Riley's life

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Chapter 22 : The investigation begins to move forward

We headed towards the police station, I was in the car with Rachel and Andy was in the one of the inspector Nelly. During the route, I saw that Rachel was pensive, I wanted to ask her why, but I repressed this question. I knew that I should have stayed with Rachel, but I wanted to stay home, I wanted to show that I wasn’t afraid of her. In the end, it could have been wrong. I was really sorry, but I didn’t want to tell her for now. When we arrived to the police station, the inspector Nelly asked us to go into a room reserved for meetings. We entered all except Andy who was to leave at the airport, then the inspector Nelly called his colleagues. People present in the room were important, there were four policemen who were in charge of my case, there was Rachel my lawyer, Meghan which ensured my protection and the inspector who was in command of the case. We had the right to a briefing of the case, it took us two hours to get all the information. The problem is that I knew there was something that we didn’t tell me, but I don’t want to seem incorrect, so I said nothing, I acquiesced. When the meeting is over, we returned all of our home ; because tomorrow will be a long day. Tonight, I was sleeping at Rachel’s home, I couldn’t go home until further notice. The night passed quickly, and the next morning, was complicated in the morning. I had dreamed that Ashley knew for Tiffany. At breakfast, Rachel asked me if I wanted her to deposited me in the hospital before she goes to the police station, I acquiesced. Ten minutes later, I was in the hospital, I walked towards the room when a doctor stopped me in full swing. I looked at him, and then he told me that I had to show my papers before I cross the door, I nodded one’s head that I had understood, I left a piece of identification that I set before the eyes of the police officer, he looked the piece, then he gave me a sign to go. I greeted Tiffany, and I asked her how this had happened the night and then went on about what happened yesterday because she had noticed that I was getting bruise.

- Riley : I have to speak to you about something !

- Tiffany : c’mon ! I’m listening to you !

- Riley : Scarlette, well Ashley was at home last night... And...

- Tiffany worried : what has happened ?

- Riley lowering her head : she kissed me after having revealed her real name...

- Tiffany : she did what ? You have said it to Andy ?

- Riley : she kissed me, but I was able to push her back. And I haven’t said anything to Andy, because I know he would be able to kill her, and I don’t want him to do it !

- Tiffany : why ?

- Riley : if he does it, his career will be broken to become sergeant !

- Tiffany : you’re right ! You know how she entered ?

- Riley : no, I had locked the door.

- Tiffany : it would mean that she has the keys of the house.

- Riley : yes, but how she would have the keys ?

- Tiffany : this is a good question ! You must request to the inspector Nelly or Rachel !

- Riley : yes, I will do it later.

- Tiffany : and suddenly, where you sleep ?

- Riley smiling : at Rachel’s home waiting for you to come back home.

- Tiffany smiling : normally, I can go out tomorrow in the afternoon !

- Riley : great, I would go to see someone to change the locks of the house.

- Tiffany : OK, you will come get me ?

- Riley : yes of course !

- Tiffany : all right.

- Riley : I’m happy you’re still here…

At midday, we went down to the cafeteria to eat a piece, then we went up back to her room to talk, and about four in the afternoon, I left down join Rachel who waited me. We comes back home then in the evening she commands pizza at the end, we went to sleep tired of the day. The next day, I asked Rachel to change the locks while I went to get Tiffany to the hospital, she agreed, and I could leave quietly. I went to the hospital and there was almost no one. I parked then I went up picking up Tiffany, but before arriving, I could see that Ashley was in her room, I ran towards her, but the policeman stopped me, I explained to him that the girl who had just go in shouldn’t be there, but he was nothing to do, I had to call the inspector Nelly, and he arrived with help, after I hung up, the man had run away, and I could come back and have a conversation with her.

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