Riley's life

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Chapter 23 : The investigation is growing

- Riley : you shouldn’t be there !

- Ashley : and why I wouldn’t have the right, I have done nothing wrong !

- Riley angry : get out of here, you have nothing to do here ! I know who you are !

- Ashley : oh yes ? So you know I’m your cousin to your father’s side !

- Riley : sorry ? I don’t have uncle or aunt of my father’s side !

- Ashley : you want to bet, I’m Ashley Neals, and I’m 23, I’m the daughter of Gordon and Alice Neals. And I came to avenge me, but your best friend was on my way, and if she hadn’t been there, my plan would have worked since the first night when I saw you !

- Riley : no, but you are crazy ! I didn’t do anything and I don’t know you !

- Ashley : yes, you do ! You know me, we were together in nursery school, but your parents have separated us, and your filthy parents sent mine in jail, but I was able to release them thanks to my intelligence.

- Riley : so I think today you lost this privilege, because today it’s me who trapped you, so you get out of here right now !

- Ashley : I would come back for you, Riley ! Even if you moved or that you change your name, I would find you. I tracked down your parents, but now it will be your turn !

- Riley : we will see, in fifty years !

- Ashley : no, before !

Meghan had come back without a sound in the room, while Ashley was making steps back, she thought she could get away, but it was without the help of the inspector Nelly and Meghan who arrived just in time. Meghan pinned Ashley to the ground and passed her the handcuffs that the inspector Nelly handed him… I breathed in relief, as well as Tiffany who saw her life flash. They left to the police station and Rachel came running, learning what had happened. She will hug me in her arms and she added that I shouldn’t scare her like that, otherwise, the third time would be good for an heart attack. We laugh, but we waited the doctor who was to bring the outlet papers. When the doctor arrived, he greeted us then handed the papers to Tiffany after she signed them is carefully, she could leave the hospital. We went down all of three, then I took Rachel’s home because she had taken a taxi. When I dropped her down at her home, she added that she had to change all the locks and that she had put an alarm. We thanked her then I left towards the house, Tiffany was happy to go back home and me too, because she had missed me. A few weeks after the arrest of Ashley all was calm again, we had did again the decoration in the house, we found several hidden cameras all over the house and we threw them. Then we took two weeks to go to England. These two weeks were great, and despite the rain, we could take a ride in the Ferris wheel, visiting museums, especially to relax away from our problems. And we could find our funny habit. We laughed all the time, and we didn’t talk about what had happened. But the day of start was difficult for both of them, we didn’t want to leave.

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