Riley's life

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Chapter 30 : At the police station

I looked at the police car to leave with Ashley and the inspector Nelly inside. Then it was to us to go in the direction of the city during the ride, Rachel was pensive, I wanted to ask her why, but I didn’t have the courage to do it. So I looked at out the window the route, while taking my stomach as if I was afraid of losing the baby. When we arrived to the police station, the chief of the inspector Nelly received us with a big smile. Then he wanted to talk with my parents before talking to me. Meanwhile, I decided to sit on a bench outside the police station, and Rachel joined me. I looked at her approach, then I turned my head to the other side to escape her look.

- Rachel : are you okay Riley ?

- Riley : yes, why ?

- Rachel : so why are you sad ?

- Riley : I’m not sad !

- Rachel : Riley, I know you...

- Riley : I know, but I’m fine...

- Rachel : this is about your baby ?

- Riley : yes and no !

- Rachel : you want me to take you to the hospital to see a doctor, and he will treat your arm too.

- Riley : yes...

- Rachel : I’ll help you to sit down!

- Riley : thanks.

- Rachel : you’re welcome.

We left in the direction of the hospital, it took us ten minutes to get there. Rachel parked, then we walked toward emergencies. Hardly we had time to cross the door that a doctor was already there, ready to treat me, he took me into an exam room with Rachel.

-Doctor : hello, I’m Dr. Cécile Clark ! What is your name ?

- Riley : I’m Riley !

- Rachel : and I’m Rachel. I accompany her.

- Dr. Clark : OK, I’ll treat this wound in the arm and then we discuss.

- Riley : fine.

- Dr. Clark : on the other hand, I have to put you stitches, and it will be a little hurt, breathing inside the mask.

- Riley : no, I don’t want...

- Dr. Clark : all right, but it will hurt.

I shook Rachel’s hand with all my strength, I felt the first point, and the other five were less painful. Rachel looked at me, and she whispered to me that everything would be okay. Rachel asked an ultrasound to know if the baby was still there, she agreed, then she went to get the device. While she went to get device, I looked at Rachel and I thanked her to what she did for me. She answered me with a smile. Dr. Clark came with the device, she asked me how long I was pregnant. I answered her, then she smiled at me, she showed me the ultrasound and the baby was still there, and he had even grown. We thanked the doctor, then we went to the police station, the road was faster ; and during the drive, I asked Rachel to say anything about my pregnancy. She agreed provided that I take care of me and the baby, which I accepted with joy. Arrived in front of the police station, the inspector Nelly was waiting us.

- Inspector Nelly : where were you girls ?

- Riley : in the hospital !

- Inspector Nelly : why ?

- Rachel : to treat the wound in her arm.

- Inspector Nelly : okay, we are waiting you in the conference room.

- Riley : let’s go.

- Inspector Nelly : fine.

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