Riley's life

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Chapter 18 : Jealousy

We watch the movie quietly and then I slept like a baby. Scarlette had managed to calm me down. Later, while I was sleeping on Scarlette, Tiffany had come back at home from her stroll, which lasted over an hour. She arrived in the living room and when she saw me to sleep on Scarlette, this caused her a sharp pain in the heart. Tiffany watching me sleeping because I had my eyes closed, but I was woke up when I heard the door, I couldn’t sleep and I could hear her crying, listening her, my heart wrung. I could hear to leave and when I tried to get up, Scarlette held back me, So I turned to her, but I noticed that she was still asleep. I got up quietly in order not to wake up her and I went up the stairs quietly without making any noise. I arrived at the door of Tiffany’s room, through the door, I could hear her crying. I knocked calmy, then I entered in the room without her to tell me to enter. She turned back to me, and I could see her tears flowed again, I wanted to approach her, but she stepped back, she was angry against me.

- Riley : can I know what you have ?

- Tiffany : I have nothing !

- Riley : so why do you do your bag ?

- Tiffany : and why you were sleeping on Scarlette ?

- Riley : I don’t have to answer...

- Tiffany : I know, but I don’t care. I’ll leave your house so you can live with her !

- Riley : no but its not okay ! You think I love her ?

- Tiffany : it looks good, you’re sleeping together after she makes you gentle eyes ! It’s only you who can’t see it !

- Riley : but I love her as a friend, that’s all, and she doesn’t make me gentle eyes !

- Tiffany : she wants more ! Riley, believes me, she isn’t made for you !

- Riley : I don’t want to be with her ! That I want it’s...

- Tiffany : what is it ?

- Riley : drop it ! You wouldn’t understand... I’m sorry if I have hurt you, but I don’t want you to go from here !

- Tiffany : so you will have to choose between her and me !

- Riley shouting : why I should choose ? You’re both my friends, and I love you more than her, because you, you are my best friend and that, you should know. I’m so sorry if I accused you for the letters, but Scarlette hasn’t the key of here, so I thought it was you. I have the right to be mistaken Tiffany, the mistake is human !

- Tiffany : no Riley, that is not a mistake, it’s worse, you thought I was hiding things to you, me, your best friend !

- Riley : I’m so sorry !

- Tiffany : it’s too late Riley, I’m your best friend and I know it, but I’ll tell you once ! She is dangerous !

- Riley : who ? Scarlette ?

- Tiffany : yes, she does things that you can’t even imagine !

- Riley : but what are you talking ?

- Tiffany leaving toward the door : I think you’ll know very soon, but it will be too late for you !

- Riley crying : wait ! I don’t want you to go, I need you ! You can’t leave me, true friends don’t do that !

- Tiffany turning around : I bet it’s her who told you that sentence ! I go to leave from here.

- Riley : no, you are not going anywhere !

- Tiffany : Riley, I’m an adult, so I allowed to leave this house !

- Riley : you don’t change your mind ?

- Tiffany : listen to me, I have supported you all the time ! And despite that it was only two years we knew when you got arrested, I always thought you were innocent ! I knew it !

- Riley : so why you want to leave today ?

- Tiffany angry : but look around you, Riley ! You get a lot of letter this morning, and you accuse me of having hidden from you for more than three weeks, while it couldn’t be me ! And do you know why ? I imagine that you have to forget certain details, since four weeks ago, I wasn’t here Riley ! You sent me to see my parents !

- Riley : ok, it’s true that I made a big mistake, but I thought you’d be able to forgive me for that !

- Tiffany : I forgive you when you don’t speak more to this Scarlette ! Now, I have nothing more to do here. You know my number, so you know where to join me ! Bye !

- Riley : no, don’t go, please ! I need you !

- Tiffany : I would come back... Maybe...

- Riley crying : I’m sorry, and I hope you will forgive me one day to have you believed capable of that !

- Tiffany : we will see, but for now, I need to change of air, to go away from here.

- Riley : well, I let you go…

I let Tiffany to go, I couldn’t believe that I have caused all that, and I didn’t understand why she didn’t want me to talk with Scarlette. I stayed in her room, and I asked myself on her bed thinking about what had caused the problem, I was crying, because I knew that this time, everything was my fault, so I took my phone and I called Tiffany, but I was falling on her answering machine, I began again two-three times, and I always fell on her voicemail. I gave up for today, telling me that I would try tomorrow. For now, I had no strength, and I had cried so much that I was tired, but I got up and I went down in the living room. But when I arrived in the living room Scarlette had disappeared, I looked around if she had left a note, but there was nothing. I went up to my room after having locked the door. Arrive at upstairs, I was staring at the door of Tiffany’s bedroom, regretting that she is left while it was dark outside. I worried a lot, because I knew that if it happened something to her, I couldn’t forgive me. I was so scared for her, which I called Rachel. It was four in the morning, but she picked up the phone. After I apologized for having woken up at this hour, I told her what had happened without speaking Scarlette. She comforts me a little, then she made me understand that I had to get some sleep and tomorrow she will come see me. I thanked her, and then I walked into the room of Tiffany, then I fell asleep in her bed, still had her perfume. The next day, I wake up around seven in the morning with a bad feeling, I got up from the bed and I could see that there was Tiffany’s bag in the room, so it meant that she was come back, so I would run downstair to see if she was there, I shouted her name, but she didn’t answer me.

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