Riley's life

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Chapter 19 : The accident

Someone rang at the door, I walked to open the door smiling, thinking I would find Tiffany behind the door. But when I opened the door, my smile faded, not that I wasn’t happy to see her, but I could read on Rachel’s face that something was wrong. I had let her to enter and I followed her into the living room after closing the door. She looked odd, I couldn’t know if the expression on her face was in pain, anger, or both.

- Riley : are you okay ?

- Rachel : no, I have bad news for you, but I don’t know how to tell you.

- Riley : it must not be so serious, right ?

- Rachel : Riley... Tiffany...

- Riley worried : what ? She has what ? You saw her this morning ?

- Rachel : yes, I saw her, but it happened something outside !

- Riley worried : what do you mean ? What’s happened ?

- Rachel : Tiffany was knocked over by a car, I managed to get the license plate, but I couldn’t approach her, policemen who were there, chasing the car, but I don’t know if they have to catch up ! I’m sorry Riley !

- Riley crying : no, not her, I want to go to see her, I have to go to see her !

- Rachel : I know, we’ll go, but you have to get dressed ! And I’ll make you hot chocolate.

- Riley : okay, thanks !

- Rachel : you’re welcome.

Rachel prepares me my chocolate while I prepared myself. After ready, we went in the direction of the hospital. Arriving at the hospital, the inspector Nelly, was already waiting us, he was in charge of the investigation ; Rachel was talking with him while me I was coming into the room where was Tiffany, tears flowed. I was hurt, and I didn’t understand who could be angry with her, I sat on the chair, taking her hand, I didn’t want her to feel alone. She had a cast on her leg and she had scratches on her face, it was full of machinery near her, I looked at her and then I embarked on a long story.

-Riley crying : I’m so sorry, I didn’t want you to get hurt by my words, I was stupid to have accused you, while you, you have always supported me. I’m nothing without you, I don’t want you to leave me, no, I won’t. I want you to stay here with us. You’re a great person, and I’m so sorry, and I want you to tell me the reasons that pushed you to come back home. I want you to wake up for I apologize for what I did, and if you could do me a sign, anything, I would be happy. I really want you to live, you are my pillar in my life, so you don’t have the right to leave me alone. Please, wake up, I need you. So come back to me, I beg you, I want you to tell me who you do that, because I swear that the person will pay, no one has the right to hurt you... No, no one !

While I pronounced this long tirade, I didn’t realize that Rachel and the inspector Nelly were at the entrance of the gate. When I finished my tirade and that I put my head on the bed, Rachel entered the room, she was sad, and she didn’t know how to comfort me.

- Rachel : I’m sorry Riley ! Doctors don’t know if she’ll wake...

- Riley : but she must wake up ! I don’t want her to go with wickedness that I said her ! Rachel, she must wake up !

- Rachel : I know Riley, but we must wait !

- Riley : it can take many days before she wakes up ?

- Rachel : several hours to several months !

- Riley : you laugh, if she doesn’t wake up now, we’ll never know who knocked her !

- Rachel : I gave the number of the car plaque at the inspector Nelly, he will try to look for the car owner.

- Riley : I hope he will find quickly.

- Rachel : don’t worry...

Rachel left to see the inspector Nelly to see what would happen. While me I was staying near Tiffany, I don’t want her to leave now. In a year, I didn’t want to lose my mother and my best friend. The day passes slowly, I stayed near Tiffany all the day and when I had to leave, I had to difficulty to do it, I didn’t want to leave, and especially I didn’t want to leave her alone. I had a bracelet that my mother gave me when I was younger, I put her on the wrist, like that if she woke up, she would be that I was there, because she knew this bracelet, I never leaving it, because to me it is precious. I hardly left of the room, but Rachel promised me that she would bring me every day if necessary, but I had to be patient. A few days had passed, and Tiffany was still not awake, we saw some small changes, but nothing major. Every day I went to the hospital to see her, I spent my days at her bedside, and three weeks had passed and I no longer believed. I didn’t have the courage to see her in this state, because every day made me sad and I became weaker me every time I saw her. The fourth week passed, and still no change, but the Thursday of the same week, so I thought she would die because there were doctors and nurses in her room, I cried with all my soul, and I let me to fall to the ground like a common clothes that falls to the ground. For me, it was the worst day of my life, Tiffany did an heart attack, Rachel arrived at the same time caught me just in time. She helped me to sit until the first chair she found. Once seated, she returned to the bedroom of Tiffany, she informed about what happened. A doctor had told her quickly enough ; I watched Rachel coming back to me.

- Rachel : I have good and bad news for you !

- Riley : what is bad ?

- Rachel : the car that knocked her down was stolen, the owner had filed the same day a car reported stolen to the police.

- Riley : and good ?

- Rachel : we did get a picture of the person who stole it, and the best for last, Tiffany woke up.

- Riley : but she did an heart attack, I saw it !

- Rachel : yes, but her heart is gone, and you have the right to see her.

- Riley : thanks, thank you !

I go to the room after that nurses are gone and the doctors told me that I could go to see her. Even before he crossed the bedroom door, my tears already flowing. Indeed I no longer believed I didn’t think she could wake up, and when she made her heart attack, I felt my heart tighten in my chest because I thought it was over and that it needed a miracle to revive it.

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