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Chapter 4 : The return at home

We left the room, and we walked to the reception and the secretary gave me the papers to sign and I could get my things. The inspector Nelly, let us out, I followed Rachel very closely because I didn’t want to stay here. When we were outside, I breathed the lungs full of fresh air, as if I had missed air ; I could see Rachel watching me with a smile, she had never seen me like this. We walked to her car then I waited for her to remove her things on the passenger seat so I could sit there. She put her things behind, then she let me sit. She started, and we went in the direction of my home. The road was fast because there was no one on the road at this hour. Indeed, I had spent my whole afternoon at the police station, and when I left the night was already falling. I loved this time of day, since we could see the lights turn on one by one, and there was neither morning traffic, nor that of the afternoon. We arrive at home around 10:20 p.m. she is parking and we got out of the car, I approached to my door and I inserted the key to open it. But it’s Rachel who opened the door, she looks at the untidiness that policemen had put at my home. She looked at me and waved me to go home and close the door, I could see that they had really searched everywhere ; and my first reaction was to go up to my room to see if they hadn’t taken my phone and my laptop computer. I opened the door and I saw that they had searched the room too, I cried and Rachel get quickly to see me, and then she looked the room who was messy. I couldn’t believe it, I thought I should tidy up tomorrow morning. Rachel asked me if I was hungry, but I made her nodding one’s head no, I didn’t have the heart to eat anything. I approached my bed and I lie down by asking what I could have done to deserve this ! Rachel approached me and she sat beside me, she hated to see me like that, she caressed my hair to try to calm me down and she had succeeded even if my tears still flowed.

- Rachel : Riley, I know it’s hard, but you’ll have to stay strong ! We must not give up now, at least not yet, I will not let them win, and we will find out who really did it !

- Riley : I know, but when I see what they did, it hurts me, I thought that this day was going to be great, and this morning policemen come to arrest me !

- Rachel : I know, but listen, we will find a solution, I promise you !

- Riley : you can imagine if it condemns me for all these murders, what do I do ? I could never go to work, because everyone will know about the bloody arrest !

- Rachel : softly Riley, I want to believe this is hard for you, especially that your parents aren’t there to support you.

- Riley : yes, but even if they don’t want me, they could put me up for adoption.

- Rachel : it’s true, but your grandparents didn’t want to, they wanted to keep you close to them !

- Riley : but I almost never see them, we moves all the time. And when we come back here, I can just go and say hello.

- Rachel : my poor, they had to put you through a nightmare starting all the time.

- Riley : it was the case, at the beginning I didn’t stop asking why we were traveling all the time and they never answered me… And one day, my mother told me it was for their work.

- Rachel : and you believed it ?

- Riley : yes, maybe, I don’t know...

- Rachel : okay.

- Riley : but did you know that every year we traveled more than 8 times per year ?

- Rachel : and ?

- Riley : and if I know count, on 12 years, I have traveled more than 90 times. Don’t you find that odd ?

- Rachel : no, because you said that it was for their work !

- Riley : it’s true. I don’t know what to do, I don’t want to go with them ! I want to stay here !

- Rachel : I know and you’ll stay here.

- Riley : I hope, but what I want at all costs, this is why I am accused of something that I have not even done !

- Rachel : we will find the person responsible ; meanwhile, you need to rest to be in shape tomorrow and I’ll help you to tidy, then I would go to court, and you’ll stay here with someone, all right ?

- Riley : okay, thank you and good night !

- Rachel : good night Riley !

She closed the door and I fell asleep quickly, this day had finished me. Rachel who was downstairs began to do some cleaning. After carefully put everything away, it was already midnight, she went into the guest’s bedroom and she fell asleep. The night passes quickly when the sun rose, small rays penetrated my room. It was nearly 7:30 a.m. when I got up. I went down the stairs softly, I began to prepare my breakfast when I saw Rachel’s note on the table, she wrote down on a post-it that she went to the court and she returned around midday. I finished my lunch quickly, then I went to shower in order to change clothes, after I washed and prepared, I began to tidy my room which was messy. It was already almost noon when I finished to tidy my room and someone rang the door ; I went down to see who was at the door, but when I opened it there was nobody. However, there was a letter on the doormat, I took it and I closed the door behind me. I sat on the couch and I opened the letter ; it was written that I should say anything to the police and I had to accept the responsibility, or he would kill my mother, I closed the letter and a picture fell to the floor. I picked it up and there, I thought having a heart attack, it was a picture of my mother tied to a chair. I took the envelope, and I hide it in my room somewhere where no one would know where it is. I went down like if nothing had happened and I walked towards the kitchen when I was surprised to see the front door of my house open, I looked outside but I saw no one there, I closed the door. I went to pick up the phone and there was a sheet of paper where there was written to be careful who I called. I still dials the phone number and put the paper in my pocket, Rachel picked up after two rings. She asked me how I was, and I answered her I was fine, but I wanted her to come back very quickly, because I didn’t feel totally in safety. She replied that she couldn’t be there because she was in court and that I should try calling the inspector Nelly or a friend who might come and spend the week at home. I hung up after telling her that I understand, but I wanted her to come back as soon as possible. It was half past twelve, and I was getting hungry, so I walked to the kitchen and I prepared a small meal to eat. The meal took, he was now 1:30 p.m., I decided to call the inspector Nelly to come see me. When I called him, I was told that he had gone to see me there are already three hours to come and interrogate me. So I answered to the person on the phone that I hadn’t seen him all the morning, and that she was perhaps mistaken of person, but she replied me that the inspector had indeed gone visit me, I thanked her and I hung up the phone. I was getting scared, I’ll call again once Rachel leaving a message that she should come home as soon as possible. Three hours later, while I was curled up on myself on my bed upstairs, I heard footsteps on the stairs, I was so scared that I couldn’t even move. It was as if I was paralyzed. The door opened, it was Rachel who had arrived as soon after receiving my message, she will run toward me and taking me in her arms, telling me that everything was over, and she was there to protect me now. I cried so much that I hadn’t even noticed she was soaked. I got up and thanked her for her presence, after drying my tears, I told her what had happened to me this afternoon without speaking to her of the letter which I had received.

- Riley : Rachel ?

- Rachel : yes !

- Riley : I think that you want to ask me a question, but you don’t dare ask. Why ?

- Rachel : I don’t know how you will react if I ask you !

- Riley : ask me and I swear I wouldn’t leave.

- Rachel : have you seen the inspector Nelly today ?

- Riley : no why ? You saw him ?

- Rachel : no, but I want that you tell me the truth Riley, he is inevitably came here !

- Riley : no, I promise you that he isn’t came here, I’m telling you the truth !

- Rachel : yet his car parked near here, and I called the police after your call and they told me that the inspector had come to see you this morning ! So where he is Riley ?

- Riley : Rachel, I swear, I don’t know, I have not saw him, but this morning someone rang and when I came to open, there was nobody ! You must believe me !

- Rachel : I believe you, but it’s not me you’ll have to convince, but the policemen who will realize that he is gone !

- Riley : I swear, I have nothing to do with it !

- Rachel : I know ! I go down dropped a phone call to the police station to see if they have any news.

Rachel left the room and started to phone the police station, meanwhile, I still slept once with the light on. I let myself go to the arms of Morpheus when I thought I saw someone in my room, I shouted by going downstair as fast as possible to tell it to Rachel. She turned to me and asked me what I had to scream like that, I explained that I had seen someone in my room, she went up with me to check, by going up she told me that the inspector Nelly took a few days off because he was sick. Arrived in the room, there was nobody but the window was open, Rachel noticed some strange things happening here, she checked the entire room in order to see that there was nobody. After checking, she told me to try to rest and she would stay here all the night. The night passed quickly, but was long for Rachel, who hadn’t slept because she heard noise all the night, but she had refused to go to see not wanting to leave me alone. I got up quietly to not to awake her when I opened the door two policemen were standing, I moved backwards and I woke Rachel to tell her. She woke up and told me that it was her who had called them to sleep a little. I acquiesced with a smile and I went down the steps to prepare coffee to the policemen present at home, Rachel followed me closely after she thanked of policemen who came last night. I was serving them a cup of coffee to each person and I made myself a slice of bread of chocolate spread. When breakfast was taken, I got up and I went to get ready and prepare my bag with some things. However, before I could even go up the steps a policeman caught me and gave me an envelope that was destined for me, I thanked him and I took again my run-up to go to my room for prepare me. Arrive to my room, I opened the envelope and there was another letter inside, on the letter he had written that I shouldn’t have to call the police and that I would pay it. I look around me, there was nobody, I took the box that I put under my bed and I took the first envelope with me that I put in a larger envelope with the one I had just received. I went down to put my bag on the couch, I found Rachel was on the phone. Twenty minutes later, she hung up, she told me we were going from here, and the house would be monitored 24h / 24. No one could enter the house.

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