Riley's life

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Chapter 36 : Bad new…

Days passed, and everything went wonderfully, my parents lived in an apartment that was in the same building as Rachel. Ashley had managed to find a job, and her father was in jail for ninety six more murders of his wife. He had at least fifty years as for Andy, he took ten years. I proposed to Ashley to come and live with me and she had accepted although she had already moved here before. Weeks passed, and months, all arranged to me, my stomach was growing day by day. One day, when everything was quiet, the inspector Nelly came here, to offer me a job in his police station, at first I didn’t know what to say, but after I accepted with great pleasure. My first day at the police station was pretty easy, I was doing basic things, which was enough for me. Nevertheless, I had time to continue my story, I did read Tiffany and Ashley who adored, so, I was looking for a publishing house. I had done more research and I made a comparison of three publishing houses, but I didn’t know which to choose. So I asked to the girls for their help and we chose publishing house. So I sent my book and I had received a positive reply three weeks after. When I received the reply, I was really happy, and I looked like the girls who came to receive surprises. A few weeks after signing the contract with the publishing house, the book was the one in the stores. However, the nightmare started again when one morning in November, the inspector Nelly came knocking on my door to tell me bad news. When he announced me that, I thought he was doing me a joke, but he was far from the case. That day was the worst of my life, even though I had lived before was worse. I thought it was all over and yet this was not the case. My tears flowed, but I knew that my life would be in danger. And as my baby too, Rachel had been informed was also afraid for me, but I had to stay strong. My parents lived in fear knowing that if the person discovered the pregnancy, Riley and all her family would be in danger…

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