Riley's life

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Chapter 24 : New problem

When we got back from our trip, we had noticed that our shutters were opened, we thought it had to be who Rachel had come open them, but when we entered the house, everything had been destroyed. So we called the inspector Nelly to explain what had happened to us, he told us that we had to come quickly to the police station because he wanted to show us something. We spend a week in arrange our things and shopping, then we had to go to to the police station. Arrived to the police station, we asked to see the inspector Nelly that awaited us, the secretary made us wait a few minutes before the inspector Nelly arrives, he approached us with a weird face, as if he had seen a spirit.

- Inspector Nelly : hello girls, how are you ?

- Riley : hello, very well and you ?

- Inspector Nelly : I’ve seen better days !

- Tiffany : why should we come quickly ?

- Inspector Nelly : oh yes... You remember Riley, I made you put a camera at the entrance to your front door when there was a first offense ?

- Riley : yes, it was for me to feel more secure, but I don’t understand, what’s going on ?

- Inspector Nelly : three days ago before you come back, it filmed someone who was trying to go back home !

- Riley : how that ?

- Inspector Nelly : come on, I’ll show you.

We followed the inspector in a room where there was a technician who was in front of several screens, the inspector Nelly explained to us that here there was a person who watches the cameras that he put in people who request it and when someone tries to enter the house and has not the key, the alarm sounds, and video films. However, it may also that the video filmed when someone enters a house that is not his house. Indeed, the video had a recognition program, if the camera doesn’t know the individual, he films the person without the person knows.

- Inspector Nelly : Greg, can you put us on the night when someone entered at Neals’ home.

- Greg tapping on his keyboard : of course, I put it right away. There is !

- Inspector Nelly : thank you Greg ! There is girls, it’s this person who entered at your home !

- Riley shocked : it’s not possible ! No, not him !

- Tiffany : you know this man ?

- Riley : inspector Nelly, you don’t recognize this person ?

- Inspector Nelly : no, should I ?

- Riley : I hope that I’m wrong and this is not him !

- Inspector Nelly : who are you talking about ?

- Riley : my father !

- Inspector Nelly : now that you said it ! But this is not possible, he is dead !

- Riley : excuse-me ?

- Inspector Nelly : we found him dead in front of your home, one week ago, and there had a word for you !

- Riley : this is not possible, what was that word ?

- Inspector Nelly : a threat to you. It was wrote down that you had to go to yourself with Ashley !

- Riley : where ? And when ?

- Inspector Nelly : there are two weeks, but we couldn’t join you !

- Riley : so they killed my father because I had not come to their damn appointment ! You have received a new letter since the last time?

- Inspector Nelly : yes, but you’re not going to be happy !

- Riley : why, who is the next ?

- Inspector Nelly : Rachel.

- Riley : give me the place and time of the appointment, I will go !

- Inspector Nelly : but it can be dangerous ! I refuse to take this initiative !

- Riley : but we have no choice, Rachel its the only family I have left, and I refuse to lose her, like I lost my mother and my father. I will go ! What he asks this time?

- Inspector Nelly : money !

- Riley : how much ?

- Inspector Nelly : two hundred and fifty thousand euros in cash !

- Riley surprised : he wants euros ?

- Inspector Nelly : yes.

- Riley : all right. I know where to find this money, but I’m sure he doesn’t ask that, right ?

- Inspector Nelly : indeed, they want to recover Ashley !

- Riley : well, we will give them back Ashley, but you will be able to stop all this family !

- Inspector Nelly : well, I see that you must have an idea in mind !

- Riley : yes, but I don’t know if it will work !

- Inspector Nelly : I listen to you, what’s your plan ?

- Riley : to put a tracer on my car, then a small camera on the front of the car, but no one should see it. Then I went with Ashley in the place where they want and I would proceed to an exchange, if everything goes bad, you can find me thanks to my bracelet.

- Inspector Nelly : your plan is well structured !

- Riley : yes, but I want you to follow me, but you must don’t have to be seen !

- Inspector Nelly : yes, I will call four agents to watch your home.

- Tiffany : I refuse that you to go Riley, it can be dangerous.

- Riley : I know you fear, me too, but we have no choice. I turned the problem in every way, and I found that this solution !

- Tiffany : I will to do what in the meantime ?

- Inspector Nelly : you’ll go home with Meghan, it’s her that is going to watch you, but you need not to worry, there will be four policemen with you !

- Tiffany : fine. Good luck to you, but come back alive, I don’t want to lose you !

- Riley hugging Tiffany : me too !

Meghan arrived, that meant it was time for Tiffany to go home. As for me, I prepared myself physically and mentally, I was going to find myself alone with Ashley and I didn’t like too much, but to save Rachel, I would do anything. After all is installed, the inspector Nelly went to get Ashley in her cell, then he told me to be careful, he gave me the coordinates. We went out of the police station, I asked Ashley to get in front, as for me, I entered in the car, then I entered the coordinates into the GPS. Well after we fastened, I left, there was a long silence in the car, and more I arrived at the destination, more I was afraid, even if I knew they were behind me. Ashley decided to break the silence. She apologizes for the trouble she had caused, but she tells me that we had been well deserved, and if it did again, she do it again without hesitate one second, but changing a few things. She didn’t want hurt me, I saw it in her eyes because she loved me, but it was not my case. We talked about everything and nothing to pass the time, that seemed very long, I had the feeling that this was an eternity that I was on the road.

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