Riley's life

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Chapter 17 : New meeting and jealousy

The weeks pass, and everything was fine, I went out a little more, and I had met a new friend, she named Scarlette Edit, she are English. I got on very well with her at the great displeasure of Tiffany, which felt a little rejected by me, nevertheless I told her that I would always be there for her, but it wasn’t enough for her. I discovered that she was jealous of Scarlette, but I don’t know why and she wouldn’t tell me. A few days later, when there was tension between me and Tiffany, I received a new pile of threatening letters ; I thought it was over, but it wasn’t the case. While I was wondering me how I could receive much letters on only one day, I took the initiative to look at the dates of the letters and I was surprised that I haven’t received them before, because letters were dated at four weeks. I didn’t understand how the postman could have forgotten to bring me these letters. Unless it’s Tiffany who didn’t want that I read them. So I went up into her room, and I asked her explanations. She answered me she didn’t know what I was talking and that it wasn’t her who had hidden these letters. I looked straight into her eyes, I wanted to know if she was lying, but I just read disappointment. I knew that I shouldn’t accuse her like that, but after what had happened to me, I didn’t want people hiding me things, so I had yell at her. And she had left at my home angry, she didn’t understand how I could doubt her, while she had never doubted me. I blamed myself for being hard with her, and I decided to call Scarlette for her help, she quickly replied me that she was coming. It took her ten minutes before she arrived at my home, when I went down to see who was back at my home, I was surprised to see Scarlette because the door was locked, well that’s what I thought. But knowing that Tiffany was left angry, this could be her.

- Riley : how are you entered here, you don’t have the key !

- Scarlette : I knocked, but you didn’t answer so I entered.

- Riley : this is not possible, the door was locked !

- Scarlette : no, but I think that Tiffany has not closed, I just cross her and she doesn’t look good. You’ve quarrelled both ?

- Riley : no, well, yes... I didn’t want to yelling at her.

- Scarlette : it’s because of me ?

- Riley : I don’t know at all, but I think she’s jealous of you.

- Scarlette : jealous of me ?

- Riley : yes, and I don’t know why !

- Scarlette : I think it will pass her, and then she will come back !

- Riley : you really think so ?

- Scarlette : yes, really !

- Riley : you wait with me, I won’t be alone !

- Scarlette : of course ! The friends are made for that !

- Riley : yes, probably !

- Scarlette : you want to do what ?

- Riley : you can watch TV.

- Scarlette : all right.

I turn on the TV, and I zapped to see what was on the other channels, but there was nothing interesting at this hour. Then she asked me if I had movies and I acquiesced, she followed me to fourniture where the DVD were arranged. While she chose a DVD, I went up to my room to find a blanket and my pillow. When I came back downstairs, she chose a movie of musical comedy ; so I put the DVD to start up, then we settled on the couch. I passed her a blanket and I put my pillow over her legs, in order to put my head on it, then I put my blanket on me.

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