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Chapter 34 : A dream…

At the end of the day, we decided to prepare a meal both of them like what we did before. For tonight, we decided to make a great omelet with ham and cheese. While they prepared to eat, I threw her that Rachel would pass tomorrow.

- Riley : I forgot to tell you that Rachel is coming tomorrow.

- Ashley : really ? I thought that you didn’t want anyone to know where you were ?

- Riley : and it’s you who tell me that !

- Ashley : yeah, why ?

- Riley laughing : I think that when you came, you lied about a small detail. Your way of transport, if you know what I mean !

- Ashley : okay, so you’re informed !

- Riley : yes, indeed, why you didn’t tell me ?

- Ashley : because I don’t want you to take it badly... I’m sorry...

- Riley : it doesn’t matter.

- Ashley : you’re sure, you seem to be a little angry !

- Riley : no, but I was when I learned. But it’s forgotten.

- Ashley : all right. It’s ready, we eat ?

- Riley : yes, I was getting hungry, don’t you ?

- Ashley : yes, a little. Enjoy your meal !

- Riley : enjoy your meal !

The meal was spent in joy and good mood, after eating, we cleaned the kitchen, then we went close all the shutters, I put the alarm on. And we went up to my room to watch a DVD before falling asleep. Sleep came quickly to both of them, because our day had been full of emotion. The night was restful, I got up first as usual, I went down in the kitchen cooking a pancake batter to make it this morning. It was 8:30 a.m. and I had to wait an hour before that I can make pancakes, so I decided to go take a shower, then get dressed and to go to sit down on the swing. While I was good installed on the swing, my phone alarm made me understand that it was already time to cook pancakes, so I went back to do them. I took out the equipments for making pancakes, then I went out the pancake batter from the refrigerator. Then I began to do them, then I received a call from Rachel.

- Rachel : hi Riley, I will be there in two minutes, it suits you ?

- Riley : hi Rachel, okay, but don’t forget that you have to come alone you promised me.

- Rachel : don’t worry, I’m already on the way, but I stopped on the way to call you.

- Riley : okay, so I say to you right away.

- Rachel : yes at once.

I hang up the phone and then I continued to cook my pancakes when I saw someone by the kitchen’s window, I approached slowly to the window and by seeing nothing outside, I went back to the pancakes. But a few seconds later, I heard a noise outside, I rushed outside, and it’s there that I saw her, she was standing near a tree. I came quickly into the house and I close the door. I went up running upstairs to wake up Ashley, but she wasn’t there, I was looking through everywhere in the house, but I don’t find her, it’s like she was hiding to that no one can find her. Then I startled because of my phone who rang, I picked up.

- Riley : hello !

- Woman : Riley, I’m here, you open to me ?

- Riley : Rachel ?

- Rachel : yes, I rang three times at your door, but as you didn’t open, I decided to call you !

- Riley : where you have put your car ?

- Rachel : in front of your garage !

- Riley : okay, I arrive to open to you.

- Rachel : all right.

I was afraid, I thought that it was her, but I had been dreaming, she was dead. I hurried to open Rachel who was waiting for already a few seconds. Arrived in front Rachel, I hugged her as if my life depended on it. I closed by locking the door, then we walked to the garage, I opened the door, then Rachel parked her car in reverse near the mine. I quickly closed the door, then we entered the house by the garage, when we heard a noise come from behind my boxes, Rachel approached slowly and Ashley hurried to get out of hiding.

- Rachel : Ashley ?

- Riley : Ashley ! What are you doing here ? I’ve been looking you everywhere.

- Ashley : you saw her !

- Riley : who ?

- Ashley : Meghan ! She was there ! In your garden, I’m sure !

- Riley : yes, I thought saw her, but it’s not possible.

- Rachel : Riley is right, she died, and I think she was buried last week.

- Ashley : but I’m sure it was her, I swear Riley !

- Riley : I don’t know, she died, and even if she was alive, how she could find me ?

- Rachel : Ashley, you had to have a nightmare, that’s nothing.

- Riley : she’s right, just come on, I made breakfast.

- Ashley : all right.

Rachel and Ashley entered first into the house followed of me I closed the door. Then we went into the kitchen, eating pancakes that I had just finished before seeing Meghan or her mirage in my garden. We ate pancakes with chocolate spread, jam and sugar. After breakfast, I arranged pancakes under a cover. Then we talked with Rachel about everything and nothing, then she asked the question that angers.

- Rachel : you gonna stay here ?

- Riley : yes, I’ll move here !

- Rachel : alone ?

- Riley : I don’t know, but I’ll sell my house and I’ll tell Tiffany to come here or to find a home.

- Rachel : you are sure to be safe here ?

- Riley : yes, there are lots of houses. And you could come here, no ?

- Rachel : no, I’m well where I am, but thanks for the proposal.

- Riley : you’re welcome. By the way, I would need... Well, we would need your services !

- Rachel : what service ?

- Riley : Ashley, tell her !

- Ashley : I want to find my little sister !

- Rachel : you have a sister ?

- Ashley : yes, it’s Meghan who had her, but I heard that she was at a woman’s home whose name Agnes. But the problem it’s that I can’t find anyone of that name ! And I don’t know what to do !

- Rachel : well, I’ll see what I can do. But in my view, you should go to see the inspector Nelly, it was him who would be the best placed to help you.

- Riley : it’s true.

- Ashley : all right.

- Riley : otherwise, how are my parents ? And Tiffany ?

- Rachel : your parents are well, as for Tiffany, she is doing well, but you should call her.

- Riley : I know that I have to do, but I don’t know what to say !

- Rachel : well, tell her the truth !

- Riley : you’re right, I will do it this afternoon.

- Rachel : I think you should do it now !

- Ashley jealous : I think she’s right. You should call her, she must believe you hate her.

- Riley : but this is not true...

- Rachel : then call her !

- Riley : fine.

I took my phone and I called Tiffany, the phone rang, and then after three rings, she answered.

- Tiffany happy : Riley it’s you ? How are you ?

- Riley : yes, it’s me ! And I’m fine and you ?

- Tiffany : I’m fine too, I worried a little for you. Since you left that friday without giving new.

- Riley : I’m so sorry, I wanted to stay a bit alone to think.

- Tiffany : think about what ?

- Riley : I will sell the house of my grandparents, I found a house and I will to settle down inside. And I suggest you to join me or to rent a house next to mine, that’s what you want.

- Tiffany : I don’t know, rents are expensive ?

- Riley : not at all, I have bought the house.

- Tiffany : all right, I’ll see, you want me to do your boxes ?

- Riley : no, I would do it myself don’t worry.

- Tiffany : well. You saw Ashley ?

- Riley : yes, she’s here !

- Tiffany : how she did to find you, whereas I didn’t succeed !

- Riley : I don’t know, she told me that I had left a sheet with an address, and she is going.

- Tiffany : OK, can I come see you ?

- Riley : of course, you will ask Rachel to take you !

- Tiffany : all right. I’ll have to leave you, I must to return to work.

- Riley : all right, so good afternoon !

- Tiffany : yes, you too !

- Riley : thanks.

She hung up, and then I put my phone in my pocket, in my head everything fell over, I wanted to say her to the baby, but I didn’t know how to talk about it on the phone. I went back next to Rachel and Ashley who watched television. I sat next to Rachel and I put my head on her arms. We stayed to watch television until 11:30 a.m. before eating. Rachel had decided to prepared us to eat. She cook us fish with rice, I watched her like if she taught me to cook. She laughed when she looked at me while I was looked at her.

- Riley : why are you laughing ?

- Rachel laughing : because of the head that you do !

- Riley : what head ?

- Rachel laughing : I won’t to tell you, otherwise you won’t to do it anymore.

- Riley : all right. I will go set the table.

- Rachel : all right !

- Riley smiling : I hope that will be good !

- Rachel : I always do good things.

- Riley : yes, that’s what you say.

- Rachel laughing : wait till I catch you up, you will see !

- Riley : for now you can’t, you must to cook the meal.

- Rachel laughing : revenge is a dish best served cold !

- Riley : I know.

I prepared the table, while Rachel went to cook the meal. Meanwhile Ashley opened the shutters to have light. Then she helped me to set the table, and when the meal was ready, we sat down at the table. The meal went well, and the food was delicious as always when it was Rachel who cooked. After eating, we decided to arrange a little home. We start with the attic which was large and which could be in bedroom. After a little tidying up, we decided to go swimming to finish this day. Around 7:00 p.m., we went home to cook the meal, or rather, to finish the dish lunch. Rachel stayed at home to sleep that evening, but she had to leave the next morning. We ate, then, we clear the table, and we watched television until the time where we went to sleep. The night passes quickly, the sun was up, I got up slowly, I took my shower, then I dressed. When I came down, Rachel was already up, I looked at my watch, which indicated 8:30 a.m., I said hello to Rachel, then I prepared my breakfast. We will discuss about everything and nothing, until the moment when she had to leave. She made me a sign, then she went to take her car in the garage. When she left, Ashley had got up and she breakfasted quietly in the kitchen when I arrived. For the day I planned to go to the beach with her. But before I had to command food and to clean a little the living room. After having finished the cleaning, we went to the beach. And despite the wind, we went there. We had walked along the beach until the evening. Then when we returned, it was 8:00 p.m., we ate, then we went to spend the evening watching a series on TV before going to bed. The next day was the day where I had to go to get my boxes in my old house, and go to an agency to put it up for sale. The night was very short, because I wasn’t sleep well. About 9:00 a.m., I prepared my bag to leave around 10:00 a.m. to get my things before dropping Ashley at Rachel’s home. While time was passing before my eyes, I tried to find a way to announce my pregnancy without Tiffany takes it badly.

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