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Chapter 27 : The second escape

I looked at Ashley and she understood what I wanted to know. She approached me, and this time, I don’t stepped back, I took her in my arms in a sign of affection. I heard footsteps approaching the door. Rachel approached me and took me in her arms, but I still stared at the trapdoor.

- Ashley : this is a trapdoor which leads outside of the house.

- Riley : you know how long it takes to get out ?

- Ashley : I would say not even two minutes !

- Riley : do you think we can go ?

- Ashley : now ? No, it’s not possible !

- Riley : okay so your father have how many bodyguards ?

- Ashley : two, more Andy !

- Riley : which means that it remains two bodyguards. They’re armed ?

- Ashley : no !

- Riley : okay, so my plan will work !

- Ashley : what plan ?

- Riley : you will see when the time comes !

We waited a few seconds before the bodyguards of Gordon arrive, they dropped us food and water to the ground and then they left. Two days passed, and I had no news of the inspector Nelly, yet they should have been there, I turned around, because I worried and Rachel noticed it.

- Rachel : what’s going on ?

- Riley : he should have been there for a long time, I don’t understand why he is not there !

- Rachel : how that ?

- Riley : we wanted to trap them !

- Ashley : so it was that the car behind us !

- Riley : yes, I assured our backs, I didn’t want to end up like my parents !

- Rachel : don’t worry ! You are strong, and I know you can find a solution to get us out of here !

-Ashley : she’s right, we can get out if we work together !

- Riley : I don’t know, a few weeks you wanted to kill me...

- Ashley : ok, it’s true, but today I am in the same boat as you.

- Riley : how that ?

- Ashley : your parents are still alive Riley thanks to me, I have made use their murders that my father believe it. And to make it more real, I used the heads of people killed by my father, and as I knew that the police would do DNA testing, I asked your parents if I could take their blood for put on the heads like that, he would believe to the end.

- Riley : if you say the truth, where are they ?

- Ashley : in a house far away from here where no one doubts, I can’t tell you for now, but I promise you, they are alive.

- Riley : fine, we will go to do a team ! You know this place more than us, so it’s you who will guide us !

- Ashley : but how ?

- Riley : it’s been two days that men don’t come to see us, we can suppose that they aren’t here, so we’ll escape through the trapdoor !

- Ashley : and if they are outside, what do we do ?

- Riley : we will improvise ! You are starter ?

- Ashley : yes !

- Rachel : of course !

- Riley : fine, Ashley, you’ll open the rank and me, I will close.

I started to open the door and I had a sign to them to go down, then I went down by closing the trapdoor. We followed the tunnel until arrive to the exit, Ashley pushed the gate which fell to the ground. She came out and she made us a sign for that we go there. Rachel and Ashley looked at me as if they wanted to tell me something, then Ashley showed me the car and I realized they were asking me if I had the key, I acquiesced and we went to the car. Outside, there was no one, the cars that were there when we arrived were gone. We turned around and the house burned, if we were not go out today, we would be all dead, we walked toward the car, I could open the door without too much difficulty, since he had left the doors open. We go up in the car, then I started up, in my head, I thought it was not very smart to have left the doors of the car open.

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