Riley's life

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Chapter 25 : The exchange or...

Arrived at destination, I noticed a big black car parked across the great space, I left of the car, then I would open the door to Ashley, she got out of the car, and she stayed behind me. Man got off from his car. When I could see his face, it looked like the spitting image of my father, he looked like him as two drops of water, he made a sign for that I approach to him, I walked slowly followed by Ashley. Then he made me understand that I shouldn’t move.

- Man : you have grown up a lot Riley !

- Riley : I don’t know you !

- Man : so let me introduce myself if you allow it !

- Riley : yes...

- Man : my name is Gordon Neals, I am your father’s twin brother Michael Neals ! But a long time ago, he had condemned me to death, as well as my wife, but we could come out of it thanks to our daughter who could tamper with evidences against us. When the policemen have noticed, we were already far away, but I would have my revenge. The problem is that your parents are tough, they moved so many times, that I have had difficulty to find you, but when I found you, I killed several people and I did accuse you, but it failed to take a long time because you have managed to prove that it wasn’t you, so I used another way. Indeed, as I am the twin brother of your father, I have exactly the same DNA as him, so I continued, but no to accuse you, but to accuse him thanks to your wonderful mother. But your mother was a very intelligent, so I had to get rid of her when I knew she had sent my daughter to see you ! I knew she could never hurt you because she loves you more than anything. Now, I will kill you all, you serve me for nothing, but in the meantime that I kill you, you’ll keep company with Rachel. And me, I’m going to have fun with these bastard policemen who put me in jail !

- Riley : you’re going to kill your own daughter !

- Gordon : she doesn’t good, she killed her mother, and me, I’ll kill her, she is so fragile !

- Riley shouting : you are a disgusting person who should die, the parents kill themselves to protect us, and the parents never kill their children !

- Gordon giving a punch in the jaw at Riley : my choice is done !

- Riley holding cheek : you are crazy !

- Gordon : I know, but your family must pay for all she has done to my family !

- Riley : you say your family but you are going to kill your own daughter !

- Gordon : so what ? Anyway this doesn’t concern you !

- Riley : you will pay me !

- Gordon laughing : it would be necessary that you live for that !

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