Riley's life

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Chapter 13 : Rescue and hospital stay

We waited a few minutes before seeing Rachel’s car, and police’s cars. We felt a little relieve, we looked the cars to park one by one. Rachel got out of her car and ran towards me, and I did the same, despite the pain that I had in the arm and head, I hugged Rachel with all my strength, I had never been so happy to see her. The police called an ambulance to the inspector Nelly that wasn’t in very good condition, although he said that everything was fine. The ambulance arrived, and ambulancemen took over Anna and the inspector Nelly. As for me, I got on the Rachel’s car followed by Meghan. Rachel introduced me to the officer Eric Jane who accompanied them. I said “Hi” without looking at him and I was asking to Rachel to take me to the hospital because I suffered a lot. Rachel went out again from the car to inform the chief that she was going in the direction of the hospital for me. I saw in the rearview mirror that the chief acquiesced, and I saw Rachel arrived ; she got into the car and after checking that everyone was fasten, she went in the direction of the hospital. It took her thirty minutes to arrive at the hospital because a police car had opened the way. Without them, we would surely have taken longer. Arrived at the hospital, I came out of the car, but arrived in front of the door of the hospital, I fell to the ground ; but fortunately for me Rachel caught me before my head hit the ground. I heard that she had asked Meghan to call a doctor. A few seconds later I saw two doctors carry me to put me on a stretcher. My head was spinning more and more, and I had started to feel nauseous. Doctors hurry to examine me, I saw a doctor took my blood pressure, I heard another doctor talk to Rachel, he was talking about me. I could hear that Rachel had told him she didn’t know how I got that head injury, I wanted to speak, but I couldn’t make out a sound, I tried to get up, but I couldn’t get there. The first doctor looked at me, and he examined my injuries closely. Then he told me it was only scratches, but that I needed stitches. He began disinfect wounds on my arm and that of the head and he continued by the stitches before to finish to putting me a bandage on it. As a precaution, he told me I had to stay here for the night so that he watching my constant, and he finally told at Rachel that I dued to have an MRI for the head. Rachel entered in the room, where I had been placed and she was stayed with me a little before to go to see how was the inspector Nelly. Although she’s happy that I was alive, I could see that she was worried about something, but I didn’t ask her today, so I told her that she could go and come get me tomorrow morning. I watched her leave, and when she wasn’t in my field of vision, I wanted to cry. I tried to sleep, but hardly that my eyes closed than I saw again repeatedly what had happened during these days. I decided to not to sleep, but I fall asleep from exhaustion. The night was short and very restless, I made nightmares all the night. Then about six in the morning, when I woke up to this nightmare, I’m not asleep again ; I was watching the time pass under my eyes, and I could hear the sounds of birds singing outside. These sounds had the gift to calm me down ; I waited for the nurse to passed my MRI. When she came to come get me, it was quarter past nine, I got up and I followed the nurse took me into the hall to pass MRI, I laid down on a table, and I was coming into a machine. When she switched on, it was noisy, but I wasn’t interested of the noise because of music, and I was too thoughtful. When the medical examination was over, I returned to my room and I was waiting the results. It was already eleven and Rachel had just arrived, she waited with me the results, and I began the discussion. We talked about everything and nothing. We discussed for a long time, and then the nurse came into the room, she informed me that my MRI was good, she also informed me that I had a head injury and with painkillers, the pain would pass and that I could go home now, but I had to stay with someone for the next three nights. I thanked the nurse, and then I started to get dressed while Rachel was gone search the output papers.

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