Riley's life

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Chapter 12 : A clue and following the escape

A few hours earlier at Rachel’s home, it was still panic, moreover she panicked even more, since she had learned that the fingerprints found in Riley’s room and on the box where there was the head of the FBI’s agent corresponded to the fingerprints of her father. At first she didn’t believe it, because for her, even though Riley’s parents didn’t get on with her, they had at least once felt of love for their daughter. But doubt installed in her, she didn’t even know who to believe. She saw hours passed on her mobile phone, and she hoped a message from Riley ; but she received nothing. Until the moment when her phone emitted a strange sound, and there, she remembered that she had passed the bracelet to Riley and that she wore on her during the kidnapping, she looked on her tablet and she could see where she was. She decides to call Meghan to tell her the good news. When she received the distress message to Riley, she had to decide quickly, so she took her car and she drove to the police station to inform the head of the brigade. Meghan who was already at the police station when Rachel had called her, she was a little rundown of what would happen. Rachel learned that Meghan and an agent named Eric Jane would accompany her, there would be moreover four police cars, as well as helicopter. As the chief of the brigade knew that Rachel could find Riley and the inspector Nelly, he let her drive cars’ line to the place. A few minutes later, everyone was ready to leave, they began to get on each in their cars that were assigned at first, then Rachel began to leave, and the other cars were following her. Rachel follows closely the GPS signal in order to cross the way of Riley. After several kilometers, she saw that Riley was very close to her. She asked Meghan, to send a message to John Nelly to tell him that he had to slow down and to park in a visible place for those who come to the wrong way.

From the point of view of Riley, everything was going well enough, a few kilometers after they left the place where they had just stopping, the inspector Nelly received a message from Meghan, then I could feel his look to fall on me. However, I didn’t know if his look meant that we had gone out of affair or not. I asked him the question without leaving the eyes from the road.

- Riley : what’s going on ?

- Inspector Nelly : I just received a message !

- Riley : of who ?

- Inspector Nelly : Meghan ! She said they are close to us and that we have to stop at a place where they can see us.

- Riley : I can’t stop now ! But she is with whom ?

- Inspector Nelly : with Rachel, and there are four police cars !

- Riley : okay.

- Inspector Nelly : she succeeded !

- Riley : who ?

- Inspector Nelly : Rachel, she promised you that she will find you, and she did it !

- Riley : it’s true ! But at the beginning, I thought we were going to stay over there...

- Inspector Nelly : me too Riley ! Me too, but it’s human to doubt. Nobody could know that she would find us, if you hadn’t had your bracelet on time today, we might be dead ! You must never forget that you have shown great intelligence and this is thanks to you we were able to get out !

- Anna : Riley, he’s right ! Its you who have saved us, and in spite of you get hurt and that the pain must be strong, its you who you driving us ! You are our savior Riley !

- Riley : but I doubted to Rachel, when I shouldn’t have, and moreover, we don’t know who are the people who kidnapped us !

- Anna : everyone doubt...

- Riley : I know...

- Inspector Nelly : they will find them Riley, its the police’s work ! But for now, I need you to stay strong, you can do it !

- Riley : I know, but I’m so hurt...

- Inspector Nelly : I know, we all hurt, you, more than us, but we must not give up ! Look, you can park you here ! They can see us, and the helicopter is here !

- Riley : okay, but I need you to change gears in my place, I can’t use my arm is too painful !

- Inspector Nelly : I’ll help you, I want that you slow down now, and you tell me when I can change gears.

I undertook to park with help of the inspector Nelly, on the place that was large enough to park several cars. After I parked me that they can see the car, I stopped the engine, then I got off from the car. Anna and the inspector Nelly followed me, we decided to settle on the ground near the car. I don’t feel well, the pain was strong enough, and I saw my blood flow along to my arm, the bandage hadn’t held, it was all bloody. Anna had pain to the leg, she had a cut on the thigh, it seemed not to bleed.

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