Riley's life

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Chapter 20 : A second clue

- Riley : I come in ?

- Tiffany : of course !

- Riley : you know, I was very afraid !

- Tiffany : I know, I heard you, and what you said to me every day coming to see me, strengthened this tie of friendship.

- Riley : you know who you have knocked over you ?

- Tiffany : yes, but I don’t want to tell you, or you’ll still cry and I won’t !

- Riley : please, I need to know who did this !

- Tiffany : what if I told you that the person who knocked me down, you know her, you say what ?

- Riley angry : how that ? You’re telling me that the person who did this to you, I know her ?

- Tiffany quietly : yes, you are friends even both !

- Riley angry : don’t tell me it’s Scarlette !

- Tiffany quietly : I’m so sorry Riley. But I’m sure that it was her who was driving the car that hit me.

- Riley angry : I will hit her !

- Tiffany quietly : no Riley ! She is dangerous, and I warned you, but you didn’t believe me.

- Riley angry : how that ? What did she do ?

- Tiffany quietly : when I left that night, Scarlette had heard all, and she had followed me outside, she wanted to kill me that night, because she knew that I knew her secret ! And as she wanted me to shut up, she hit me once, I fell to the ground, but I raised up and when she wanted to hit me again, I dodged and then I had knocked her at the head, and there she fell to the ground. So I ran away and she followed me, I took refuge in your neighbor. As she hadn’t seen me come in, she ran all along the road. The next morning when I got home, I went to my room and I saw you sleeping in my bed, and that’s when I told myself, I had to stay here and tell you what happened, but you were sleeping so well, I have left you sleep and I wanted to go to get you some small pastries for your breakfast… But when I left the house, I saw who Rachel had probably see you, I crossed the road when the light allowed me to cross, but a car was coming fast upon me, I saw her the last moment, and when I saw who was driving, I wanted me to be away from home without telling you before. I fainted a few seconds after a police car was launched in her pursuit. Then, at the hospital, I couldn’t wake up. Several times I wanted to do, but without any results until today.

- Riley : I’m so sorry, I would have believed you !

- Rachel : Tiffany, this Scarlette, you can recognize her if I show you a picture ?

- Riley : what’s going to serve you ?

- Rachel : the portrait that the witness made corresponds to a young woman naming Ashley ! But she disappeared from circulation, and no one knows where she is, her parents were sentenced to death a long time ago, but they escaped from it thanks to her, who could prove that these parents were at home, the evidences were tampered with, and we known too late because they had already gone far away.

- Riley : but what does that have to do with the accident ?

- Tiffany : she thinks Scarlette is in fact Ashley !

- Riley : this is a joke ? Why she is attacking you, you didn’t do anything, and your parents are accountants !

- Tiffany : this is true, why she wants me ?

- Rachel : if this is Ashley, this is not for you she wants to Tiffany, but at Riley !

- Riley : me ? But what have I done again ?

- Rachel : strictly speaking, this is not for you she really wants, but your parents, and their families would destroy yours. They wanted to divide you to better reign !

- Riley : but my parents have nothing to do with the conviction of her parents !

- Rachel : in fact, yes ; it’s them who have won the case against their lawyer !

- Riley : OK, but how you could know that she was dangerous ?

- Tiffany : one day while you were taking your shower, I heard a noise downstairs, when I got off, the door was open and I had seen her that ran in the garden... I wanted to tell you earlier, but I never had the time !

- Riley : OK, so if I understand this is a personal matter !

- Rachel : yes, but we must do have to do quickly before she discovers that Tiffany is not dead, but alive. I’ll get the inspector Nelly.

- Tiffany : he is there I thought he never left the police station.

- Riley : yes, he came out, because Rachel was called a moment ago...

The inspector Nelly entered into the room, and showed the portrait to Tiffany, she replied that it was her. It was indeed Scarlette. This means that it was Ashley. The inspector Nelly and Rachel left the room while me and Tiffany apologizing towards each other. Today I just heard that someone wanted to kill me to reach my father, but I didn’t know, at last yes, I knew this was Scarlette or rather Ashley, I have discovered her surname in order to have more information about her and her family. The evening arrived quickly, I had to leave, I greeted Tiffany and I promised her to come back tomorrow in afternoon. Rachel took me at my home, she dropped me at the door, and she was waiting for me I go home and I locks the door before leaving.

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