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The story revolves around a girl called Eliana. She was a flop writer but never took this on heart. Her parents died when she was seven years old . After that, she lived with her so called grandmother. She got bullied in school and mentally abused in home . Her life was full of sadness . She didn't had any friend yet . Read the story to find out about her future.

Mystery / Other
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Chapter 1

Eliana's POV

When I came home from university, I changed my clothes and went to the kitchen to have some lunch . There I saw some dirty dishes to wash . I grabbed some food from the fridge and sat down on the chair beside the dinning table .

While eating my spaghetti, I was scrolling on my phone's facebook home page . Their I saw that my favourite model Jessica Alba had uploaded her new pics . She was looking gorgeous , her pouts and styles were looking amazing that I couldn't control myself.

So , I stood up and imitates her pouts and styles. With that , I heard my grandmother's voice from kitchen coming closer towards me . I looked beside me , grandma was standing right beside me with anger .

"What are you doing? Oh I see, NOW the past will be repeated . Do you also want to become a model. If you, then get out of my home... You like modeling because you are imitating your b***h mother's actions. Keep one thing in your mind, if you became like your mother I'll kill you with my own hands . Now get lost" She said.

When I heard these words my good mood changed into tears and I ran to my room and locked myself.

"Why grandmother hate me? Why she used such type of words for my mom? What have you done mom and why don't I know? Why you and dad left me like this? Why???"

"One day I will find out about my past, I promise to myself". I was sobbing silently . Their were many questions with me to ask but no one to answer .

After sometime I washed my face and did my homework .

I was really weak to take these hates, especially from my own grandmother . But I survived my life because I believed in God that one day he will give me happiness as well.

After I was done with my homework, it was night time . My stomach was growling because I didn't ate my lunch properly . I stepped out from my room slowly not to make noise .

When I reached kitchen, there were some extra dishes to wash . I letted out a big sigh of relief because after dinner grandma go to sleep and not come out of her room .

Suddenly, I remembered that I haven't cooked dinner . Why God why am I that unlucky . I mumbled hopelessly .

I opened the fridge door . Their were no spaghetti in the fridge maybe grandma had ate it . But to my surprise, there was yesterday's food left . A smile tugged on my face . I grabbed out the food and microwaved it .

Now I was ready to eat .

My cooking was really good . It was yesterday's food but still taste's good .

Before going to university every day , I cook lunch and put it in the microwave. And after coming from university , I cooked dinner .

After dinner I washed the dishes and went to my room . I took a book and start reading it .

It was almost 11 pm . I put the book on the side table. I closed my eyes and drift into sleep .
I woke up by the alarm's voice . It was 5 am . I did my morning routine and went to the kitchen. I cooked chicken .

After I was done with chicken , I cooked some pancakes for breakfast. I ate two pancakes and left some for grandmother.

Now it was 7:30 am , time for me to change my clothes for university. I wore a hoodie with jeans. I brushed my hairs and picked my bag . When I was passing through the dinning room, grandma was already awake eating the pancakes . I ignored and went out of my home.

Everyday I use to go to university by walk .

Now I was going towards my class but stopped by someone.

Hope you guys like it. This is my first ever book so If you like it then please support me. BTW new characters are comming soon.

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