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Chapter 31 : End of the investigation

We enter to the conference room, followed by the inspector Nelly, he told us after we installed he hadn’t been able to find us before, because the men of Gordon Neals had removed the tracer. He also added that it was the cause of their return to the police station to try to find us which was quite difficult. However, the inspector Nelly and his men were able to stop Gordon Neals and his men who were trying to escape the country the day where we escaped from the barn through the tunnel. That day, when I sent the message to the inspector Nelly, to find ourselves in the house where there were my parents. At the end of the small meeting, the inspector Nelly thanked his colleagues for their excellent work group. Then he made us understand that we could leave the room. Rachel gave me a sign that I should go to see the inspector Nelly to help Ashley to come out of it. So I walked slowly to the inspector Nelly, to explain to him that Ashley had nothing to do with the murder of my parents, she had saved them from a horrible death, he acquiesced, because he knew the truth, he knew she hadn’t done anything, and that it was why he would retain no charge against her. But he had bad news for me. Indeed although she isn’t killed my parents, she still wanted to kill Tiffany, which makes that he couldn’t removing this charge except if Tiffany didn’t want to go to trial. I watched him and I thanked him for his help. I went to see Tiffany, but to my surprise she was at the police station to pick me up.

- Riley hugging Tiffany in her arms : what are you doing here ?

- Tiffany : I came pick you up and settle a small business.

- Riley : okay, you want that I come with you ?

- Tiffany : no, but you can wait me outside with Rachel.

- Riley : all right.

I looked at Tiffany to leave in the office of a policeman with a folder, I turned back, then I walked towards the exit. Front of the police station, I was looking for Rachel, I found her on the bench where we were in a little while ago. I walked toward her, then I sit down on the bench next to her, I took her in my arms, and I still thanked her once again. Tears flowed along my cheeks. She hugged me in her arms, then we discussed.

- Rachel : so ?

- Riley : I would like Ashley could get out of jail even if I know she has done to Tiffany, I think there is something underneath. You heard what she said, she can’t hurt me because she loves me, so I think someone has blackmailed her. And I would like prove it, but I don’t know how.

- Rachel : I have an idea, but it will be our secret, okay ?

- Riley : yes.

- Rachel : I’m going to manage my little investigation, and I will certainly discover things about her family, and when I would know something that you don’t know, we’ll see. What do you think ?

- Riley : I think that its a good thing. Thank you for helping me.

- Rachel : you’re welcome.

We laugh a good heart when Rachel tells me to turn around, which I did, and my heart skipped a beat, Tiffany was leaving the police station with Ashley, I didn’t understand why she did it, after what she had done her but she smiled at me and I smiled back. Tiffany came towards me and asked Ashley to stay with Rachel while she was talking to me, she accepted, and we go further.

- Tiffany : I’m sorry Riley, I didn’t want to tell you what I was doing...

- Riley : don’t be, it’s me to be sorry, you were involved in this story because of me. And I apologize for that.

- Tiffany : it doesn’t matter. You know why Ashley is out ?

- Riley : thanks to you !

- Tiffany : yes, but you know why I did it ?

- Riley : no...

- Tiffany : for you !

- Riley : for me ? But why ?

- Tiffany : you love you both, and it shows as the nose on your face, and it’s only you who can’t see it.

- Riley : but I can’t love her !

- Tiffany : why ?

- Riley : it’s complicated...

- Tiffany : nothing is complicated, if you explain it to me. The problem is that it’s a girl ?

- Riley : no, it’s not that, it’s just...

- Tiffany : that what ?

- Riley : looks of the others !

- Tiffany : but you don’t care of the others, you must live for you and not for the others, you understand that ?

- Riley : I know, but it’s not only that !

- Tiffany : what are you hiding ?

- Riley crying and running : nothing...

- Tiffany : Riley, wait...

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