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SEQUEL to Lucius (on wattpad) Cole is annoyingly stubborn, pessimistic and walled off. He also happens to be a vampire. After rumours that a serial killer is on the streets, Arielle isn't sure who to turn to when her sister disappears. Not everyone is who they appear to be. And secrets have never had deadlier consequences.

Mystery / Fantasy
Age Rating:


“I’m already going to hell,” he said, coldly.

“That is the gift my dear brother gave me.”

People have been going missing.

And rumours of a serial killer has surfaced.

Times are dark. And they’re about to get darker for Arielle and the city of Plymouth.

What lurks in the shadows and most importantly, why has it emerged now?

Genre: Vampire

Themes: Romance, Mystery, Dark magic.

•Thank you for choosing to give this book a try!

•This is a spin off/sequel story from the original book Lucius on my profile on WATTPAD. You can find it there- @ cosmicgh0st

• Mirroring on this/other sites or apps is plagiarism and theft.

I will find you.

• No permission to translate.

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