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{8}Save me

He was here.

Her heart beat frantically in her chest, her mind thinking of all of the millions of possibilities of what was to happen next. Could this be the end for her? She didn't want to find out.

Sucking in a deep breath, and closing her eyes, her bones trembled with fear as she slowly turned around. Her heart enflamed with fire as her eyelids lifted open, she searched for Blade, only to come up empty. He wasn't there anymore. Instead, she was facing an empty dark room with the music that was still ringing in her brain.

She didn't know what was happening, she could've sworn she felt him right behind her, she felt his body right against hers, so where? Where did he go? Without giving it a second thought, she ran, blindly searching the dark place for an escape route. Coming up short as she came face to face with windows that wouldn't open. Her small hands smacked against the cold glass, her heart racing.

'Open!' She yelled in frustration. It was no use, she had to break it. Searching for something to smash the window with, she stopped dead in her tracks as the music stopped and was replaced by the sound of her moans, her body covered in layers of goosebumps as she walked towards the sound. Tears escaped their cage in her eyes and rolled freely down her cheeks, there she was, watching the video of herself of that night getting ravaged by him. It was displayed across the wall, her heart pounded in her chest as she searched for the source of the video. A projector was set down on the floor, playing the video on repeat, to taunt her, to swallow her into the darkness of the room. She couldn't take it anymore.

Sinking to the floor, she cried herself to the unknown. Her heart never stopping beating, her mind blank and her bones trembling with the sick feeling she felt in her gut. She didn't even want to fight it anymore. She didn't care if he came and took her, she didn't care if he was going to hurt her, the mental pain was much worse and it was draining the life out of her.

'Lana?' A familiar voice spoke through her ears as large hands wrapped around her shoulders, shaking her out of the trance she was in. She flinched and tried to crawl backwards when her eyes looked into his. Her mind ready to explode, she didn't know what to think.

'Hey, calm down, it's me, Adam.'

She tried to move but he held her still, still shaking her out of the hell she was enduring. She turned to look towards the video that had been playing on the wall and she came up empty. The video was gone and now, she was facing an empty wall. She eyed the wall then stared back at Adam, not trusting the hands that were now holding her upper arms. He frightened her. Could he be.. Blade?

'What, what.. are you doing here?' Her words came out shaky, her breath still stuck in her throat as she tried to question him. Her brain telling her to run yet her body wouldn't co-operate.

'This is where I usually chill. What are you doing here?' His voice was low and dangerous, she was afraid that at any minute he would pounce on her and scream 'I'm Blade' but no, he stayed silent, studying her every move, although she made none. She was frozen in her place, staring right back him.

'Are you alright?' He stood up, lifting her up with him. She turned and stared back at the wall once more, her gaze tracing to the floor, the same spot where the projector had been but it was no where to be found. Had Adam done this? Or was it all in her head? She couldn't even trust herself anymore.

That sick feeling in her gut intensified as she heard his voice speak out once more.

'Lana what are you doing here?' His fingertips traced over the tears she had shed, there was a hint of pleasure in his glistening orbs as he wiped away the remaining of her misery from her face. She inched further away from him, wiping away the feel of his fingers on her sensitive skin.

'Did you hear the music?' She asked, knowing he must've heard it if he was here.

'What music?' He tilted his head to the side, almost as though he was trying to figure out if she had gone crazy or not.

'How, how did you get in here?' The question lingered on her mind. The door had been locked, the windows wouldn't open. He couldn't get in here, unless, he was already in here.. with her. Swallowing down her new wave of fear, she stared at him, waiting for him to to say something, anything. She was going to lose her mind.

'Through the door?' His tone was almost like he was mocking her. She didn't understand. She didn't know what was happening. Was this all a bad coincidence? Him, here, with her? How? Why? The questions never ending in her head and she hadn't even got any of the answers. The not knowing was eating her alive and quite frankly, she was starting to become scared of her own shadow.

'I'm going home.' She whispered, hoping she could make it home. Hoping she didn't lose her life before she made it to the warmth of her house which she no longer felt safe in either, but anywhere, anywhere was better than here.

'Let me take you.' He grabbed her arm and instantly she shrunk away from him, her heart pounding in her throat, she pulled her arm away and ran towards the door, finding it unlocked, she ran out and made it to her car, never looking back, never waiting for him to come and snatch her.

She drove away like it was the last time she was ever going to drive. The aftermath of what had just went down within the last couple of hours started to make its way to her, making her feel nauseous. She'd never been so afraid in her life, she'd never felt so out of place and now, anything and everything she set eyes on, she felt like it was against her, it was out to get her.

The vibration on her phone brought her to life and she stared at it for a long moment, almost crashing the car into a tree, hitting the breaks, she stopped, with her heart flying out of her chest and escaping her body. Her fingers shook as she held the phone in her hand, eyeing the message, eyeing, his message.

She swallowed down the bile that was still lurking within the confined space of her throat and read the second riddle.

With clothes of green,
And bark of a dog,
Search me for the goods,
I sleep like a log.
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