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Chapter 3 : Mrs Rachel Novac

An hour had passed before she arrived at the police station ; when she arrived, the inspector John Nelly didn’t believe from his eyes by wondering how she could accept to defend me. At first, he didn’t understand, but he quickly learned that I knew her and that it was the reason of the acceptance. She said “hello” to him and she asked to see me, the inspector took her to see me. Arriving in front of the door, she entered in the room, and she asked to not to be disturbed with her client. The inspector accepted, but he says that he still remains in front of the door. She accepted, then she closed the door. In the room, there was a small window and there was a light hanging from the ceiling. On the other hand, contrary to the interrogation room, there was no mirror but a window which overlooked the police station.

- Mrs Rachel Novac : hi Riley, how are you ?

- Riley Neals : I’m okay, have you seen my parents ?

- Rachel : no, but I’m sure they’ll come see you !

- Riley : I don’t think, the inspector told me that he tried to join them, but no one answered !

- Rachel : I’m going to see why they don’t answer, okay ?

- Riley : okay !

- Rachel : but first, I need that you explain to me what is happening, and what they have against you ?

- Riley : they accuse me of killing ninety-six people, but I’ve never do that ! It seems that they also have irrefutables evidences against me !

- Rachel : okay, I want to know if you knew these ninety-six people.

- Riley : yes, well no, I’ve passed for our travels, but I don’t know them more than that ! You gotta believe me !

- Rachel : listen Riley, your case will be very hard, and I don’t hide you, but we will fight to the end, and we will find the perpetrators of his murder, right ?

- Riley : all right, what do we do now ?

- Rachel : I’m going to see the inspector which takes care of the case and I will ask him to see the evidences that he has in his possession and who accuse you. Because I want to know everything about the case, and I’m sure he didn’t show you everything ! You stay here and trying to join your parents with my phone. If they don’t answer, we will try to find a way for not only keep you here tonight and the others nights until trial !

- Riley : well, I wait and I’ll call them.

- Rachel : I’m fast.

Rachel put her phone and she threw me a smile which I returned her and she turned heels. I saw her to go, she spoke for a while with the inspector and then a policeman entered in the room to keep a watch on me. It was the one who took me on the phone, I looked at him a moment, then I lowered my look on the phone, then I get back under intensive look of the policeman. I looked at him, and he beckoned of head to me that I had the right to call. So I called my mother but on the phone, there was a service who told me that this number was no longer valid. I hung up and I called my father, the bell rang three times, then he picked up. At first, he was surprised that I call on his phone, but he quickly understood where I was ; I told him that he had to come to the police station with my mother because I had been arrested for murder. I could hear my father panicked at the other side of the phone, he told me that they couldn’t be there before two weeks because they were gone early this morning for their work by leaving a note on the kitchen table. So I understood that I would be alone during this confrontation. I hung up quickly, and I began to cry. My parents weren’t even there in this difficult moment, when I most need them, they still left me only once. Then I think back to what Tiffany told me two months ago ; she asked me to come and live with her if I was lonely. But the problem is that I didn’t have my phone on me when I was taken. I waited for Rachel comes back with information about me, I folded my arms on the table and I put my head above my arms and I closed my eyes to sleep a little. A little later, Rachel arrived and noticed that I was sleeping on the table, she approached me and she woke me, I woke up and she held out to me a cup of hot chocolate, I thanked with a smile by taking it. But she saw that I was crying.

- Rachel : are you okay ?

- Riley : not too much, the phone of my mother is out of service, my father told me they couldn’t be there because they left this morning. They should be here, but they aren’t, I feel so alone, that I don’t even know if I’ll succeed in beat me !

- Rachel : listen Riley, I know it’s hard, but we shouldn’t get discouraged that you get, you have to beat you to the end, and I would be by your side until the end, and even after !

- Riley : but we’ll lose, I know, they have so many things against me !

- Rachel : Riley, I know you and you’re always beaten. Remember you when a teacher told you that you didn’t have the abilities, you had stood up to him, even though you lost, you knew deep down to you that you were smart, and you left. This is not cowardice, no, but because you don’t want to be at his level.

- Riley : perhaps, but I don’t know, and if it was me who committed that ?

- Rachel : I don’t think it’s you, it’s too easy to accuse you, because the evidences is against you, but I don’t think you’re in originally, I think of something else.

- Riley : what do you think ? I don’t see who could have to get involved into this story, I almost haven’t any friends !

- Rachel : don’t worry, I’ll try to see Walling’s judge to grant me some time !

- Riley : thank you for what you do, I know you had more important things to defend my case !

- Rachel : Riley, you’re like my daughter to me, and I refuse they send you to jail for something you wouldn’t have committed. And don’t worry, my others affairs are well advanced and I asked for time to defend you.

- Riley : okay, so what do we do ? I can’t go home ! It’s a scene where there are evidences ! And I don’t know if I can find someone at this hour !

- Rachel : I think you’ll be able to return to live over there until your trial, but he’ll have to find someone to watch you !

- Riley : okay, I think that I know someone who could.

- Rachel : well, I will come the inspector Nelly, and we will make you out of here.

She went to get the inspector Nelly waiting behind the door, he went into the room, and Rachel and the inspector Nelly sat on the chairs. Rachel was beside me, and the inspector Nelly in front of us.

- Inspector Nelly : your lawyer wants to do you back at home, its exact ?

- Rachel : yes.

- Inspector Nelly : well. Riley, you’ll have to sign a release to get out of here. And we will send you a letter with acknowledgement of receipt with the time and date of the trial and the name of the court.

- Riley : okay, I have to be watched ?

- Inspector Nelly : indeed, it would be better if someone is watching you, I want someone to be with you anywhere. I don’t want you to leave !

- Rachel : I think that she isn’t going to leave ! Riley is a girl who is wise and who can wait at her home until receipt of your letter ! We agree Riley ?

- Riley : yes !

- Inspector Nelly : well, I give you your keys and you can go after signing the papers !

- Riley : well, thank you.

- Rachel : thank you inspector.

- Inspector Nelly : you’re welcome.

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