural essence I didn’t understand. Like a strange feeling that said I was doing everything wrong. As if this is exactly not what I wanted. That every feeling, every chill, was all a sign I should be paying the closest attention to.

After opening the house, he walked in. I followed and right after, I felt the feeling worsening. It was as if I was going to vomit or die. I couldn’t tell which.

When the lights flickered, Abel held an axe on top of my head, standing on a wooden box that made him suddenly taller than me. Just when I was about to breathe, to think or to even feel, the axe pierced through my forehead.

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