Riley's life

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Chapter 7 : The trial

On September 29, I knew my speech by heart, I don’t stress again, but I felt that tomorrow I would be. The evening passed quietly, I fell asleep next to Rachel, because I couldn’t sleep in my room. The next day, the waking up was hard, I didn’t sleep much, I thought a lot about what would happen in court. Today was the big day, Rachel reminded me that I had to put on my 31 to make a good impression, I walked to the bathroom to prepare myself while Meghan and Rachel prepared a breakfast, after finishing in the bathroom, it was around Rachel to go, then I took my breakfast with Meghan that ended it. After Rachel, it’s around Meghan was to go to the bathroom. Around 10:30 a.m., everyone was ready and we could go towards the court, but before leaving Meghan motioned for us to wait for the arrival of two police cars, that I may be protected from any new aggression. The police had everything planned, the route from home to the court was very well protected. Arriving at court, I could see the journalists, they awaited me, but I didn’t head to make a speech. Then Meghan spoke and she had announced them that there would be an interview after the meeting, but journalists don’t let loose of my sole. However, I succeeded with the help of Rachel, to go into the court, and I could see Tiffany was waiting me. She had come to support me, it stayed ten minutes before the trial begins, Rachel looked at me, and in her eyes I could see she had confidence that we could win. A few minutes later, we told us that we could come into the room, I looked around me. After the president made me take the oath ”You swear to speak without hate or fear, to speak the whole truth and nothing but the truth“, the hearing began. Then when the deliberation was over, he had a decision. In the end, we had cleared me of all charges that had been brought against me. For me, Rachel, Tiffany and Meghan, we had won this trial, there was no charge, but I shouldn’t leave this city under penalty to go to prison. I thanked Rachel for all her work she has done during those two weeks that were rich in emotions for us. After the thanks, the lawyer of the victims congratulated us to have won this trial, but he tell us he wasn’t going to stop there, and that the victims’ families had the right to see the criminal behind bars and not free. I immediately understood that he wasn’t agreed with the decision given, he left angry that I’m not in jail for what I had done because we couldn’t refute the evidences. I wanted to cry because I knew I wasn’t guilty of these murders, but these families believe that it was me who made these crimes. Rachel who looked at me from what had been said the lawyer of the victims, saw I wasn’t very well. On leaving the court, journalists were still there, Meghan didn’t want me to comment on what had happened to protect me, but I told her that I had the truth to these people who have lost someone they loved. Rachel nodded to Meghan to make her understand that I could do it and it would be a chance to catch the real killer. Meghan let me pass, but trying to protect me from anyone who wanted to kill me to be at free. I walked slowly towards journalists and I could hear all they were saying ”look, she arrives !“. Arrived at their height, I began my speech before all these people who were journalists or not, and which scared me a bit : « I know you want that I answer your questions, but I won’t do it. I didn’t understand why I was arrested. I’m not guilty. So I’m so sorry for those people who died in these twelve years, but I have nothing to do with that. I was there at the wrong time and the wrong place, but that doesn’t mean that I am the author of these murders. That’s all I have to say. » At the end of my speech, I went to cry, because I knew I hadn’t done anything, but almost no one believed me and I had to fight to survive in this event. Meghan and Rachel followed me very closely in case someone wants to kill me. The day’s end came quickly, I was really tired, and I had one wish, it was going to sleep, but the problem we couldn’t go back home because someone had entered in my house. So we went to a hotel to spend the night, and then tomorrow we’ll see what we would do. Night fell quickly and the sleep carried for all of us. The tiredness had accumulated throughout the day, but we had managed to hold on. The next day, I had chosen that I would sleep at Rachel’s home until we find the real guilty. Weeks had passed, the days were very long, I often received threatening letters at home, but I couldn’t read them. I still had no news of my parents, it was already six months that I hadn’t seen them. No one knew where they were.

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