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{10}Knock Knock

Blade is online.

She watched her screen, her fingertips tracing over the keyboard while she waited for his usual message to pop up. As she predicted, in came his everyday routine.

Good morning, kitten.

She eyed her laptop for a little while longer, her heart writhing with fear, her fingers trembling against the keyboard. Although she'd planned this out in her head, now that she was here, about to go through with it, the idea didn't seem so appealing anymore.

Don't ignore me kitten, I see you.

Sweat indulged her skin and dampened her bones as she tried to form the words to answer him, to tell him what she had been planning on telling him.

'I'm going to the police.'

When the words left her mouth, she knew she was about to be sucked into his games, the games she no longer wanted to play, the games she was determined to put an end to.

I will kill you before you get the chance.

Bile rose up into the surface of her throat while her determination inched away from her. Something told her, that he would do exactly as he said and yet, she wanted to so desperately believe that she could end this, that she could fix the mess she had wrapped herself into.

'I can't do this anymore.'

Her voice came out pathetic, she shunned herself for sounding so desolated, cursed herself for giving him the satisfaction of seeing her affected by his threat, although it wasn't the first time but she hoped that she could make it the last.

What's going to happen in the next ten seconds, kitten?

'You're going to punish me.'

And after that?

After punishments she would receive a gift from him. Although, it was anything but a gift, it was more like a nightmare. Pictures and videos of her. Those were her gifts. She felt sick at the thought but she wasn't going to give in this time, so with everything she had left in her, she responded with

'I will go to the police.'

Her adrenaline making its way to her veins as she waited for his response, her heart no longer existent and her breath lost in her lungs. Her pulse almost stopped as she read over his reply,

Don't die on the way, kitten.

Shutting the laptop, she rubbed over her chest, reassuring herself that her heart was indeed, still intact. She wasn't going to go through with his punishment this time, she wasn't going to search for his riddles either. She had made up her mind, she was going to the police. She'd thought about it all night, barely giving herself a chance to sleep. His games were getting more and more dangerous by the minute and she wasn't sure how long she had left until he really did some damage.

Her fingers traced over the cut on her cheek, it stung to the touch but it also reminded her of what he was capable of and she knew very well he was capable of more than placing a small cut on her skin. She knew he could do more than that and she wasn't going to wait around to find out. She was already dreading lying to her parents about the cut. She wasn't sure what to even make up and say had caused the damage. For a minute, she was happy they weren't home, she was happy they had went away for another few days, although she didn't want to be alone anymore, she was thankful that her parents always had to work away so that they wouldn't notice the strange things that was happening within the walls of their home.

That thankfulness turned into apprehension as she felt the vibration of her phone in her hand. Unlocking her screen, she opened the message, only to feel her fear rise onto the surface with the two simple words he texted.

Knock knock.

At that same moment, she heard a loud sound of something smashing from downstairs. With her phone falling out of her hand, she did the one thing that came to mind. She ran. Ran downstairs, locking every door that would give him access to the house, although he never had an issue breaking into her house before, she hoped that this would be enough to stall him and buy her some time.

Her head was spinning with all of the adrenaline that was surging through her. Her eyes fell onto the kitchen door, it was halfway open, rushing towards it, her fingers shook as she tried to shut it but before she could do that, two gloved hands grabbed onto the door and smacked the door into her face, knocking her backwards as she lost her balance. Tumbling backwards, she bolted into a run, only taking a couple of steps before he launched into her, throwing her onto the floor, with him on top.

A loud shrilling scream erupted from deep within her throat as he placed himself in between her legs and yanked on her dress. His face was covered in a ski mask and his clothes, just as black as she remembered from the party. She threw her hands in the air, smacking them into his chest, trying to push him off, when that didn't work, she tried to grab for the table to pull herself up, crawling backwards, earning herself a yank on her ankles as he pulled her back beneath him, the table cloth and everything on the table getting dragged down with her while she clutched it in her hands.

Another scream filled the silence of the room and before she knew it, his hand had collided with her face, shutting out her vocal cords as he slapped her voice out of her. She tried kicking him, doing anything that would save her from the nightmare that was playing out before her, her eyes fell onto the scissors that had fell onto the floor along with the table cloth, reaching for it, she dug the scissors into his hand as he tried to land another slap across her face. Groaning out, his movements stopped for a moment while he was busy pulling the scissors out of his hand, his rage building up. She thought he would stop now and leave, instead, he grabbed her head and smacked it into the cold tile floor.

The room was spinning around her, her consciousness running on thin line while he pulled her dress up, ripped off her panty and undid his belt. Tears clogged up her vision and her squirming faded, only thing that was left was the sound of her whimpers as she felt him in between her thighs, forcing his length into her. A low groan escaped his throat and then he was all in. Thrusting his way in and out of her, pounding against her walls.

He covered her mouth, shutting out the rest of her whimpers as she clutched onto him with every thrust of his hips. It hurt. It hurt a lot and she couldn't stop the tears that were leaking out from the corners of her eyes. He didn't care though, he liked them tears, he liked the feel of being inside her again. He liked the feel of her small little body struggling beneath him as he stretched out her insides, filling her up with his size.

It felt like forever until his groans turned into growls, his fingers digging into her face as he thrusted harder into her. She chose a spot on the ceiling and stared at it, no longer fighting him, no longer feeling anything but numbness. She lay there motionless as he landed his last violent strokes and then with another loud growl, he emptied his pleasure inside her and then.. he was gone.

She didn't notice when he left. She didn't even know if she was still alive. Still staring at that same spot on the ceiling, the only thing she could do was breathe.


He was soon to take that,

Away from her too.
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