Riley's life

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Chapter 14 : Back home

When all the papers were signed, I left following Rachel. We got into her car, and the ride was silent until my house. She dropped me, then she went by informing me that she would return later when she had finished filling the files she had abandoned for some months. I acquiesced, and I came back in my home, inside, I took my phone that Rachel had brought me, and I called Tiffany to come and spend a few days at home, she gladly accepted. I waited for an hour, and when she arrived, I was happy. We talked about everything and nothing, she told me how it had happened the day she came to see Rachel to tell her that she had informations about the kidnapping. She also tells me that she had trouble sleeping because she was afraid of never seeing me again ; I stared at her and I laughed, because it was the first time that someone told me that. And coming from her, it was so cute ; I thanked her, because I really missed her for those days, and especially her good humor. The day ends in joy, and that made me forget for an evening that I had lived for a few days, and this fear was left away of me. The months passed quickly, and my life had returned to normal, I still hadn’t any news of my parents, but I didn’t worried more. Moreover, I had managed to find work as a saleswoman in a clothing store, and everything to be fine. Indeed, moreover to working with Tiffany, she came to live with me. Everything was going perfectly, Rachel came to see me with Meghan and the inspector Nelly to take my news. Two weeks after I left the hospital, I had learned that Anna had died consequences to complications after amputation of the right leg. And every month, I went to her grave with Tiffany to put down flowers. Although I don’t know her more than that, I was with her in a horrible place, and she had lost her parents in a car accident there were just two years. During last few days, I was seeing that she smiled a little, but I couldn’t go there every day.

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