Riley's life

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Chapter 29 : Reversal situation

- Meghan angry : enough, I have to finish the work of that silly ! And kill all of you before Gordon learns that you are still alive.

- Riley : but you are crazy !

- Meghan : no, and then I have to avenge the death of Alice. So the first will be... Ashley.

- Riley : never, you won’t touch her !

- Meghan shooting on Ashley : it’s cute !

- Riley throwing to Ashley and shouting : no !

- Meghan laughing : too late.

The bullet touches my arm, but luckily I had just a scratch, and although the blood flowed, I said softly to Ashley to stay down and I got up toward Rachel, but hardly than I had time to get up Meghan caught my arm. She put her gun to my head when the inspector John Nelly went into the house. Meghan turned back around with a view of Rachel and the inspector John Nelly. He gently moved to Rachel while pointing his gun at Meghan !

- Meghan : hey, this is the great inspector John Nelly ! What is it like to be duped ?

- Inspector Nelly : released Riley right away !

- Meghan : never ! I’m going to kill her, like everyone besides !

- Inspector Nelly : you are in position of weakness Meghan, so release her !

- Meghan : no !

- Riley shouting : fire !

- Rachel et Ashley shouting : no !

- Riley : do it !

- Meghan : shoot, and she will die with me ; so put your gun on the floor and drag it to me !

- Inspector Nelly putting her gun on the ground and dragging it towards Meghan : I won’t hurt you, Riley ! You think you can get out of it Meghan ?

- Meghan : oh yes !

- Inspector Nelly : fine, but if you want to leave, let Riley !

- Meghan : no, she is my ticket to go out !

She slowly moved backwards without seeing behind her. She still move backwards a little until she opened the door, and the inspector Nelly shouted ”now“. I heard a shot to go, then I found myself lengthened on the floor with next to me Meghan who had died from a bullet in the chest. I stayed for a moment on the floor, then I saw Ashley to move towards me, to help me to help up, I hugged her in my arms, then she went to the inspector Nelly. The inspector Nelly put her in handcuffs, and Ashley said in a low voice a sorry for Tiffany. I looked at her, and I wanted to follow them, but Rachel held me back, she didn’t want me to go. However, I wanted to go far away from here my tears flowed because I had suffered too much and my head couldn’t stand anything, so Rachel let me go out.

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