Riley's life

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Chapter 5 : Stay with Tiffany

It was nearly noon when we left home, Rachel had dropped me at Tiffany’s home, she is a friend that I had met two years earlier. She was happy to see me after two years. Rachel reminded me that a policeman will make a round every three hours and no one knew where I was now, she also tells me that the letter of the court will be me by own hand by a policeman. I nod and I look away. I didn’t know how long I would have to stay here, but I would rather be here than at home. Two months had passed, I had no news of my parents, Rachel called me every week to see how I was and she also told me that my case well advanced. The following month I received my summons to court, he was a policeman I met the court which had brought me. On September 15, the day I receive this letter, I called Rachel to tell her that I had received the summons, I told her that I was summoned Wednesday, September 30 at 11:00 a.m. So I had two weeks to learn what I had to say ; Rachel called me this week to tell me that the week after this week I was going at her home to work my speech to be held before the judge Walling. The week passes quickly, and arrived Saturday, Sept. 19 at morning, Rachel rang to the door of Tiffany, arrived in front of the door, I opened the door and I fell nose to nose with two policemen and Rachel who was in the middle. At first no sound came out of my mouth, then I looked at one by one.

- Riley : Rachel ?

- Rachel : yes ?

- Riley : it’s an escort ?

- Rachel : yes !

- Riley : why ? I’m supposed to die ?

- Rachel : no Riley, but we had received threatening letters against you and no one knows who is the author !

- Riley : all right, but why I have to put a bulletproof vest ? I thought I was treated like a criminal ?

- Rachel : indeed, but you have to put it to protect you, and you are not a criminal, well not until the case will not be judged.

- Riley : I risk to die ?

- Rachel : no, well, we don’t know, but we don’t want to take the risk !

- Riley : okay. In fact, you had news from the inspector Nelly ?

-Rachel : no, why ?

- Riley : like that !

- Rachel : Riley, tell me what you know !

- Riley : last month, I received a call from him, he told me he believed me and that I should be careful with people around me, and then he hung up.

- Rachel : why you didn’t tell me sooner ?

- Riley : I didn’t know if I had the right to tell you, but it left me another message.

- Rachel : Riley... When was that and what was it ?

- Riley : it was September 16, and he said that I could trust you and he would need you and I to help him to get out !

- Rachel : you still have messages ?

- Riley : yes !

- Rachel : well, we’ll go to the police station, and we will see what we can do !

- Riley : well, I follow you !

- Rachel : Riley puts a jacket or a sweater on your bulletproof vest ! And take your bag, you don’t come back here after, its a precaution !

- Riley : yes, I’m going ! But you promise me that Tiffany will be safe ?

- Rachel : yes, I promise you ! A policeman will be there to watch her, so don’t worry. But it’s necessary for you to hurry up !

- Riley : I’m ready !

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