Riley's life

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Chapter 16 : Small time of happiness

I started to prepare myself while Rachel arranged things in the cupboard ; it was half past eleven when I had finished preparing me. I went down the stairs, then I went into the kitchen to help her to finish to arrange. When we had finished, we started to leave to find a place to eat. The afternoon with Rachel was great, that I missed spending time with her. The end of the day came quickly, we walked toward her house, entering in the lobby, we headed towards the elevators to go up to her home, but when the elevator’s doors opened, I was taking panic, I stood motionless before the elevator as though I couldn’t go inside. Rachel quickly understood my discomfort, and she took me in her arms and headed towards the stairs, we went up the four storey on foot. So when we arrived at the top we were breathless. We walked toward the door of her home, she opened the door, but I was petrified, all the bad memories that I had managed to do disappear had returned. I felt the tears flowed along my cheeks, I wanted to enter, but I couldn’t. Rachel who saw me not entered and who saw me crying excused herself.

- Rachel : I’m sorry Riley, I didn’t know...

- Riley : it’s not your fault, you couldn’t know !

- Rachel : but I should have known when I saw you near the elevator !

- Riley : I’m afraid !

- Rachel : afraid of what ?

- Riley : of him !

- Rachel : I changed the door and the lock and I did the same at your house, because he had your keys. You hadn’t even noticed ?

- Riley : no, but thank you.

- Rachel : you’re welcome.

Rachel had comforted me, and I took my courage in both hands and I entered at her home despite the fear. Rachel was proud of me after this little episode, we prepared food for us knowing that there would be Meghan and the inspector Nelly. It was half past seven in the afternoon, when they arrived both. The evening passed in joy and good mood. When it was time for Meghan and the inspector Nelly to leave, we thanked them and after having removed, we went to sleep. The next day, I was feeling a little better, I had a nightmare during the night, but Rachel had come to console me, and suddenly for that I sleep, she had asked me to sleep with her. The weekend was going great, I had came back at home when Tiffany was went back from her trip to go visit her parents, it was me who had driven to go. For the weeks where I hadn’t seen her, she had really missed me. The day when Tiffany came back, I had hugged her strong in my arms, I told her to go, but I didn’t know it was going to be difficult without her. Indeed I was in the habit that she wakes me when she got up before me, and we lunched both until she went to work. While she’s working, I cleaned the house, and I had took again the story that I had started the day of my arrest. As I don’t know how I was going to finish my story, I took example on what I had to live, and I had decided to write a book about what happened to me.

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