Riley's life

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Chapter 6 : Small hospital stay followed by the release

I followed Rachel and two policemen protect me. I don’t feel very well and I wanted to arrive as quickly as possible to the car. Finally arrived to the car, I sat in the back with Rachel, while two policemen were putting forward. In the car, I was dizzy, I felt really bad, and once again, I fainted and when I’m awake, I don’t find myself at the police station but at the hospital for a dehydration, to the door of my room, there was a policeman who watched the entrance to the room. I didn’t know what time it was, but judging by looking at the sky outside, I would say it was nearly 6:00 p.m. I immersed my mind telling me that I had no luck. I went out of my thoughts when I heard a knock on the door of the room, it was the doctor who came to see how I was. I told him that I felt much better, but I would like to walk a little bit. He grants me and he called a nurse to get me out of my bed I could walk a good half hour before returning to lie down in the hospital bed. To 7:00 p.m., Rachel had gone to see me to eat with me, she told me that after dropped me between right-hand, she left to the police station talk to the chief of the inspector Nelly, to tell him that I had told her earlier in the day. I nodded and I asked her how it had happened, and she answered me that he would conduct an investigation following the information which I had given, but she told me he needed my phone to try to trace the call or to see where he telephoned. After this meal, the nurse comes to tell us that visiting hours were over for twenty minutes. Rachel wished me good night and she went quickly. The nurse consulted my constants to see if they were good, then she told me before leaving that if they were good tomorrow, I could leave in the morning ; I nodded and I fell asleep quickly. The next morning, my constants being good, I could go out, I called Rachel to come and get me, she said she would arrive in an hour, I thanked her and I hung up. I put away my things in my bag and I waited for the nurse to come and take my perfusion that I had. She arrived about twenty minutes later by apologizing, she took me the perfusion and I could get dressed. I still had ten minutes before she arrived. I went to the nurse’s station to sign a release to get out, then I went down to the hospital to wait Rachel. When I recognized her car, I approached of the car and I saw a woman come down via the front door, I hadn’t yet seen ; Rachel gave me a sign, and she introduced me to the woman who had gone out before her.

- Rachel : hi Riley, how are you ?

- Riley : I’m fine and you ?

- Rachel : me too, I introduce you Meghan Smith !

- Meghan : hello Riley !

- Riley : hello.

- Rachel : she will assure your protection until your trial !

- Riley : why ?

- Rachel : because of threatening letters, you know, I told you about it yesterday !

- Riley : it’s true, I can go back in my home ?

- Rachel : of course, your house is protected, we have installed cameras at every entrance to your house.

- Riley : it’s necessary ?

- Rachel : yes, we still haven’t found out who had sent you these letters !

- Riley : okay, here we go ?

- Rachel : right now. You have to go to the pharmacy ?

- Riley : no.

- Rachel : all right.

Rachel drove in the direction of my home, on the road, we stopped at the supermarket to do some shopping. After we’re finished shopping, we went back, the route was fast, she parked in front of house ; we unloaded the car and we went shopping inside the house. Rachel made understand to us that she had to leave, but she would return soon after making my phone to allow at the police station to know where the inspector was retained. Rachel stayed all day at the police station because another officer was gone, her name was Calleigh Warner, she was just 30 years old. She had disappeared on September 19 while she was going in my house for a round. When Rachel came, I ate with Meghan, and her too ; she apologized for having taken time, but she had been held back. Rachel explained to us that a colleague of the inspector Nelly had disappeared on September 19. The day ended quickly and we all went to bed quickly because the sleep was coming for all of us. The night was long and very restless for me, I dreamed we had watched me all the night while I was asleep, and that the person had left early in the morning so as not to draw attention to oneself. When I got up, I noticed immediately that my window was open while I never opened it, I told myself that my dream that night was perhaps not a nightmare, but the reality. I went down very quickly and I went to talk to Rachel who had risen of good hours, seeing me arrive, she felt that I was going to say something, but she was quite surprised that I get up at this hour this morning.

- Rachel : Riley ? What are you doing stand up at this hour ?

- Riley : I think he was here last night ! He was watching me !

- Rachel : but who ?

- Riley : the killer !

- Rachel : maybe you have just dreamed, it happens to everyone, you shouldn’t be afraid !

- Riley : no, I wasn’t dreaming, I know he was here !

- Rachel : but where would he get in ?

- Riley : he get in through the window of my bedroom, I never opened, and yet this morning it was open and in front of my bed, there was a chair !

- Rachel : ok, you touched the things that had moved ?

- Riley : no, well yes, only the window.

- Rachel : ok, I’ll call the experts to come and recover fingerprints that he might have left behind him.

- Riley : you think that they’ll find anything ?

- Rachel : I don’t know, we’ll see.

Rachel call the police station, to share the intrusion of someone in my house, the person answered that the experts will be there in ten minutes to make a collect fingerprints. She thanked the person on the phone and she hung up. She told me that they were coming soon. Meghan who heard us talking, we joined in the lounge. She asked a question which confirmed what I had said to Rachel. It was a moment of silence and Rachel looked at me with insistence, I read in her look of worry.

- Rachel : I don’t understand one thing !

- Riley : what thing ?

- Rachel : if the killer was here, why he didn’t kill you ?

- Meghan : it’s a very good question !

- Riley : I don’t know, maybe he was afraid of getting caught.

- Rachel : maybe, but it would have been how to reach your room without ladder !

- Riley : I don’t know…

Someone rings at the door, Rachel went to open and she made me understand that I had to stay with Meghan in the lounge. She left, we heard to talk with someone, then she closed the door. Five men went up the stairs with big briefcases. Rachel looked at us, and we immediately understood that they were the experts. They got into my room followed by us. One of the men turned to me to find out what had moved ; I explained that there was the window, the chair and it had the notebook with the pen on the ground. The man ordered to the others to take fingerprints on the objects ; after to have finish the five men left welcoming us and telling us we will quickly which touched these objects. The rest of the day passed quickly, Rachel helped me with my speech, and until September 29, I had the right several times to change my speech. I saw the days pass quickly, and I was really starting to fear not being able to tell my speech. Also, I found myself watched an eyes on 24 hours 24 for that I don’t left the city. I wanted my parents to be present for me, to support me during those hellish days that I lived, but I knew deep inside myself that this will never happen. Two days before my trial, I had gone to the library to do research to try to find my parents, but without success, I left, and I went to my home before to go to a secret laboratory where worked a Josh Lazare, he was the best to geolocate a person, the only problem is that the person’s phone must absolutely be switched on this to work. After having succeeded in get through security, I entered the laboratory and then I asked Josh Lazare and she told me to wait a moment, the secretary left to an office, she spoke with somebody, I understood that it was Josh when she comes back to me to tell me to enter the office where she had just come out. I walked carefully, like if I do something stupid, then arrived at the entrance of the room, the man stood up and came towards me, he shook my hand and told me to sit down and he closed the door behind me. He asked me why I wanted to see him and I told him that I needed to know where my parents were by explaining him that I had no news of them for several months, and I had absolutely to find them. He accepted to help me, but he made me understand that if their phone wasn’t switched on, it wouldn’t work. I nodded, and as I thought, their phone was turned off, I thanked Josh by paying for his help had given me, and I returned to my home, sad to not knowing where they were.

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