Riley's life

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Chapter 28 : The reunion

Then I put the coordinates that Ashley gave me to see my parents and then we walked toward the place. We were driving for a few minutes, then we arrived at destination. I stopped the engine, then we got down from the car, then Ashley showed me the way to the door. She knocked twice, then she opened the door, and my parents left the house. We entered in the house and they thanked Ashley for what she had done for them, and me, I had to apologize to her. I apologized, but I saw the Meghan’s car outside, I didn’t understand how she could know where we were knowing she kept Tiffany, I asked my parents to hide in the basement and not to move even if they heard the noise, my parents understood and they left towards the basement of the house. The door open violently, and Meghan is shown pointing her gun towards us, she asked us to regroup at the back of the room, what is quickly made. I tried to gain time facing her, so they can arrive because I had sent a message to the inspector Nelly, telling him where we were. I also told him that they were coming more without making a sound to trap Meghan. Rachel records everything for evidence of the accused her as well as the others. In my head, I was thinking that if Meghan was there, she had perhaps killed Tiffany, but knowing that there were policemen with them it was not possible, then I looked angrily Meghan, she lied to all of us. But I’m not going to let her win this time.

- Riley : you !

- Meghan : and yes, I know very well play !

- Riley : you were played well with everyone here !

- Meghan : is that how we earn my darling !

- Riley : I’m not your darling, but well ; I have several questions to ask you !

- Meghan : I listen to you !

- Riley : how you did it when I got kidnap at Rachel’s home, it was you ?

- Meghan : oh no, I have just called to say I had to come take care of you for her absence and he asked me the address where you were, and I gave him. Then when I saw him to leave by the basement, I went up, but when I arrived you weren’t there. And so I called Rachel to tell her you weren’t there when I arrived !

- Riley : okay, but when I escaped with the inspector Nelly and Anna how they knew ?

- Meghan : when Rachel told me, I told her that I had to make a call to someone who would find you easily, but I lied to her, because it’s a bodyguard of Gordon Neals that I had the phone.

- Riley : and ?

-Meghan : you have had lucky to have been able to escape you because you knew where to hit, but Gordon knows how to fire.

- Riley : well, now how did you know Scarlette ?

- Meghan : who ?

-Riley : don’t make your pitcher, Scarlette alias Ashley !

- Meghan : by her father, Gordon Neals.

- Riley : okay, how she was able to escape the night she came at my home ?

- Meghan : it’s simple, the night where you asked Andy to come with the inspector Nelly, I called Ashley, and I told her I was recovered a street away ! And when I recovered, she told me what had happened at your home !

- Riley : and ?

- Meghan : nothing.

- Riley : so why did you handcuffed her to the hospital, if that’s your accomplice ?

- Meghan : she loves you so much, that she can’t kill you, and we are obliged to do her job ! So, for not to be spotted me I handcuffed.

- Riley : fine. And when I brought Ashley to his father for an exchange with Rachel, how they knew that police officers were following us ?

- Meghan : I told him ! And he hasn’t made a gift to you ! Moreover, you have nothing !

- Riley : shut up, you know nothing !

- Meghan : oh yeah, I know lots of things about you, Riley ! I learned to know you to talk to Gordon about you ! And when I could find a way to kill your family, I took it.

- Riley : you know nothing ! You don’t know me !

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