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He thought about his little kitten as he stood in front of the mirror, trimming away his facial hair, he'd been so obsessed with his kitten that he'd forgotten to take care of himself. He didn't mind though, his obsession fed him all of his needs.

He had took her again, claimed her body and he'd enjoyed every second of it. The way she writhed beneath him, the sound of her soft whimpers, he could do it all day, everyday. She'd stabbed him in the hand in the midst of her war with him and yet he couldn't help but feel proud of her. She'd tried to protect herself from him, even though she knew she didn't have a chance against him, she still put up a fight and he loved that about her. Her resistance thrilled him to the bone, it made him want her more.

He'd gave her a day to recover from the incident, that was a day too much. They still had a game to resume and riddles to go. Cleaning up his face, he pulled out his phone and typed in his next riddle for her.

Find me with some bars so neat,
I stop open flight but not a tweet,
When you find me you will admire,
My structure made of sculptured wire.

Lana wasn't in the mood for his games today but she knew she didn't have much of a choice. She'd spent all night thinking of Jake, her neighbour. His hand. The bandage. She'd let him hold her, she had been so stupid to lose herself like that, so stupid to let him see her so broken. And if he wasn't blade, then he must've thought she was insane. God she hated herself.

She wanted to give Jake more thought but if she wanted to really find out who Blade is, she had to put her brain to work and work out these riddles and maybe she'd be lucky enough to unmask her masked stalker.

Spending an hour trying to figure out the riddle, she came up short and quite frankly, her brain was hurting from all of the thinking she'd been doing recently and she was afraid, if she continued like this, her mind wouldn't function anymore. So going for the easy option, she made her way downstairs. Her parents had called her last night saying they'd get home early morning today so she hoped they'd be home to give her some help on the riddle. If they asked where the riddle came from, she'd just say Jessie was testing her IQ. Yeah, she was going to go with that.

She was surprised to find Orion sitting on the table, eating breakfast with the family, his eyes on her as she walked into the kitchen, his brown orbs giving her goosebumps. Reminding her of the same brown orbs she saw on Blade. His eyes were the only thing that were visible to her and she had instantly noticed the brown in his orbs.

'What's that cut on your face?' Was the first thing that came out of his mouth as she made her way towards the table, forcing a smile to her parents while they greeted her. Orion might've never been around but he always noticed the little details about her when he did come around, she usually felt safe and secure with him but as he stared her down, she felt anything but safe.

'I uh, was trying to cook and was messing around with the knife then this happened.' She rambled on, using the same excuse Jake had used on her. Thankful for his tactics seeing as it came handy here. Her parents seemed to buy it but Orion, Orion could see right through her, however, he didn't push the matter. She sighed in relief and began on her mission.

'Random question but I have a riddle and I was wondering if you guys can help me out.'

'A riddle? Since when did you start liking riddles sweetheart?' Her mother eyed her down, knowing that Lana never was a fan of riddles.

'Jessie is testing my IQ.' Is all that she said, receiving a nod from them.

'So the riddle is, Find me with some bars so neat, I stop open flight but not a tweet, When you find me you will admire, My structure made of sculptured wire.'

'A birdcage.' Is all that came out of Orion's mouth, almost too smooth and too quick. The bad feeling hit her right in the gut again as she questioned herself on how he knew the answer so fast, it hadn't even been a second.

'Well, looks like your brother has the answer for you.' Her father interrupted her thoughts, receiving a small thank you from Lana then soon after she disappeared out of the kitchen and made her way straight to the front door. They had a birdcage on their front porch and she knew for a fact, this had to be it.

To her prediction, the birdcage was covered with a black jumper. She scanned around her house, making sure nobody was there, making sure Blade, wasn't watching. When she was certain that she was alone, she grabbed the jumper from the cage and instantly a scream escaped her throat.

Her heart hammering in her chest, she couldn't take her eyes off the dead bird. He had killed her bird. The blood was dripping on the floor, how had she not seen that? Clutching her heart in her hands, tears freely ran down her smothered skin. The bird died because of her. He'd took it's life, because of her. She stepped backwards, her heart aching for the innocent lifeless bird, she could never forgive herself.

'Lana?' Orion's voice came into hearing as he slammed the door shut behind him, grabbing her and holding her against him. His hands reassuringly rubbed her back as he hushed her cries. When his eyes caught the dead bird, he knew exactly why she had screamed.

'It's ok, it's alright.' He nuzzled his chin into her hair, whispering soothing words to her, calming her overworked brain, calming her drained heart. She clutched onto him, hoping to forget everything that was happening around her, hoping that she'd never have to go through this again but she knew that, that was a fantasy that she was so far from.

'Who sent you the riddle?' He held her arms and pulled her away from him, leaning down so that he was at eye level with her. She knew that he was smart enough to know that the riddle about the birdcage obviously had something to do with this and she was struggling to come up with an excuse to explain this to him.

'I don't know.' Was all that she could come up with, which in reality, it was the truth. She didn't know, she didn't have a clue who blade was, technically she did have a few people she suspected but she wasn't hundred percent certain so she couldn't give him an accurate response.

He stared at her for a long moment before he nodded and wrapped his arms around her again. Brushing his fingers through her hair, he told her to go in and that he'd clean up the mess. And with that, she ran inside and up to her room.

As soon as her nerves had settled down, she looked over the jumper that Blade had left for her. A note falling out of it which read;

You stripped this jumper off me and now, it's yours. I want to see you wear it, with nothing else on, for your next clue.

She was sure she was going to throw up as the images of the party flashed into her brain yet again. She remembered pulling the same jumper off his body, she remembered the feel of the texture beneath her fingers. God, she felt sick.

And now,

She had to wear the clothes of the man,

Who tore hers apart,

As he raped her.
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