Riley's life

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Chapter 32 ; A piece of truth...

It was too late, I had run away far from everyone I wanted to be alone. I knew very well where to go to thinking, I took my car and I went in direction of my home to take me a few things to go me into the house that I had just bought. The house was situated near the sea and almost no one knew where she was. Arrived near the house, I put my car in the garage, then I closed the garage so that no one could enter. Then I took the key in the house that I had hidden under a flowerpot to enter. Inside, the dust had accumulated, and I had to do some housework if I didn’t want to be sick. The cleaning took me about two hours, then I made myself deliver shopping at home. After all is in order, I closed all the shutters that I had opened, then I went up to the upstairs bedroom ; I switched on the light, and I was arranging my things in the cupboard. After that, I lay down on the bed, and I was so tired, that I fell asleep. The next morning, I got up toward 8 a.m., the sun was already rise up, Hardly than I had time to open my shutters that my phone rang. I was looking everywhere, then I found it on the floor under the bed, it had certainly must have fallen in the night ; I picked up, and I came across Rachel who was panicked. And hear her voice, I felt that I would spend a bad time.

- Rachel : Riley, but it’s not okay to leave without saying anything, I don’t know what Tiffany was able to tell you for that you to go hide, but will have that you come back, your parents are worried about you. Tiffany crying because she doesn’t know what she said wrong and Ashley, she’s worried about you.

- Riley : I’m fine, I just want to be alone for two weeks, it’s not complicated, I want to be alone, I want to think...

- Rachel : but you couldn’t to tell ?

- Riley : no... Now I must leave you, I have many things to do...

- Rachel : Riley... wait, I want to know where you...

I hadn’t given her time to finish her sentence, because I already knew she wanted to know where I was, but I don’t want anyone to find me back. I put me against the wall, and I let myself slip along the wall, tears already starting to flow because I couldn’t hold them. I wanted to throw everything, to destroy everything, but I didn’t do it. This cottage was for me, my refuge of the misfortunes. I thought back to my marriage that I had done secretly with Nick there are some time now, I love him, but I don’t know where he is since I told him that I was pregnant. I looked at my ring, thinking at him, tears flowed. After to have cried a good part of the morning, I got up, then I walked into the bathroom, take a hot shower. Midday already sounded, I was cooking a small ready meal for lunch. Then, when I finished my meal, I was cleaning my stuff, then I went up into the room to watch a DVD. The days were practically identical, except one day. On Friday at 7 p.m., while I was sitting in my couch in living room, someone knocked on my door. As I thought it was maybe a neighbor came to ask me something. I got up to open and when I opened the door, I was surprised to see this person here because no one knew where I was. I did quickly come back the person inside, then after having checked that there was no one else, I closed by locking the door. I looked her a long time trying to find out how she could find me knowing that the only person who knew about this house it was Nick and maybe Rachel if she had watched the mail that I received at her home.

- Riley : Ashley... How did you succeeded to find me ?

- Ashley : it’s simple, I knew you was looking for a cottage, and the only one that has been sold in recent years, it’s this one.

- Riley : you came with somebody ? Somebody followed you ?

- Ashley : no Riley, nobody followed me and I came alone !

- Riley : how did you do to come here ? Someone knows you’re here ?

- Ashley : I took the bus. And no, no one knows I’m here. I told Tiffany to go to Rachel, and me that I was going to my aunt.

- Riley : but you don’t have an aunt !

- Ashley : yes, but she doesn’t know it ! Well, I can know why you left so quickly last Friday of the police station ?

- Riley : there is nothing to know !

- Ashley : nevertheless, this is not what Tiffany said, she thinks it’s because of me that you’re gone, it’s right ?

- Riley : no, well there is not that !

- Ashley : there we are, you’re afraid of looks from the others, but why ?

- Riley : it’s complicated... No one can understand except Rachel !

- Ashley : Rachel knows it, and she doesn’t want tell us, why ?

- Riley : I told her to not to do it. Now I want you to leave me alone.

- Ashley : no, never. You’re not able to be alone.

- Riley : fine, you can stay, I’ll show you your room.

- Ashley : thanks.

I went up the stairs followed by Ashley, I showed her her room, then I told her she could take some clothes to me. I let her take her mark in the room, while me I went down in the living room. I was arranging the living room quietly, when my phone rang, I took it and I picked up. It was Rachel who wanted to apologize for this morning, I answered her that it was my fault and that therefore it was me to apologize. Then we discuss a moment before she hangs up because she had to work. After that phone call, I was happy to know that she forgave me. When I finished arrange home, I relaxed a little on the swing which was in the back garden. I stayed sit to swing for a time until Ashley arrives.

- Ashley : I can sit down next to you ?

- Riley moving : yes.

- Ashley sitting down : thanks.

- Riley : you’re welcome.

- Ashley : can I ask you a question that angers ?

- Riley : if it angers why you want to ask me ?

- Ashley : I want to know the truth, that’s all !

- Riley : if I tell you, you promise me to not to tell anyone?

- Ashley : why ?

- Riley : promise me !

- Ashley : fine, I promise you ! So ?

- Riley : you know Andy ?

- Ashley : of course, it was him who told me lots of things about you !

- Riley : what things ?

- Ashley : friendly things, but never things bad.

- Riley : fine.

- Ashley : come back to you, I know Andy, so what ?

- Riley : it’s complicated to say, especially to tell you !

- Ashley : if it’s so hard, why Rachel knows ?

- Riley : because I was afraid and I wanted that someone know it !

- Ashley : Ok... You gonna tell me what makes you like that ? Or I will have to guess alone ?

- Riley : yes, but I don’t know how you will react !

- Ashley : why, how should I react ?

- Riley : I don’t know, but seeing that you love me, you likely to take this badly !

- Ashley : this is the problem, it’s that you don’t love me and you don’t know how to tell me ?

- Riley a low voice : er... It’s not... Anyway… I mean...

- Ashley : I don’t understand, if you don’t love me, say it to my face ! It’s not so hard to say it, and as long as you will not have to tells me, I wouldn’t believe you !

- Riley crying : I don’t love you…

I had uttered that last sentence before running lock myself in my room and cry warn tears. I didn’t know what to do, I didn’t want go back home, and I couldn’t tell that I was pregnant because of this fear that I had. Although I was crying, I heard Ashley arrive in the corridor, she knocked small blows on the door, I wanted to open her, but I told myself that it wasn’t the moment that she sees me in this state. I stayed in my room without to eat for three days to sharpen the fourth day when I wanted to do the same, Ashley had begged me to open the door for that I eat a little to gain strength. That day, I opened my door to her of my room, I didn’t feel well, she put the tray on my bed and she asked me to eat a little of what she had to do that I accepted. She was going to leave when I caught her arm.

- Riley : wait !

- Ashley : what do you want ? To drink ?

- Riley shyly : no, I want you to come eat with me, if you want...

- Ashley : I don’t know...

- Riley : please...

- Ashley : Ok, I’ll get my plate.

- Riley : thank you.

- Ashley : you’re welcome.

I taken advantage that she leaves to go to get dressed me, when she came back, I was sitting on the bed looking out the window with a smile. Outside it was beautiful, it was a time to go swimming. Ashley looked at me for a moment trying to find why I smiled, but without finding the reason.

- Ashley : why you smile ?

- Riley smiling : because of weather !

- Ashley uncomprehending : of weather ?

- Riley smiling : yes, the weather is good !

- Ashley : well.

- Riley : we eat ?

- Ashley : yes, otherwise it will be cold.

We eat quietly, then we went down to do the dishes when we had finished eating. After the dishes, I proposed to Ashley to go swimming, and she answered favorably. We prepared in our respective rooms, I lent to her a beach towel and I took one for me. As I was the first to be ready, I went down to the living room, then I put the television on a music channel. A few seconds later, Ashley was ready, she was waiting me at the entrance of the living room, as I hadn’t heard her arrive she clapped her hands, which had the gift to give a start to me. She laughs, then after that I had time to regain my senses, I turned off the television, then we walked toward the sea. We stayed there at least two hours before going home to warm up a little. The weather had changed very quickly. Indeed, despite it was hot, he suddenly started to rain. Arrived in the house, we closed all shutters and windows. Then we took our shower.

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