Riley's life

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Chapter 8 : The gift

Since I was forced to stay here, there has been any murder, which made believe to everyone that I was the only one guilty of those crimes. Yet while nobody expected it, not even me, they found a body of an FBI agent cut into pieces, and the same day I received a great gift at Rachel’s home. When I opened the gift, in the box there was a metal box, I took the metal box and when I opened it, I dropped it on the ground, it fell to the ground and I saw blood immaculate the carpet. I cry and I saw Rachel arrived by running in the living room, she asked herself many questions, and when she saw the box on the coffee table, she hadn’t saw what was fallen.

- Rachel : what’s happening Riley ?

- Riley : in the box... It was... A...

- Rachel : there was what ?

- Riley : a hea...

- Rachel : a what ?

- Riley : a head, there was a head !

- Rachel : this is a bad joke, where is it ?

- Riley : on the floor... I’m sorry... I put blood on your rug... I didn’t know it was a head... I’m so sorry...

- Rachel : Riley... The head doesn’t come from anyone ! It comes from an FBI agent who disappeared without trace on September 19th !

- Riley : what do we do ?

- Rachel : I’ll call the police station right now ! I want to know if they haven’t found a headless body today !

- Riley : all right, I...

- Rachel : you’re going to lie down on the couch, and I’ll call !

- Riley : ...

I lay down on the sofa and I turn my head to see the blood stain that was on the carpet, while Rachel called the police station. She told at the person on the phone that she had received a head of an FBI agent, I suppose that the person asked her if there was a name with the origin of this package, but she said no and she added it was addressed to my name. After a few minutes to exchange banalities, she hung up, she went into the kitchen and then she came back with a large freezer bag. She put gloves and she took the head to put it in the bag that she closed ; Then she looked at me with an air of compassion. However, a question crossed her mind. Indeed, this box was addressed to me, but aside from my parents, Meghan and Tiffany no one knew where I slept. Rachel knew very well Meghan, so she concludes that it didn’t come from her, but she had doubts about Tiffany because she refused to believe that my parents could send me that kind of thing. Rachel called Meghan for that she keep me while she did two-three important things to bring to light the story. She wanted to know the author of this message ! After the call, she made me understand that she had to go to work, but she would return soon, I told her she could go without fear and that Meghan would soon arrive.

- Riley : it’s strange that the box arrived here !

- Rachel : I know, but don’t worry, we will find the person who wants you !

- Riley : but who can have a grudge against me ? I don’t know anyone here, except for two or three people !

- Rachel : I don’t know Riley ! It could be anyone !

- Riley : okay, but it’s not Tiffany, I know it’s not her !

- Rachel : if it’s not her, who is it ?

- Riley : I don’t know, but I can promise you that it’s not her, but you can always ask her!

- Rachel : that’s what I’ll do, but in the meantime, rest you a little, and I’ll call you later.

- Riley : all right.

Before leaving, she gave me a bracelet for that I don’t forget that she watching me and that she was with me wherever I would be.

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