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To solve the hunt you must get,
Into the room wired to the net,
Crammed with tech and full of code,
The clue is hidden in this abode.

She'd been thinking about the riddle all night long, along with all of the other thoughts that had her yearning for air. Blade had been playing across her mind, the event that went down last night. She wanted to tell herself that she was lucky to still be alive but she didn't want to feed herself a false dream, she was anything but lucky and she knew that.

After spending hours of thinking about the riddle, she noticed that it sounded like a hacking type of thing. Clearly, something to do with him. The more she thought, the more it made sense. An internet lab. The riddle had to be an internet lab. But where? She had no idea but something told her, he'd give her a hint if he knew she had the answer.

Closing her eyes and putting the phone to her lips, she spoke out.

'Internet lab.'

If he had hacked into her device then he would hear her, he'd know she'd figured the answer to the riddle and that way, maybe he would give her directions.

Her heart clenched when she felt the vibration of her phone go off. She knew that it would be him, she also had a feeling that he really had hacked into her phone but she wasn't sure and now, as she stared down at her screen with a text from him as a response to her answering the riddle, she knew for a fine fact that he had indeed, tapped into her device. That made her wary but not surprised.

She eyed his text for some time, it seemed to be an address. An address to where the clue would be placed at? She wasn't sure if she wanted to make that address her mission but she knew, if he really wanted to get to her, he could do it in a heartbeat so it made no difference if she willingly walked into his trap or worse, she was forced into his trap.

Stripping out of her clothes and slipping into her outfit to go out, she couldn't help but feel like someone was watching her. From the corner of her eye, she noticed Jake looking through his window. Her body involuntarily shuddered when she looked towards him and saw him staring right back. He was dressed in black clothes. He knew she was looking at him but he didn't turn away, instead, he brought his gloved hand up and shot her a wave. Holding her crippled body together, she forced a smile at the man, then quickly turned to leave.

Her mind was a dripping mess while she drove to the address Blade had sent her. Her heart pounding in her chest as she stepped out of the car and studied the small building before her which was in the middle of nowhere, an hour from home and surrounded by trees. She swallowed down that all too familiar bad gut feeling and made her way towards the building, she wasn't surprised to find the door unlocked. She wasn't surprised to find the place empty either, not a person in sight and the lights were all off.

It didn't help that when she tried the light switch, the lights never came to life. But she could see red lights coming from a room near the hallway and that's where she made her mission to go. Taking slow and steady steps, she inched closer to the all too red lit room. When she stood in the doorway, her heart dropped.

There were dozens of computers and red lights but what really had her drowning was the background of the screens, it was all her. A picture of her sleeping was spread across the entire internet lab. The same picture was even projected onto the walls with a red light shining on it all. She clutched her unreliable heart in her hands and walked into the room.

She noticed the pants that were placed on one of the tables, rushing towards it, she knew it had to be her clue. She studied the pants, finding a note in one of the pockets;

You found my pants, if you follow the instructions and find my mask, you can reveal my face.

Her fingers shook around the note, she was getting closer to knowing exactly who he was and she wasn't sure if she was prepared for it. She didn't know if she could cope with knowing who the person behind all of this, is. She didn't get to think too far into it as the sound of heavy footsteps came into hearing.

Spinning around on her heels, she saw him. There he was. Walking towards her. A second later her phone received a text and she almost had a heart attack from the sudden vibration. She eyed him carefully before she reached in her pocket for her phone, there it was, the instructions written out for her.

Take off your clothes.
Don't say a word.
You're free to go once I'm done, kitten.

Her eyes traced back to him, her body covered in persistent goosebumps. Weighing her options, she realised she had none but the one he'd gave her. So there she was, silently taking off her clothes as he stood and watched.

The silence was deafening and she couldn't handle the heat that was blazing into her bones. Although she was wearing her underwear, she felt completely nude beneath his gaze. He stepped closer to her, his hands holding out handcuffs. She didn't deny him, instead, she lifted her arms and watched him take her arms and put them behind her, securing the cuffs around her wrists. When he was back in front of her, she noticed his clothes, and his gloves. It looked almost identical to what Jake had been wearing and that made her entire body numb. Was he... the one? But if he was, had he followed her here? She had saw him get in his car the same time as she did but she had forced herself to not notice him and now, she wished she had looked more into him.

She stood there trying not to gasp on the air that she wasn't breathing in as he placed a gag in her mouth then pressed her shoulder down, indicating for her to get on the floor. The laminate flooring felt cool against her fevered body. The rough texture soothing her aching skin. She didn't know what was happening as she watched him crouch down and press against her chest, laying her on her back in an awkward position. Her legs were bent beneath her and her arms hurt as she put her weight on them. Once he wrapped another set of cuffs on each of her ankles, he attached them to her wrists then got up and stood back.

She watched him stare at her for a long while, never making a move. Just standing. Just watching. Her arms and legs were starting to hurt from the position she was in and she no longer believed that he wanted to hurt her just then. He wanted to stare at her. Watch her restrained and helpless before him, but he did not want to hurt her.

It had to be hours until he finally walked back over to her, grabbing a hold of her shoulders, he pulled her up towards him and then he wrapped his arms around her waist and picked her up, carrying her towards the table. To say she was uncomfortable was an understatement. She had drool slipping down her chin and her joints hurt from being bent for so long but none of that mattered as he lay her on the table and leaned down, tracing his fingertips across her face. She had to be going crazy because for a second, she considered leaning into his touch. She was convinced that she had lost her mind.

Before she knew it, he freed her arms and legs along with her mouth, wiping the sliver off her chin, he turned and walked out of the room, leaving her there completely lost.

What was the meaning of that? Did he want to see if she would listen to him? Was he testing her? That was it? The thoughts were unstoppable as they attacked her brain.

She felt numb,

She felt disoriented,

For she had become just as crazy,

As the man who made her that way.
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