The Unexplained Message

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Jack was a well-known detective. He would solve problems with a sinch. One day, he got a puzzling new case that seemed impossible to solve. Little does he know, the answer was right in front of him. Love slowly becomes hate, and hate slowly becomes love. He finds out that even the closest friends can be your enemy.

Mystery / Thriller
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New Case

He bent over to the paper, analyzing a new case. It was clear to him that it was suicide. But then as he read over the case, he noticed something weird,

‘A cassette recorded of her moments of death...’ He muttered under his breath.

‘Honey, want some tea?’ His office door creaked open and his fiance appeared. She had her hair fairly combed and straightened. Her sundress neatly ironed, her skin perfectly lotioned.

‘Oh yes, thank you, dear.’ She let out a warm smile,

‘Anything for you.’ She then left, leaving the door open. He continued to impatiently glare at the papers, rubbing his forehead. The door creaked open again, only this time it was not his fiance but his friend.

‘Good Evening Jack. I see you are kept busy with your job.’ He welcomed himself in and grabbed a chair.

‘Good Evening Alex.’ Jack looked over and beamed.

‘Got a new case?’ He said, resting himself.

‘Yes, and let me tell you, this is one of the biggest cases. Mind giving me a hand?’

‘Are you serious, Jack? This all seems sudden since you are known to be independent. Are you sure this is the real Jack I know?’ He chuckled, asking rhetorically.

'No, Alex, I am not joking around. This case is different from the others I have solved. It is peculiar.′ Jack responded, leaving Alex unsure.

‘Well, I honestly do not know any case of yours being difficult but go ahead, tell me about the case.’

‘Here, read it.’ He handed the case report. Alex sat there going from uncertain to confused. He too was baffled by the report.

‘Sounds like suicide to me.’

‘That’s what I first thought but about the cassette...’ Alex still looked confused.

‘What about it?’

‘How can she stop the recording after she died and rewound it.’

‘The police that found it?’

‘No. The police found it rewound and stopped. They have not played it yet because they are waiting for me to investigate if it was murder or suicide.’ He said, full of realization.

‘Now that I have come to think of it, that does make sense. I say you file it as suicide and we go together to listen to the recording and then really decide the case.’

‘Alright, will do, but I am going to have to say it as murder.’ Just as he finished saying that, his fiance came in.

‘Dear, come down to the dining room. I made some snacks to go with the tea. Alex, you can come along too if you like?’ She announced,

‘Sure, Mary. We will come down now.’ Alex got up grabbing Jack up from his chair. They followed her down and ate.

‘Thank you, Mary.’ Alex said in a grateful tone.

‘That is alright.’ She smiled happily. Jack sensed that something was not right. He looked at his watch and then remembered that he had to go to his office to submit his reply to the case.

‘Honey, I will be off now. Alex, mind giving me a ride?’ Alex stared at Jack in a distasteful way,

‘Yh Yh, sure. However, after I have dropped you off, I will make my way home.’ He smirked while he finished his sentence.

‘Ok then Alex, come along, let’s go.’ Jack put all the needed documents in the bag, along with all the proofs he needed.

‘Get in.’ Alex shouted from the front door. Jack jogged.

‘Thank you anyways for letting me get a drive.’

‘You technically forced me too...’ mumbled Alex, under his breath.

‘Sorry, what was that? Are you ok Alex, because you have been acting strange.’

‘Oh, it is nothing. Anyways, what are you going to tell them if they ask for more proof that it was a murder?’ Alex changed the topic as fast as he could. He looked over to Jack. They looked at each other eye-to-eye.

‘Uh- Alex watch where you are driving!’ It was a near miss. The truck skidded and collided with the road fence.

‘Thank goodness we are safe!’ Sighed Alex.

‘No! We could have been dead in this car if I did not warn you! I can not believe you would risk an eye contact with me! Was that all just to intimidate me?!’ Shouted Jack in disbelief. Alex put his hand on Jack’s mouth.

‘Shh... Can you hear that? Sirens.’ Jack looked at Alex with his eyes wide open.

‘Oh no.’ He managed to mumble out. Alex let go of Jack.

‘We must evacuate the car! Come!’ He dragged Jack and threw him behind the bushes. He waited for Alex to hide in the bush himself but Alex never returned. Suddenly, a voice spoke in his ear beside him,

’Excuse me Sir, but who are you?′ said the unknown voice.

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