Riley's life

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Chapter 11 : The escape

On the side of Riley, all was not going that well. The man often came strike the inspector Nelly because he protected us. The days passed very slowly, and we tried to find a way to escape, but with our injuries, we couldn’t go far away. Indeed, Anna was wounded in the leg, the inspector Nelly suffered from everywhere, and me, my head made me horribly hurts, as well as my arm. We could see our wounds that don’t healed as it should, that which caused pains. But we had a plan to escape from here. As I know how to drive, I could take them from far away of here, but the problem is that we don’t know where you are. Then I looked at my arm, blood flowing along my arm to stop at the level of a bracelet, but it wasn’t any bracelet. It was the one that Rachel gave me so that I feel in safety everywhere, so I had an idea in my mind. My bracelet had a GPS, which would allow Rachel to know where I was, but the concern is that I don’t know if Rachel knows I wear with me. I looked Anna and I told her what I knew.

- Riley : look at my bracelet, it’s special !

- Anna : it has what of special ?

- Riley : it is equip with GPS system that allows Rachel to know where I am...

- Anna : but ?

- Riley : the problem is she must be remembered that I wear it...

- Anna : it makes what ?

- Riley : that lets her know where I am ! It’s great like gadget but...

- Anna : I’m sure there must have another way !

- Riley : a way for ?

- Anna : to do to understand at Rachel that you have the bracelet on you.

- Inspector Nelly : Riley... there is a...

- Riley : what ? Slow down, we have time !

- Inspector Nelly : a button on the side.

- Riley : and what is it ?

- Inspector Nelly : to send a message on her mobile phone !

- Riley : great, thanks you.

- Inspector Nelly : you’re welcome ! We must get out of here rapidly !

- Riley : Anna takes the stick behind you !

- Anna : for what to do ?

- Riley : to fight ! I’ll activate the button, but will have to get out of here !

- Anna : all right, you want one ?

- Riley : with pleasure !

- Inspector Nelly : be careful girls !

- Riley : we must get out of here !

- Anna : she’s right, and it’s the only way !

- Riley : listen to me Anna, when he will arrives, we must knock with quite violent blows so that he couldn’t get up right away !

- Anna : all right, we need to knock him in legs !

- Riley : great idea !

While we finalized our plan, the hooded man came into the room, I activated the signal from my bracelet ; which means that it should one minute for that it to happen to Rachel. After this little thing done ; me and Anna, we move towards him and we struck him with all our strength on his legs. We heard a loud “crack” then the man fell to the ground. The inspector Nelly and Anna are taking advantage of this moment to go as far as possible, while I took care myself of him. He was lay down on the ground, and I could see he was bending pain. I took care to take the keys to shut away, but came to the door, he took out his gun and fired me into the already injured arm, I wanted to scream, but I hold back me to not to get caught by the accomplice of this man. Although the pain is strong, I closed the locking door, and I run to join the inspector Nelly and Anna who waiting me outside. Arriving outside I tried to find the car who corresponded to the key I would just steal. I pressed the button and I heard the car signal.

- Anna : it’s this car !

- Riley : all right. We will put in front the inspector Nelly !

- Anna : ok ! You’ll drive ?

- Riley : yes, you are too young !

- Anna : I know, but I hope you won’t to be too pain to drive.

- Riley : don’t worry ! Are you correctly installed ?

- Inspector Nelly : yes, thanks.

- Riley : Anna get into at the back.

- Anna : yes.

- Riley : everyone puts his safety belt, I’m going out of here fast before the others can find us !

- Anna : ok, I’m fastened !

- Inspector Nelly : me too !

- Riley : fine, let’s go!

I start the car and I left, the house was in a deserted place, where houses were abandoned. My arm made me horribly pain, but I shouldn’t stop until I find a place where there were a few people. I drove a long time until a small town, there were people, but I preferred to not to stop me here. A few kilometers later, we arrived in another city, and there were a lot of people, I parked me into a place little frequented by people. I asked Anna to give me the first aid kit. She gives me up quickly, I start by a bandage on her leg who was bleeding again, then I asked her to make me a bandage around my arm injury and tighten the bandage so that I don’t lose too much blood. We stayed here five minutes, but we had to leave if we didn’t want to go back over there. The inspector Nelly took his phone from his pocket and called Rachel. She picked up very quickly. I explained to her that we were on a large country road, and that she should that she find us quickly before them, otherwise we was going to pass a dirty fifteen minutes with them after what we had their did. Rachel answered that thanks to the signal emitted by the bracelet, she could find me. She ended by saying before hanging up, that we had to stand firm and that she would arrive with reinforcements.

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