Riley's life

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Chapter 26 : To imprison

He called his bodyguards, then he left, the men tied our hands, then we did get into my car, the two men sat in the front. I looked at Ashley crying, I looked at her and I said in a whisper that it was going to be okay. She gave me a smile and for the first time, I could find out she was harmless. While we’re was traveling at full speed on the road, I thought that Tiffany had said, before I left, she didn’t want me to die, but yet it was on track to. Arrived at the destination, the men made us to get off of the car, and I was shocked to see who was the traitor, I couldn’t believe it, I did trust him completely and he had nothing to do in reality. My heart wrung and I could see Ashley who sympathized with me. She knew what it was like when you get betrayed by persons who have been made blindly trust. The bodyguards of Gordon took us into a small room where there was Rachel, they undo our hands, then we shut away. I lowered my eyes on my wrists touching them because they had the marks of the rope. But my eyes got up on Ashley, who had put her hand on my cheek, I stepped back and she had removed her hand. I turned toward Rachel and I ran into her arms. I was happy to see her alive, I thought she was dead. Then, we talked low voice for Ashley not hear us.

- Rachel : Riley, I know you have a grudge against her, but she just wants to save your life.

- Riley : I don’t know, she still wanted to kill me !

- Rachel : no Riley ! She could never hurt you, never, she loves you...

- Riley : but I don’t believe it. There are still ten minutes I thought I would be happy with Andy, but now, my world fell apart, and you know why ?

- Rachel : no ! But you will tell me.

- Riley crying : because I’m pregnant by a man who wants to kill us !

- Rachel : this is a joke ?

- Riley crying : no, I saw the doctor there are two days, and he told me I was pregnant of three months and two weeks.

- Rachel : you can abort ?

- Riley crying : no...

- Rachel taking Riley in her arms : it’s nothing.

For a minute I was crying in Rachel’s arms, I didn’t know what to do or what to think of this ! On top of that, I carried the child to one who wants me dead. After recovering my mind, I was thinking about how to escape of here it wasn’t the same room, but I could see there was a trapdoor in the ground hidden by the large bags of wheat. I looked around me, trying to see if there wasn’t another way to get out, but I saw nothing. The room was big enough, there were two large walls that led to nowhere, which could make us believe that we could escape, but we couldn’t. I looked at again around me, but without much conviction, then my eyes fell on the trapdoor which was near the wheat’s bags.

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