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My big blood red eyes watched as my entire pack was being slaughtered....As a pup I would never want to witness that blood spill.

Mystery / Fantasy
Alexis Talamantez
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Chapter 1

As rose petals filled the big dark sky, I watched my entire pack get slaughtered one by one...As a pup it was the last thing I wanted to see, I ran fast into the woods. My tears fell from my rosey cheeks down to the hard ground.

I continued running thru the woods like a rose petal flowing in the wind. I had no place to go nor did my furry friend, we both continued running thru the dark, dampy forest. I had the purest red eyes and the finest coat, as I ran upon a mountain I could feel the cool breeze brushing against my fur.

Upon that mountain laid a luxurious lake filled with tiny fishes swimming about. I looked down at the lake and tried swooping fishes to feed my hungry stomach. My paws ached and my stomach was yet to be filled.

As I laid there in despite I felt a drop of water fall onto my muzzle. The drop turned to drizzles and the drizzles turned into a raging storm. I quickly got on my paws and ran to the nearest rock I could find, I laid down under the rocks wet surface, hoping to find peace.

As the sun fell and the moon rose the raging storm tuned into big puffy clouds. I looked up at the moon, it was shining so bright like my mom. My mother always told me that her spirit would live on through the moon.

As time passed by, I grew older, taller. My life was good, The luxurious forest was filled with wildlife. The air was alive, the sky was awake. While running thru the forest I could hear the wind call my name, rose it would always say.

While running thru the woods my paws were as silent as a feather touching the ground. I could feel and hear the bunny's paws as they hopped on and off the ground surface. Within a flash an unknown identified wolf snatched my meal.

I stopped in my tracks, and jumped into the sky like a bird ready to fly. I spotted the unknown wolf and quickly ported in front of him. He the unknown stopped in shock, why did you steal my meal I said as I floated in front of him.

I have no need to answer to you, He says in a rude way to me. I mustn't get distracted I have to be back by dawn now leave me be. He then starts to walk witch turned to running.

I quickly jumped in front of him, my apologies sir. You said you have a pack to feed? Allow me to repay you by catching you and your pack a feast. In return may I have my rabbit back? Hmm, if you would so kindly then yes. Since we will be working together may I know your name?

I sit down in curiosity, I tilt my head slightly. I laid on my puffy cloud, my name is rose its a pleasure to meet you. What is your name sir? My name is Leo, it is a pleasure to meet you as well.

My paws didn't make a sound as I hopped onto the ground. Leo and I walked side by side, I jump high in the sky with a smile. My left eye caught the attention of small caraboo, grazing by the lake.

I come back down, Leo looked shocked and stunned all at the same time. I sat down and wondered why he was shocked, Leo are you ok? Leo snapped out ot it, ah yes it's just i've never seen a wolf jump that high. You looked like a radiant bird ready to lift off into the world.

Thanks, I spotted caraboo down by the plains, there grazing by a lake. I pounced off the mountain I landed softly onto the tall grass, to the side of me I saw Leo. I ran thru the tall grass slowly and quietly not making a sound.

Soon after Leo caught up to me, I leaned down getting ready to punce. I Jumped high above the caraboo and looked down, As I came back down I got my claws ready and hitched the back of a caribou with my claws.

The Caribou started kicking trying to throw me off, I bit into his neck. The rest of the caribou scattered while the caribou I had caught fell to the cold hard ground. I hopped off the caribou, I licked the caribou and howled.

Leo came running, are you ok? He said as if he was worried. Im fine im just howling for the caribou. I sat down. Leo sat down in front of me, while asking. Why did you howl for the caribou? If you kill something for food you should pay it respect after killing it.

Leo looked down at it, That would be the right thing to do. Leo sat up, thank you for helping me and my pack. You have my gratitude rose. I sit up, mhm it's no problem. Leo looked at me, do you live alone? He asked me.

No, I live with my spirit animal. But other than him, it's just been us. Why? Leo said hmm, You and your furry friend should come with me. It would be safer, and you could meet a whole bunch of new people. I look at rin my spirit, rin nodded his head. I think that would be a splendid idea Leo.

Good Let's get going shall we? Leo says as he walked up the mountain. I walked down the mountain, It's getting dark we should leave early in the morning and rest now.

Would be the best, Leo said as he walked down with me. Me and Leo ran thru the woods without making a sound, The night was filled with big bright stars. As me and Leo returned to my den, we both lied down and slept.

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