Riley's life

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Chapter 33 : … The other side of the truth…

Towards 7:30 p.m., I decided with the help of Ashley to cook meat with pasta with carbonara. When all was cooked Ashley was setting the table, then me, I was serving food in the plates. After the meal, Ashley cleared the table while me, I was arranging the rest of the pasta and the sauce in a box to put it in the refrigerator. Then I cleaned both saucepans then I left to join Ashley in the living room. About 10 p.m., I go to sleep, checking that everything was closed and the alarm was connected. Ashley wasn’t as long, two minutes after me, she went to bed. In the middle of the night, Ashley came to see me because she heard a noise on the ground floor, I got up to go check down, but no one was there and everything was closed. So I proposed to Ashley to sleep with me, for the night ; we fell asleep quickly. The next morning, I was the first awake, I got out of bed and the room without making a sound, then I began to prepare breakfast for both of them. I went up slowly to not wake her, arrived in the room, I put the tray, then I opened shutters a little to get a little light. I woke slowly Ashley, then when she was awakened, I recovered the tray that I had just put on the table, and I put it on the bed, we took the quietly breakfast. The sun was there and Ashley was happy to have breakfast in bed.

- Ashley : thank you, its nice from you.

- Riley : you’re welcome.

- Ashley : are you okay ?

- Riley : yes, why ?

- Ashley : you have a strange face !

- Riley : I’m a little sick.

- Ashley : what’s wrong ?

- Riley : I don’t know, but it will pass, I must eat !

- Ashley : if you tell it.

We ended quietly breakfast, then I went down the tray in the kitchen. The day passed quickly, Ashley stayed in her room all day while me, I was sitting on the swing was thinking how I could announce the news to my family. I took my phone out of my pocket, it indicated eleven o’clock and half in the morning I called Rachel thinking that she wasn’t working.

- Riley : hi, how are you ?

- Rachel : hi, I’m fine, but you it doesn’t seem to be okay !

- Riley : indeed, I’m afraid to announce my pregnancy...

- Rachel : but don’t worry, they will understand.

- Riley : are you sure ? Because I have some doubts !

- Rachel : yes, I’m sure, don’t worry. Otherwise how is Ashley ?

- Riley lying : I don’t know, why ?

- Rachel : I know she’s with you, it’s me who dropped her !

- Riley : how do you know where I am ?

- Rachel : when you were at my home, you forgot the address of your house, but don’t worry no one knows it except me and Ashley !

- Riley : oh really, and how I can be sure ?

- Rachel : I’ve hidden your address and I told your parents that I didn’t know where you could be !

- Riley : fine, so if you want to visit me, you can, but no one must to follow you ! I don’t want anyone here ! I want to be away from them a little to breathe, you understand ?

- Rachel : yes I understand, you want me to come ?

- Riley : if you want, but no one must follow you, I want you to promise me !

- Rachel : I promise you Riley, I would be careful !

- Riley : thank you, so at Saturday.

- Rachel : see you on Saturday !

- Riley : bye.

- Rachel : bye.

I was arranging my phone in my pocket, then I came back inside the home to prepare lunch, I took the rest of yesterday, then I began to warm it, while it warmed, I was cutting bread. It was quarter past twelve, when everything is ready, I went up to pick up Ashley. Arrived at her door, I could hear her crying, I gently knocked the door, and I opened it slowly, Ashley turned back quickly, she dried her tears and she followed me to go down to eat. The meal happens quickly, and I didn’t dare ask her the cause of her tears ; even if I really wanted to know why she was crying. At the end of the meal, she cleared the table, then she went to her room ; I wanted to follow her, but I’m stopping me. I would go to see her later. The day passed quickly, Ashley had stayed in her room while me, I was watching a DVD in mine. The evening arrives quickly, as I didn’t have too hungry, I decided to not to eat. The days were almost identical until Friday, where Ashley had come to one morning in my room.

- Ashley : can I enter ?

- Riley : yes, you can !

- Ashley : what are you doing ?

- Riley : I tidy a little and you ?

- Ashley : I would like to talk to you !

- Riley : all right… Sit down on the bed.

- Ashley : thank you.

- Riley smiling : what do you want to tell me ?

- Ashley : I’m sorry to have you did pass three terrible days.

- Riley : it doesn’t matter.

- Ashley : I also wanted to say that... If I was like that, there is a reason.

- Riley : well and what is it ?

- Ashley : if I have done everything I have done it’s that I didn’t have the choice !

- Riley : explain you ?

- Ashley : Riley, you don’t know everything about me ! I’ve hidden something important when I met you, but if I did it, it was to protect her !

- Riley : to protect who ? And from who ?

- Ashley outgoing a picture of her : I have a little sister who is one year, her name is Melinda. And I wanted to protect her to Meghan and my father.

- Riley taking the picture and watching it : and where she is now ?

- Ashley : I don’t know ! Meghan hides her somewhere, but I don’t know where. Yet I tried to find her with the name of the woman, but that done nothing.

- Riley : ok. You know if she has had to hurt her ? You know the name of this woman ?

- Ashley : I don’t think. But I know she said she was a woman whose name was Agnes !

- Riley : well, I think we’ll be able to find her quickly.

- Ashley : are you sure, because you don’t want to leave here !

- Riley : I’m going to tell you a secret too. I am pregnant !

- Ashley uncomfortable : congratulation, you must be happy.

- Riley : yes and no, and it’s why I came here, I don’t want to tell it !

- Ashley : and why ?

- Riley : because the father of baby it’s... Inspiring a big shot It’s someone you know... It’s Andy !

- Ashley having hurt in the chest : ok... And you are as how many week or month ?

- Riley : around four months...

- Ashley : but it is not seen !

- Riley : I know.

- Ashley : I’m sorry.

- Riley : don’t be, Rachel knew it because I had to tell her, but now I’m confused. And I don’t know if I’ll keep the baby.

- Ashley : if you don’t keep this baby, he will go where ?

- Riley : I don’t know... But I don’t know too if I would have the courage to give up this baby.

- Ashley : listen to me, no matter what choice you will do, I will support you, and I won’t let you down. You have my word ! Believe me, I will be there for you !

- Riley hugging Ashley in her arms : thanks.

After this moment of confession, my heart was lighter and I felt better, and apparently, her too. The evening arrived quickly, we spent most of the time on the swing in the garden talking about our lives before. I learned that before she was a quiet girl who never tried to have problems until the day when her father dragged down. She was lost and she didn’t know what to do. And to not wanting to disappoint at her father, she obeyed him, until one day, where everything changed. She had spoken with her mother who told her everything about the real reasons for what she did. So, she did believe her father that she was watching me to know when they will kill me, but in reality she just looked at me ; but when her father learned she wrote nothing, he called Meghan to do her dirty work that she refused to do. I also learned that her mother killed herself to live in a better world, but before leaving, she had left a letter to Ashley. And for once, I began to understand Ashley.

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