Riley's life

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Chapter 21 : The surprise

Finally alone, at home, I headed to the kitchen, then two arms embraced my stomach. I turned back and I was surprised to see Scarlette at my home, I was angry, but I was trying to stay calm dowm. Tiffany was right, she was trying to pick up me, and I didn’t see it coming, I felt stupid to not to have seen rather.

- Riley : what are you doing here ?

- Scarlette wheedling : I went in the area and I wanted to see you ! You don’t mind at least ?

- Riley : no, but I want that you warn me when you come here.

- Scarlette : well received. I learned by people in the street that Tiffany was knocked over...

- Riley : yes, we try to find the guilty, but we don’t know who the person is, you could let me go please !

- Scarlette making gentle eyes : yes, I could, but I won’t !

- Riley : and why ?

- Scarlette : I know you don’t believe Tiffany when she told you that I love you, but not like a friend ; why you didn’t believe her ?

- Riley annoyed : it’s not your problem !

- Scarlette : no, you’re right, but well, I don’t know, you don’t even see that I love you !

- Riley : but what are you talking about ?

- Scarlette sad : I love you, but I have a confession to make at you before !

- Riley : I listen to you !

-Scarlette : my name is not Scarlette but Ashley !

She had let me, I decided to go in the living room, but she found me and stucked me between two walls, she began to kiss me, but I pushed her away, she fell on the coffee table, and I ran most soon as possible, at the neighbor. She had opened me, despite the late hour, she lent me her phone and outside Scarlette told me that if I didn’t go out, I was going to regret it. I didn’t want to see her and I called Andy to come and see me right now, but I made him understand that he had to bring back Rachel and the inspector Nelly. I waited twenty minutes before they arrive. I wanted to stay strong, but I was afraid of her. She is dangerous, and now I know it. When they entered in the neighbor’s home where I was hiding, I ran into Andy’s arms, I knew I could trust him. I met him when Meghan took me at her home. The inspector Nelly looked at me in incomprehension, he didn’t know why he was there.

- Riley : Tiffany was right about Scarlette !

- Rachel : what ?

- Riley : she was in my home ! I don’t know how she entered, but she was there !

- Inspector Nelly : I don’t understand, who is Scarlette ?

- Riley : it’s Ashley !

- Inspector Nelly pensive : this is the person we were looking for there are more than seven years, she was looking for your parents, how she known you ?

- Riley shyly : we became acquainted in the park, I couldn’t know that she was dangerous !

- Inspector Nelly : your mother has hidden her pregnancy to protect you, which means we know the killers of your mother Riley ! And it’s not anyone !

- Riley worried : how that ?

- Inspector Nelly : we must find back by any way Ashley and to know where she lives ! Rachel, I need you and Meghan.

- Rachel : I’ll call Meghan !

- Inspector Nelly : I take you all to the police station unless you Mrs, but thank you for the help that you bring to this young girl.

- The lady : you’re welcome.

- Inspector Nelly : all right.

- Rachel : here we go !

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