The Antichrist

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He gave me an evil grin before digging into his pocket for another cigarette. I frowned, watching him light it up. I smoke, but a pack lasts me like a month, and this is the second one harry has in the last twenty minutes. "Smoking is bad for you. It can kill you," I silently spoke. His eyebrows raised as he pulled the cigarette away from his mouth and blew the smoke from the corner so it wouldn't hit my face. "We are all slowly dying. Maybe a cigarette will pick up the paste for me," he chuckled as I frowned again. ~~~ Estephainia is a twenty-year-old girl who goes on tour as an assistant for the boys, which along the way, she finds herself in a messy mess that can put her life and everyone else in danger. What happens when she finds out Antichrist is more than just a band, and because of them, she's now in jeopardy. ~~~ © All Rights Reserved

Mystery / Adventure
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Intro/ Warning


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this story contains

•sexual content

• language

• violence

• drugs

• mental heating

Don't read if any of these topics trigger you

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all rights reserved. No part of this publication may be produced, translated, or copied.

This band is not a one direction theme!
Read at your own risk.

coming out: January 1st, 2021


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