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Go to the place,
The party was held,
You will find your clue,
On the bed that we shared.

She stared down at her phone for a long while, her brain working away at the riddle, which she found quite easy. The answer was in the riddle itself. If all of the riddles were going to be this easy, she had no problem to continue the game, although, something told her that it wasn't going to be so simple. That there was more to the game than the words written within his texts.

With her determination in hand and her foot on the gas, she drove to where the party had took place. It was a building in the middle of the woods about thirty minutes away from her house. She wasn't sure if anyone owned the place or if she was even allowed inside but either way, she was going to get in there and find her first clue.

She scanned her surrounding, the building seemed empty and it pretty much covered her body in goosebumps. It didn't seem so creepy to be here on the night of the party seeing as this place was crawling with drunken people but as she stood in the middle of the many trees and a large dark building before her, she wondered if making her way inside was a good idea or not.

So far, it seemed like no one was around. Maybe it was an abandoned building? But why would anyone throw a party here? Maybe the question is, why wouldn't they? A place no one would come to, a place so secluded, you're free to do whatever you want. Anyone would throw a party here, specially a party like the one that had started off all of her nightmares.

Locking her car, she walked towards her doomed fate. Her heart creeping up further in her throat as she neared the entrance. Giving the door a knock, she didn't get any response so she went with the option of trying to open it, and to her surprise, it was open.

The lights were off and it was starting to make her feel very uncomfortable. Her fingers shook as she reached for the light switch and switched it on in hopes of finding some life in this deserted ghost house but even with the lights on, there wasn't a soul breathing. Flashbacks of the night she walked through that same door greeted her and she instantly wanted to run back out, never setting foot back in there, yet, just like that night, something pulled her in. You would think, she would learn by now, not to be pulled into this but no, here she was, making her way further into the depths of this place, trying to remember where exactly was the room she had went into with the masked man.

Her bones were aching to bolt for the door the more she searched the core of her brain to remember the location she needed to be at. The building was large and it seemed to be a house of some sort with many, many rooms. She didn't understand why it had been abandoned here, if it even was abandoned. But she didn't have time to figure out the unnecessary details of this place, she had to find that room.

She stared at the bathroom door for quite some time as waves of images broke into her head, she remembered throwing up in that same bathroom, the room had forever been spinning and her mistakes had already taken place. She closed her eyes and traced her fingertips along the wall, moving further away from the bathroom until she found herself in the exact same spot she had danced on the mystery man. She cringed at the memory, the flashbacks were vague but she'd saw enough to know which direction she had walked to, to get to that room. The room that tied her to her current reality.

She stood in the doorway, her heart beating millions of thuds in her chest as she switched on the light. His body, on hers. The chains. The moans. It all hit her at once. She could feel his presence lingering in the air that she breathed as her eyes scanned the bed they had shared. Stepping closer to it, she noticed a pair of black gloves that were placed on the mattress. She frantically looked around, searching for something more, something to give her hope, only to find none.

She settled with the gloves but as her hand came into contact with the material of the gloves, another set of images hit her. She had felt those gloves on her skin as he his hands roamed her body, and she had enjoyed it. Gagging on the none existing air in her lungs, she analysed the gloves, noticing a paper placed inside of it.

I touched you with these same gloves.

She reread over the note about twenty times before she gave up. That's it? That was the clue? Was there something she had missed out? Her mind went on overdrive and her blood boiled at the dead end she was facing. Putting the gloves away in her backpack along with the note, she sunk to the floor with her head in her hands. Yet again, she was lost, she had nothing to work with but a pair of gloves. Whatever that meant.

Her body stalled along with her overworking brain as all of the lights switched off at once. She looked up, studying the dark room, her heart beating rapidly in her chest, reminding her that she was alive. Alive, that could change at any second by the hands of this man. If he was here, if this was a trap to get her here alone, then she had been a fool enough to walk right into his scheme.

Getting up and taking steady steps towards the door, she hoped to get out of this place alive. Hope, hope was a dangerous ground for her to walk on. She had to get out of this place alive. All of her thoughts came to an abrupt stop as loud music greeted her ears, she recognised it from somewhere.. that night. That same music was playing the night she had gave herself to the mystery man. She felt sick at the loud beat of the music that was deafening her ears. She felt disoriented with the fear that was burning her insides down.

Not wasting anymore time, she blindly bolted for the exit door, knowing all too well that if she didn't make it out of that very door that she should've never walked through, her fate would be doomed here. With her fingers wrapped around the doorknob and bile choking up her throat, she pulled on the door, only to find it locked. Panic made its way into her skin as she realised that, she really was, trapped.

That panic turned into a breakdown,

As she felt his chest,

Pressed to her back.

He was here.
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