The Lost Souls

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We all enjoy our childhood very much, spending time with family for shopping, picnic, etc. But the girl in this story, Isabelle, hates her childhood. Maybe not her childhood, but her whole life.

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Chapter 1

It all happened when she was only ten years old. When the wrangle between her parents started she was nine years old. For one year they lived together, but against each other.

When she turned ten, on her tenth birthday, her parents didn’t even remembered, today is their one and only daughter’s birthday. It was June five.

Her parents don’t even bother her. On that special day, her parents got separated.

She was asked to choose one of them, Dad or mom. But she wants both of them, which was impossible. And at last, she chose Dad.

Her mom abandoned her eternally.

She moved to her father’s house in Rue De Passy.

After two or three months, her father left her all alone at Rue De Passy, and moved to California with another young lady, and didn’t come back for her.

Her beloved ones left her, and she was all alone in the huge mansion. Her world was empty with nobody. She was immensely lost.

Poor Isabelle.

It was unbearable for a ten-year-old girl.

None of her relatives wanted to take care of her.

At last, her father’s brother recommended her to a school at Rue De Passy, and she was admitted there in the fifth form.

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