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She fiddled with her hands on her lap as she thought about the conversation she had, had with her brother. He'd been persistent, asking her what was going on. He'd knew something was up when she asked about the riddle, he was smart, that much she knew, and she knew enough that even if she could fool the world, she couldn't fool him.

So there she sat, with her head about to explode as she remembered everything that she had told him. She told him about someone harassing her, she told him about Blade, not every single detail, she missed out on most of the details for sure, but all of the necessary things that had to be said, she had told him. He insisted on going to the police but she refused his request, knowing all too well how that would all go down. Last time she planned to go to the police, she ended up on her kitchen floor, getting demolished by the man who she wanted to report. Next time, she wasn't sure if there would be a next time, she wasn't sure if she would even make it out alive if she tried that again.

Orion told her that he'd keep watch, that he'd check on her. If something was to come up, that she would report to him immediately, but that was far from her plan. She didn't want to drag her brother into the mess she'd resided herself in, anymore than necessary. She somewhat felt relieved to know at least, someone, knew what was going on. That way, if she ever went missing, someone was there to answer everyone's questions and fill in the blanks.

But, she couldn't help the uneasy feeling she felt as she wrapped herself in the many thoughts that were running through her head. She'd broken a rule, his rule. She'd opened her big mouth and told someone about him, which she knew all too well, that was forbidden. She was to never speak of him, to never mention a word about him to a soul and here she was, dreading what was to come next if Blade found out, that's if, he didn't already know. As if reading her mind, her phone vibrated with a text that knew would be coming from him.

Her heart had began its usual routine of thumping in her chest and her fingers shook as always as she unlocked her phone.

Bad, bad kitten.

Is all that he texted her. Something told her, that everything she had thought about just then, he knew exactly about all of it and that knowledge wasn't sinking in well as she considered all of the possibilities to what could happen next. He was going to punish her and it sure as hell wouldn't be as simple as going on cam for him. That thought, it made her shiver with fear.

Her mind had been on a rampage ever since the text and now as she stood under the hot water that was coursing through her skin, the tension was building up worse. She had been in the shower for about thirty minutes now, thinking of all the ways she could pull herself out of this mess, the only problem was, there were no ways. There were no exits, no escape routes. She was stuck, she was tied to this man. He had a hold on her and she didn't know how to get out of it.

Buried in the depths of her mind, she didn't notice the bathroom door unlock. She didn't notice the man who was stood inside, watching her shower away. What did catch her eye though, it was his shadow, his large shadow. With her eyes shooting wide open and her heart racing into her throat, she opened her mouth to scream, her scream lasted about a second or more before he grabbed her through the shower curtain, pulling her out and ripping the curtain along with her.

All of her vocal cords shut down the minute she felt the tip of a blade pressed to her throat, he had pressed her against the wall before she knew it, his gloved hand covering her mouth as he brought his masked face inches away from hers. She watched him in horror, hoping, wishing that this wasn't the end for her.

'Lana, is everything ok in there?' Her dads voice broke into the suffocating tension in the bathroom and yet she couldn't answer him. The more she tried to get her voice out, the harder he pressed the knife into her skin, if he pushed any further, he was sure to rip her throat.

'Lana?' Her dad spoke out.

Slowly and quietly, he removed his hand from her mouth and nodded towards the bathroom door. Silently ordering her to shoo off her dad but she couldn't find it in her to even breathe anymore, let alone speak. The knife was way too close to ending her life and the only thing she could focus on was the cool touch of the blade against her skin.

'I'm coming in.' And with that, she came to her senses, rushing towards the door as it opened, on time enough to stick her head out and tell her dad that she was fine, although the shake in her voice said otherwise. She could feel Blade shuffling behind her, the knife pressed to her stomach this time as he wrapped his arm around her waist. For a second, the realisation that she was fully nude hit her and her face dropped at the thought.

'You look as pale as a ghost and I heard you scream, what's going on?' Concern was evident in her dads voice and she wished so much that he would just drop it.

'I'm, I'm o.. uhhh.' Before she could say she's ok, a painful moan slipped past her lips as she felt Blade slipping his length inside of her. Shock was evident on her face once she realised that he indeed, was doing this, right here, right now. She wanted to scream, to fight, to run but the knife that was cautiously pressed to her stomach reminded her of how close she was to the brink of death and worse, if she made a scene, she was sure she wouldn't be the only one losing her life tonight. Her dad most likely, would be next.

So keeping her mouth shut and taking the slow thrusts of his hips, she swallowed down the sick in her throat and whispered;

'I'm ok.'

The more the seconds went by, the worse she felt. She was stood with a man she didn't know, buried deep inside of her while her dad was questioning her on the other side of the door. For a second she was thankful it was her dad and not her mum, otherwise, her mum would've barged right in.

'Dad.. I'm naked.. please go.' She couldn't speak through his thrusts, it was getting harder to keep her composure and she was grateful to see her dad awkwardly nod and leave. Once he was gone, the door slammed shut as Blade's hand smacked into the door while his other hand brought the knife to her throat once again. His thrusts became faster, low groans escaping his throat.

She held back the tears that were already pooled up in her eyes, waiting for release. She held them back, she wasn't going to cry. She wasn't going to fight. She knew there was no way out of this so the best option was to just take it and hope for the best.

Hoping for the best was becoming more difficult than she had thought as he pounded into her harder, never stopping, never giving her a chance to breathe. She had to clutch her mouth to stop herself from making any noise.

When he let go of the knife and let it fall to the floor, she let out the breath she didn't know she was holding, that was until she felt his hand roam down her stomach and stop in between her thighs, she gasped when his gloved finger came into contact with her nub, rubbing on it, working away at her sensitivity.

She felt sick that she was starting to feel something build up within her, he'd been rubbing her for a while as he thrusted in and out of her and now, she was feeling something that she didn't want to feel. He had turned her body against her and the thought made her tears run free, not holding them back anymore as her orgasm came into the surface with his last few strokes, and then, there they were, exploding against each other. Panting against one another.

Once he pulled out, he turned her around, running his fingers across her face, she couldn't look him in the eye, she knew he didn't like that. He didn't like her looking away but she was ashamed, ashamed that she had gave herself to him for the second time. She'd came for him plenty of times before but doing that over the screen was different to doing it in person. She wanted to melt into the ground, she wanted to evaporate into thin air and never have to look at him again.

She didn't acknowledge the fact that he had took her out of the bathroom and into her room, she was surprised that they hadn't been caught by now but she knew her parents were oblivious to everything. But as she sat on her chair, facing the mirror with him stood behind her, brushing through her wet hair, she was feeling a strange feeling awakening inside her. Although she knew he was here to punish her, it felt as though she didn't fear him killing her. If he wanted to take her life, he would've done that. What he really wanted, was for her to surrender to him and maybe, just maybe, if she gave him what he wanted, he wouldn't make her suffer so much anymore, maybe she wouldn't feel so trapped any longer.

The thought made her feel crazy and she even considered the fact that she might have completely lost her sanity but only moments ago he had a knife pressed to her throat and now that she was being submissive, he was stood brushing her hair. He almost seemed like a baby. Like a child in need of some attention.

She looked at him through the mirror, he was concentrating on her hair, she wanted to laugh at the sight. The man who had her life in his hands, was so consumed in brushing through her black locks. God, she had lost her mind. She definitely was going crazy.

Taking a step back, he turned her chair around then walked towards the jumper he had gave her as a clue, she had left it on her bed and now he was holding it in his hand, towards her. Although he hadn't said a word, she knew what he wanted. Taking the jumper out of his hand, she pulled it on over her head, standing up and waiting for his approval as he watched her wear his belonging. With a twirl of his finger, he indicated for her to turn around. She did just that, turning her back to him, she stood still, waiting for his next command but it never came. Minutes later, her phone vibrated, he picked it from the bed and handed it to her.

Her heart rate had slowed down but she could feel it rising as she felt his solid chest pressed to her back. She could almost hear him breathe and that unsettled her nerves as she unlocked her phone and took a look at the message he had sent her.

To solve the hunt you must get,
Into the room wired to the net,
Crammed with tech and full of code,
The clue is hidden in this abode.

'I don't understand..' she didn't get to say anything else as he wrapped his hand around her mouth, causing her insides to burn with the touch of his gloves on her skin. She didn't understand why he never spoke, she also didn't understand why she didn't just pull off his mask. Maybe it was because deep down, she knew that he would make her regret doing that, or maybe, a part of her, was afraid to reveal who he really was.

They stood there in silence as his hand continued to cradle her mouth, she didn't even want to talk. She didn't want anything. Just some peace. Pressing her head back into his chest,

He thrived in her presence,

While she,

Drowned in his.
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