Riley's life

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Chapter 35 : Announcement of pregnancy

When it’s time to go, I called Ashley for that she hurries up ; she came running and apologized for her little late. Before leaving, I checked all the windows and doors were closed, then we took my car until that I drop Ashley at Rachel’s home. Then I went towards the house of my grandparents to take my boxes and announce my pregnancy to Tiffany. Arrived at home, I parked me in the driveway, then I entered into the house quietly saying that it was me. Tiffany came.

- Tiffany : hi, how are you ?

- Riley : I’m fine and you ?

- Tiffany : I’m fine too, your parents are here since yesterday, they wanted to see you, but I didn’t know where you were, so I tell them that they could stay until the time you arrived.

- Riley : all right, that’s good because I had to talk to you !

- Tiffany : to everyone ?

- Riley : yes. I have to announce something that will change my life, and not a little.

- Tiffany : all right, they are in the living room.

- Riley : great.

We went towards the living room, then when my father saw me, he stood up to take me in his arms, followed by my mother. I hugged them as hard as I could.

- Riley : dad, mom ; I have to tell you something !

- Chloé Neals : we listen to you darling.

- Michael Neals : yes, what you have to say !

- Riley : I don’t know how to tell you this, that I have to say will change my life.

- Chloé worries : what have you got ?

- Riley crying : I’m.... Well, I wear... I’m pregnant...

- Chloé : of who ?

- Michael : what ?

- Tiffany : this is not true !

- Riley crying : I’m so sorry, I am pregnant, and it’s Andy’s father...

- Michael : you are in how many months ?

- Riley : about four-five months...

- Chloé : my poor dear, and that’s why you hide yourself ?

- Riley : I’m so sorry mom, I didn’t know how to tell you, I asked Rachel how I could tell you, but she told me that I had to go slowly.

- Michael : you’ll keep the baby ?

- Riley : I don’t know... You think I would be a good mother daddy ?

- Michael : listen to me, this new frightened me, but if you want to keep this baby, you’re the right, you’re an adult, and it’s at you to make that decision.

- Riley : but if I make the wrong choice ? And if I regret afterwards ?

- Chloé : your father is right, we can’t know either what is good for you. And despite the choice you’ll make, we will support you !

- Michael : your mother is right, we will be there for you, but if you want to keep this baby I have to put a condition !

- Chloé watching her husband : Michael !

- Riley : I listen to you daddy.

- Michael : I don’t want that Andy could see him one day. He must never know, after what he done to you, I don’t want him to teach your baby the wrong things.

- Riley going into arms of her father : thanks dad, and I agree with you. If I keep this baby, I don’t want that he approach of my baby.

- Chloé : and if one day he finds out, you don’t think he will try to recover it ?

- Riley : mom, he hurts me, and I can go to see a judge to ask the custody of my baby without his father might recognize him. And if necessary, I would explain what he did to me.

- Chloé : well, then I’ll be there for you both.

- Michael : me too.

- Tiffany : I must say that this news doesn’t make me much good, but I would be with you !

- Riley : thanks to you to help me. There are some days I was afraid of your reaction, I was especially afraid that daddy rejects me. But when I told you, I have a weight on my conscience that was removed.

- Michael : I know that you’ve been through difficult things, and I don’t add it by depriving you of this little creature that grows in you.

- Chloé : he’s right, Ashley we may be saved, but she had to lie to protect us, saying we were dead.

- Tiffany : your parents are great people, they are right when they say that you went through difficult ways, but I helped you.

- Riley : I don’t know what to say now.

- Tiffany : I think you need to announce another thing, if you know what I mean !

- Chloé : what she’s talking ?

- Riley : in fact, I decided to move out of the house and sell it, I don’t feel anymore in safety and I proposed to Tiffany to come and live with me or renting a house next to mine.

- Tiffany : and I will tell you, I’ve managed to have a home for rent next to yours.

- Michael : this is good, you take your own responsibilities.

- Riley : you don’t angry with me if I sell it ?

- Chloé : no, your grandparents have offered to you.

- Riley : thanks, but now I want to know if this doesn’t bother you ?

- Chloé : my parents have offered to you because we already had a house, and we didn’t want to leave this house, where you made your first steps, say your first words and all.

- Riley : yes, but now you no longer live there !

- Michael : this is normal, the house burned down, and they came to move in with you in the parents’ home to your mother.

- Riley : why I’ve never known ?

- Michael : because we wanted to protect you from Gordon, and when they knew they had found us, we had to move several times to protect you.

- Riley : I’m happy to hear that now that I was in danger, but today I have nothing more to fear.

- Chloé : yes, we could save you from people who wanted to hurt you.

- Riley : I know…

The day ends in beauty, my parents helped me to move into my new house, they also helped Tiffany. At the end of the day, we decided to invite everybody to the house for a barbecue, that everyone had accepted, there were the inspector Nelly and his daughter, Rachel, Ashley, Tiffany, the officer Eric Jane. The evening ends around 1:30 a.m., and as it was too late, I had suggested to people to stay at home to sleep. The next morning everyone woke up around 11:00 a.m. tired of last night, but as we was the weekend, it doesn’t bother anyone. This day was more quiet than the last night, then the end of the weekend came quickly, and everyone returned at them home. As for me, Ashley and Tiffany, we tidied the house to put everything back. The next morning, Tiffany really moved into her new house which was right next to mine and we shared the back garden.

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