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The truth behind the smile

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In this book Lily faces so many challenges with a resilient heart and still shows no pain after every difficult chapter she's been through. She befriends Julia who is also fighting her personal demons and yet through it all seemed to find love in Dylan but how true are his intentions? Join in to see how life unfolds for her as she grows stronger from each hurt.

Mystery / Romance
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Chapter 1: The girl in the corner

Woke up to the sunlight shining brightly on my eyes and a pile of books on my bed . I just stared at my books trying to remember what happened yesterday. After some thought it clicked and I remember calling Mum and telling her how my day was, explaining to her how the college life was quite stressful after some weeks of being there.

My mind wondered a little and I thought about Vanessa, my sister, I felt my heart sink alittle and some tears build up in my eyes . I was still hurt by all that happened and still couldn't believe it. I wiped the tears rushing down my face very quickly and tried not to think about her. I shook my head to distract me and draw my thoughts away from it all. I got up and stretched my body a little due to the stiffness I was feeling probably due to the uncomfortable sleeping position I woke up to.

Looking around my room I saw how messy my bed was but was too lazy to arrange it as I normally do. I walked to the window to move the curtains so I could cover the piercing sunlight that woke me up. I moved to the mirror beside the window to see if the effect of sleeping late had an effect on my face. I stared at my reflection on the mirror and smiled alittle though I was tired I knew I would always look better with a smile and I guess in a way it helped.

I ran my hands through my hair and removed some paper stuck in it from the ones I had torn out of my jotter while reading and then I gasped because I remembered the exams I was so seriously reading for. I scrambled around my bed to find my phone so I could check the time, then found it beside my pillow and hurriedly switched it on. As I looked through my home screen it was 7:07am and the exams were by 8am, so I became less anxious since I still had time to get ready and dropped the phone back on the bed.

I tried to get ready quickly so I could be early for the exams, I first started with brushing my teeth , due to my rushing I injured my gums alittle and started to bleed lightly I just carefully rinsed my mouth knowing it would stop later on. Afterwards I had a warm shower, applied some lotion to my body and then wore some clothes. I didn't really feel like or even have time for make up so I packed some books and my stationery then headed out of my dorm room.

I walked so swiftly from the dorm and branched to the hall where the exam would be held. As I made my way to the hall I couldn't help but enjoy the calm, fresh morning breeze which made me forget all my worries for the exam. I could feel a smile creep in on my face as I slowly closed my eyes to enjoy the serenity around me.

Still lost in my peaceful trance I suddenly felt a collision with another entity, so trying to understand what exactly was going on I opened my eyes to see the face of the person I just walked into. It was a lady who looked startled I guess by my rude intrusion . I tried to apologise because it was obviously my fault as I walked into her, I realized she was standing by the corner near the Hall entrance.

I repeated my apology because the first was muffled exactly when we collided but before I could complete the word "Sorry" she held her hands to her face showing clearly her indifference to my apology then proceeded to walk away with her hands on her face and tears vividly dripping from her eyes. I was curious. Why was she sulking? Who is she? Was she just nervous because if the exams? But she seemed quite distressed, so what could be the reason....
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